Body Effects After You Quit Smoking

Body Effects After You Quit Smoking

Congratulations, you finally kicked the habit and quit smoking, I cannot say enough words to praise the effort and work you’ve done to get back onto the healthy lifestyle road. I know you’ve climbed quite a hurdle and continue to do so until the cravings leave your system, but just to help you stay on the whole quit smoking side of things, I’m here to share with you the wonderful effects of your endeavors. As you may know smoking has really worked your body and done quite a bit of damage over the time you’ve been ingesting fire, if I may be so dramatic, however when you quit smoking your body will slowly heal which will help you further your ideals of a healthy lifestyle

Better blood pressure – Smoking causes your blood pressure to shoot up, and quite frankly nobody wants high blood pressure, it is the doorway to a ton of other diseases. When you quit smoking, shortly after your blood pressure and pulse return to normal, which is hopefully something that isn’t high. Keeping your blood pressure at regular values is one of the key factors of a healthy lifestyle and a definite benefit that you receive when you quit smoking.

healthy lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle following the end of your smoking habit will do much more wonders to your body.

Nicotine is removed from the body – As we all know, cigarettes carry nicotine and when you smoke it enters your bloodstream. It is an active and addictive ingredient in tobacco and is one of the leading reasons for high blood pressure and possible heart issues when smoking. Removing it from the body is one of the major pluses when you quit smoking, since you no longer have a source of the additive. Needless to say a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have room for nicotine and the longer you are away from it the easier it is for you to continue down the road of quitting, so the sooner you quit smoking, the sooner you can be free from it’s grips.

Carbon monoxide leaves your body – I don’t know about you but I don’t want carbon monoxide in my body. It is a toxic gas that is absorbed by the body when there is a cigarette in the immediate area, this bonds with your blood cell making it difficult for it to work well with oxygen thus leading to heart problems. After you quit smoking, the body will cleanse itself of the carbon monoxide in the system, this will allow you more oxygen into your body, which in turn will help you lead a healthy lifestyle option instead of the smoke engulfed option of smokers.

Reduction of coronary artery disease – Smokers have been studied to be more prone to coronary artery disease which is a heart disease, again not something one would want if you want a healthy lifestyle. When you quit smoking, the chances of you getting a coronary artery disease reduces by quite a bit, this also works hand-in-hand with a lowered chance of a heart attack. Imagine all these things you pretty much get as soon as you quit smoking, makes you wonder why you ever started smoking in the first place.

Your taste and smell have returned – After you quit smoking, you’ll notice a great change in smells and tastes, that’s because the nerve endings will start repairing itself. This will really change the way you eat and live, when you were smoking you could barely taste or smell things but now that you’ve quit smoking, it’s like your sense of taste and smell have been resurrected again. Take the time to appreciate the change and know how this is a game changer for a lot of people. While not connected to the healthy lifestyle, it is good to know you can really appreciate several types of food now that your sense of taste and smell are back.

Nausea, irritation and much more – Sadly I have to report that not all good things happen when you quit smoking. You may experience nausea, irritation, depression, headaches and much more a few days after you quit smoking. This is the addictive substance, nicotine being completely purged from your body and it is a sort of withdrawal symptom you can expect when you have quit smoking. While these are only temporary, please be prepared and don’t worry that they will not hinder your ideas for a healthy lifestyle in the slightest.

Don’t fret about nausea and such. Your body goes through a process of removing the toxins caused by smoking.

Blood circulation has returned to normal – After you quit smoking, the body has now allowed blood circulation to be improved by quite a bit, this will make it easier for your body to get oxygen into your system. This will make it easier to exercise without being too winded, which leads you to an easier time to get into the healthy lifestyle. Getting back in shape after you quit smoking is a bit of a challenge, but with your body healing up this will really make it a bit more realistic to really get back into shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Heart disease chances decrease dramatically – A smoker is twice as likely to have a heart diseases as a non-smoker and in a year or so, your chances of a heart diseases decreases dramatically. As you can see from the other benefits listed above, when you quit smoking your body begins to repair itself, notice how I said repair and not improve, smoking really ruins the natural balance of your body and it needs time to get back into working condition. So if you are after a healthy lifestyle and want to get healthier, keep at it, when you quit smoking you did your body a huge favor and soon enough you will reap the rewards.

Decrease chances of a stroke – Another scary disease that comes with smoking: stroke. When you haven’t smoked in a long time, your blood vessels will return to normal, when you smoke the blood vessels tend to narrow increasing the chances of a stroke. This is a long time coming for those of you who quit smoking, it is estimated to happen from 5 – 15 years after you quit smoking, so that’s quite awhile for your body to fully get rid of the nasty substances smoking gave you.

Chances of lung cancer decrease greatly – Lung cancer, the big c and it should scare the living daylights out of you. The polar opposite of a healthy lifestyle is what you can get if you don’t quit smoking, the number of sicknesses that really increase in chances when you do smoke is staggering. Don’t forget that smoking can cause a ton of other cancers as well, but lung cancer is the more common for this habit. Be smart, quit smoking and stick with it.

There it is, the glaringly important list of things why you need to quit smoking as soon as possible. When you are looking towards a healthy lifestyle, you need to know that it won’t work while you are smoking and you can see the reasons above. You’ve already quit smoking, this will further your resolve to avoid another cigarette, I know it has convinced me to stay even further away from the stuff. So one more time, if you already quit smoking or if you are planning to, please do it right away, you and your family deserve a better life than one filled with smoke. Stay healthy!

10 Things To Do Instead Of Eating Out Of Boredom

10 Things To Do Instead Of Eating Out Of Boredom

Boredom and stress can make you do a lot of things and one of them that really gets to most of us, is to eating. Let me tell you, this is one of the last things you should be doing. I understand when you want to eat because you are hungry or preparing for some exercise, but eating out of a boredom is one of the leading causes of unnecessary snacking and you are better than that. In fact I bet you that you are at least, take note how I say at least, 10 times better than that, I’m so confident that I will give you a list of 10 things you could be doing instead of eating out of boredom.

Exercise – This is a no-brainer, if you are about to start eating out of boredom why don’t you grab your shoes and take a quick walk around the block. Heck maybe even go to the gym to workout some stress in your life, either or you can definitely avoid eating out of boredom, simply by getting off your tush and getting your sweat on. Not only will you avoid the needless calories, you get to burn a bit more off, such a better alternative wouldn’t you agree?

Clean the house or apartment – Since you are about to start eating out of boredom, might as well take some time to get your house in order. Not only will this help you put that spoon or fork away, but it will help alleviate some stress, the particular stress of not being able to find anything in the mess that you call home. Once in awhile you need to do a little spring-cleaning even if it isn’t spring just yet, so put down that pop tart and grab that duster.

house cleaning

Read that book you’ve been savingEating out of boredom stems from having nothing to do and too much time on your hands, well now that you have a little spare time, get that book that’s gathering dust in the corner, the one you promised you would read a few months ago when things weren’t so hectic, pretty much everyone I know has at least one book like this, well now is the best time to pick it up and read it, not only will you lessen your stress, you get to check another thing off your list.

Pick up a hobbyEating out of boredom seems silly since there is so much else to do out there. Why don’t you pick up a hobby that’s of interest to you? Maybe learn an instrument, learn a new language, heck even build some model airplanes or something, the sky is the limit here, so why would you want to stuff your face while you stress so many other potentials out there? You can do it, believe in yourself!

Meditate – Perhaps you know or don’t, either or I am a huge, huge, and did I mention, huge fan of meditation? Not only does meditation help you relieve yourself of stress, you also end up getting your ducks in order, the more you meditate, the better off you will be and the further away you will be from eating out of boredom. Meditation is a great way to recollect yourself for the work week ahead or just to make sure you want to remember and do everything that you need to do for the week, I really do suggest this alternative to eating out of boredom.

Call your friends or family members – There is never a bad time to catch up, and instead of eating out of boredom, this could be the perfect time to drop a line on a friend or family member. Sure they’ll be surprised at the sudden call and assume that you are about to stress on something, but let’s knock them out by simply saying: hi. Take the time to just talk and see what they are up to, or when you can meet face to face, after all it’s a good time to check in with your loved one always.

Do some chores – Well there’s no better time than the present to get that pile of dishes done, or maybe you have a car that is in dire need of washing, either or you can do any of these to avoid eating out of boredom. Plus it is another constructive way to spend your down time, adding to the fact that you will lose some stress knowing that there are some chores ticked off on your list. Don’t do groceries if you got the munchies though, that can lead up to some very poorly made buying decisions that will only hasten the eating out of boredom effect.

Take a quick nap – Maybe meditation is not your thing, it’s alright, I do advise that you give it a serious try though however if it doesn’t work for you, a nap also works in this case. Especially if the nap will take the place of eating out of boredom, I’m all for it. Naps have been shown to reduce stress in most individuals and can really rejuvenate someone from a tiring week, so if you are bored and have the time go for that nap.

read a book

Check up on your favorite blog – Not that I’m making any suggestions, but since we’re on the topic… just kidding! Log on and see what’s happening online, read up your favorite articles and see what new stuff is on your favorite site, again a much better option that eating out of boredom and this way you still can get rid of stress as you catch up your favorite site. Note to the wise, if your favorite site is a food blog, maybe do that a bit later, that could entice you to eat some more of course.

Plan out a way to earn a little extra cash – With so many ideas out there, I’m sure you already have an idea how to earn a little passive income on the side here and there, use the time that you were planning to start eating out of boredom and start to flesh out a solid plan as to how you can earn some extra cash on the side. Take the time and make it a more solid plan, more ideas as to how you can improve the thought in your head will always help and will pave to a possible new world for you and your family.

I honestly believe they can be done by everyone if not mostly everyone. These are great ways to lose some stress along the way plus you don’t gain weight so that’s always good too. Stay healthy!

How To Reset After A Vacation

How To Reset After A Vacation

Going on vacation is a wonderful thing, in fact people love it so much it’s one of the reasons they work so hard at their job, just to enjoy a little time off in the sun or in the mountains or whatever. However coming back from a vacation can be a nightmare in itself. You tend to still be in vacation mode for a week or two, maybe even more, and your work, regular habits are thrown into disarray. Perhaps that is one of the reasons people deter themselves from going on vacation, as it really does a big reset on your regular and habitual schedule and nobody wants that. I still insist that people should continue to go on a vacation or two once in awhile, after all it can really rejuvenate the body and does wonders for the soul. Now what you need to do after said the vacation is to be able to reset your usual habits, going to work, going to bed on time, going to the gym, your regular eating habits and so forth, and I wrote down some good ways to really make sure that the reset won’t take too much toll on your body.

Plan your return – As excited as most people are to go on vacation, they tend to ignore or pay very little attention to returning home, I can hardly blame them but it’s not a good idea if you want to reset to your usual ways. A vacation is a great way to rejuvenate your tired self, but as restful and happy as a vacation is, that’s how stressful your return could be if you don’t plan it out properly. Making sure you have time enough to rest before going back to the gym or the office is a smart idea, I know some people who in fact come home a day or two earlier before their vacation leave ends just to make sure that they can return to their regular habits without being too drained or tired to do so.

relaxing vacation
Make the most of your vacation to relax and unwind but also be mindful of how you can easily adjust when you get back to the daily grind.

Make sure you get enough sleep on your vacation – While in most places, there is so much to do that sleep becomes a secondary course of action, most people tend to put it off or get as little of it as possible while on vacation, this is a major no-no if you plan to really rejuvenate your body. It is tempting to skip out on an hour or two or maybe even more considering you’ll only be on vacation once in awhile, but that will make it even harder for you to reset once the vacation is over. By making sure that you get a full 8 hours sleep or however many hours you usually get at home at the very least, you can make the reset a lot easier on you and you still get to rejuvenate yourself through the many fun plans you have on vacation.

Indulge but do not over indulge – I know that while you are on vacation, many diets are put on pause and that’s fine and dandy, however when you get home more often than not you do not reset the diet but rather forget it altogether, which is why it’s a good idea to not over indulge. It’s very good to try new things, in fact I insist upon it during a vacation, it can really help your taste buds expand and there are just so many things to enjoy, however make sure that you eat or drink within your limit. While you can stand to gain a few extra calories here and there but if you really blow out your usual diet out of the waters, well getting back to reset it will just be almost impossible. So please do enjoy and indulge however make sure to keep it within reason, alright?

Remember why you go to the gym in the first place – Or why you began the diet too. These are the things that we tend to forget while we are on vacation, we leave it in the clouds when we get back from being able to rejuvenate our bodies, we tend to forget why we even started working out or going on diet in the first place. Make sure to remember in order to reset your usual habits, this will make it easier but maybe not too easy, after all you just came back from a wonderful vacation, you can’t come out of the clouds that quickly can you?

Return the habit – While it may not be as full steamed as it was just before your vacation, your old habits will take time to rebuild and reset once more. The idea is to ease into it and not just go guns a blazing or anything like that. Perhaps you used to run 10 miles a day, maybe you can start off with 3, then 5 and so on, don’t just imagine that after a 10 day vacation you can just put on your running shoes and do it from point blank, it doesn’t work that way and you know it. It will be awhile until you are able to fully reset, but since your body just came back from a vacation, don’t take too long alright? Ease in to it but make sure you still do it, when you start coming up with excuses it will snowball into not going and eventually you lose sight of your old habits.

Don’t check the scale – After a hearty vacation, it is likely that you have gained weight and when you go on the weighing scale you can really dissuade yourself from starting back up again. Some people really want to know but if you plan to reset your diet or your gym time, maybe give it a few days before you go on that scale. I agree it’s a good idea to see what kind of monster you are up against but truth of the matter is you don’t want to be overwhelmed just yet. Take some time and build up your healthy habits if even a little before going on that little counting machine, again the reset is more important than numbers right now, especially after a fun vacation.

Go green on your grocery – When the vacation is said and done, you need to restock your kitchen with food. Now that all the fruit drinks with colorful umbrellas that just rejuvenate your tired soul is gone, you need to get back to a nice proper diet. So next time you are in the grocery, let it help you reset your diet or healthy habits. Buy more produce and fresh vegetables to really help you get a hold of your diet once more, it can be tricky but at the very least you can work your way back from there. In fact why not try a nice and healthy vegan meal?

Now that I shared all of that, you have no fear of going on a vacation, with these helpful tips you’ll be sure to be able to reset and can plan out your next vacation where you can once more rejuvenate your tired self. The only questions are, where and what to do next? Stay healthy!

Toxic Ingredients On Beauty Products And What Alternatives To Use

Toxic Ingredients On Beauty Products And What Alternatives To Use

Beauty is quite a thing, the pursuit of beauty has been an obsession to many, a gift to others, a curse for many more and the bane of countless others. However, poetic introduction aside, many people do turn to beauty products to achieve their ideal look and quite frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Save for animal testing and toxic ingredients of course, since the first is the safety of all animals and the latter is safety of you as a consumer, these are the things that gets my eyebrows raised in shock. I thought perhaps people don’t know just how much toxic ingredients are in beauty products and I wanted to level the playing field to make sure that your safety is always number one priority.

Below is a list of toxic ingredients that you need to look out for and the reasons why you should, remember several beauty products may list some of them, but since this is a fairly unregulated market sector, they get away without listing byproducts either which is a scary thing.

1,4-Dioxane – One of the toxic ingredients not listed, as it is a byproduct. This chemical found in beauty products has been linked to cancer, which is more than enough reason to fear for your safety.

Acrylates – Looking for a nail product? Then turn away from one when it has this listed, as this item on the long list of toxic ingredients can cause organ system toxicity, cellular and neurological damage and much more. Even when questioning the safety of consumers, this ingredient continues to find its way into nail beauty products.

beauty and bath soaps
It would be best to go natural and opt with genuinely organic products.

Benzophenone – This item on toxic ingredients is often found in lip balm, nail polish, baby sunscreens, hair conditioners and much more. This chemical has been known to cause cancer, give toxicity to development and reproductive system, which makes it dangerous for kids and women mostly but be forewarned, given that it can be found in a ton of places, everyone’s safety is of concern.

Coal tar – Found in shampoos and scalp treatment soaps to name a few, this chemical can be linked to cancer, organ system toxicity and much more. Given that the beauty products it can be found in is quite broad and used by pretty much everyone, everyone needs to be on their toes to really keep track of their safety.

Formaldehyde – This science experiment gone wrong, has found its way into your beauty products and as one of the more known toxic ingredients on the list, I’m sure you’ve heard this chemical a few times over. This dangerous chemical can be found in a number of beauty products such as nail polish, hair gel, body soap, baby shampoo and much more, now you can really see that everyone’s safety is in question when products made specifically for babies have something like this in it.

Now I can keep going and share how many dangerous toxic ingredients are in a number of beauty products, but we’d never end and quite frankly you and I don’t have the time to go over it. However given that everyone’s safety is indeed a concern, I will now share some alternatives and tips as to how to avoid these chemicals.

Read the label – Companies are obligated to place all items on it, non-toxic and toxic ingredients as well. So beauty products are not absolved from this responsibility as well, despite having looser regulations, this is still not something they can avoid. Now as a rule of thumb, if you are unfamiliar with the ingredient listed and think it could be harmful to your safety, research it and see the feedback about said ingredient. Personally if it’s impossibly difficult to say the ingredient, that could be a red flag getting calling out to me, so that can be a good measure for a lot of people.

Keep it simple – Sometimes simple is the best, a lot of people pay for the natural look, but sometimes the real natural look is the best. Need a little oomph in your hair? Nah, avoid the hair gel, you don’t need that, just take the time to style it with a brush and what not. Need softer skin, you don’t need that lotion, all you need is a steady diet of proper nutrients and your skin will glow, or opt for organic natural oils like virgin coconut oil. When you do stick with the natural look, you can avoid some nasty toxic ingredients, which in turn ensures your safety and to top it all off, you won’t spend so much on beauty products as well, so I don’t really see the downside of this tip, so make the most of it and go natural.

beauty products
Make sure to always check the label. It is often disregarded, but the ingredients of what we put on our skin matters a lot.

Avoid the extra stuff on you – While keeping it simple is a great tip on it’s own, there are times when you are required or assume you need to use items, case and point: when you bring your baby out under the sun. Don’t reach for the sunscreen or other beauty products – that stuff could be loaded with toxic ingredients and could be detrimental to your child’s safety. Dress your baby in better and more sun protected clothes to be safe. There are always ways around the extra garnish or other needs, if not natural alternatives are preferred in order to really avoid extra exposure.

Beware the fragrance – When things seem too good to be true on certain beauty products, they probably are. Now one word to be afraid of is: fragrance – that can mean a lot of toxic ingredients mixed into your item and that can spell trouble for safety. Go with unscented or natural items if at all possible, avoid the fragrant smells and the toxic ingredients that it brings with it.

Be careful of organic – Now this is strange coming from me, I suppose but please do listen to this safety tip. Regardless if a product says “organic” or “USDA-certified” that means that perhaps most of it is organic but that still leaves some space in that bottle to put in some toxic ingredients, after all beauty products will be beauty products. So again the word caution should prevail and you need to keep reading the labels regardless of the big shiny signage of rather empty promises the beauty products marketing team has come up with. Be a smart consumer and take the time to learn about the ingredients of what you consume.

There it is, some of the scary toxic ingredients, the list is way longer than the items I shared above, believe me on that one but it’s something to definitely get you started. I believe beauty, health and hygiene products are something we have gotten used to over the years, but most of them are unneeded especially if they put into light our safety, you can avoid most of them but if not there are always healthier alternatives. Be smart and read up on what you end up buying and using, don’t just blindly follow the hype and you’ll be fine. Stay healthy!

Natural Deodorants Versus Antiperspirants

Natural Deodorants Versus Antiperspirants

A lot of people, admittedly even myself, often mix up natural deodorant and antiperspirant, which is usually bundled up together and again I am not afraid to admit that I thought about them as interchangeable names for each other. After some thorough research however, as you may have guessed, there is a natural difference between the two especially between natural deodorant and antiperspirant. As the name implies, antiperspirant is used to stop your body from sweating, while as a natural deodorant works hard in removing the nasty smell. While those are indeed rather glaring differences, there is a bit more to go over between natural deodorant and antiperspirant.

Deodorants smell better – Considering that the main job of a deodorant is to stop or at least reduce the smell of your bodily functions due to sweat, it just smells better doesn’t it? I mean this is a general assumption between natural deodorant and antiperspirant so I can see how this can be a norm. I like how most of the scents are named after a weather outcomes if you may – Spring Rain, Misty Autumn, Summer Breeze… I wonder if I got any of those right, I’m just guessing scents here.

Antiperspirant uses aluminum – Well not aluminum exactly, but I suppose close enough to the aluminum that we know. Most aerosol antiperspirant, if you actually take the time to read what’s actually used in most of the items you consume, yes I am guilty of this, you will notice something such as aluminum chlorohydrate or aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex, can we appreciate how difficult that last word was for a moment or two? I certainly can, took me 3 tries to type that in. In any which case, these chemicals or ingredients in antiperspirant usually clogs your pores in order to reduce sweating, thus the name of the product. I’ll get into it deeper in the next point.

Clogging the pores with antiperspirant is a no-no – The ingredients above has been one of the main causes of debate or concern for antiperspirant use, as opposed to natural deodorants. The concern was that antiperspirant causes cancer, but I will say that even now the National Cancer Institute has not released whether this is true or otherwise, so safe to assume that a lot of people have turned to natural deodorant rather than antiperspirant due to this rumor. What has been confirmed however is that aluminum is not good for people with kidney problems, as it can reduce the kidney functions, there is a stern warning on the front stating to check with your doctor before using. I suppose this is mostly to avoid any pending lawsuits if some health concerns come up, but you can really see that the difference between natural deodorant and antiperspirant, and honestly who needs the extra aggravation when you put on your underarm protection?

Sweat is good for you – The body’s natural way to cool down is to release sweat, if you are a dog person, you’ll know this is why dogs pant a lot as they do not sweat, just a little tidbit that I want to share. So I got a little sidetracked there, but anyhow sweat is pretty much good for us, despite the way it feels and smells, so you can see how this will bode poorly for antiperspirant and will give natural deodorant a leg up. Antiperspirant stops your body from sweating, so pretty much the toxins in your sweat save up and fairly much gets your body to overheat quite a bit. On the other hand natural deodorant, doesn’t stop the flow of sweat but rather hides it in various scents, allowing your gym buddy a little breathing room.

Some if not many are not fully aware of the difference and risks that our daily hygiene staple has.

Both are FDA approved – As you can tell, both are FDA approved and natural deodorant and antiperspirant can be purchased over the counter without the need of a doctor’s note. However this does not mean that there are no risks to the product, as you can see above the aluminum chemicals in antiperspirant really does bring about a risk. The FDA makes sure that they are labeled properly and that the benefits outweigh the risks in each product, quite frankly which gives me more reason to turn towards a natural deodorant as to the other option.

Aluminum has been linked to some neurological diseases – While the aluminum ingredient already has some scary side effects, and again there are no conclusive findings as to the direct link to it and cancer, there have been studies that say there is a direct correlation a few neurological diseases. Among them Alzheimer’s has been cited among them, which gives me immediate pause. The accumulation of aluminum in the system has been proven to cause disorientation, loss in coordination and much more. So the active avoidance of ingredients with aluminum in it, has made a lot of people turn towards natural deodorant rather than antiperspirant.

Natural over chemically enhanced – Just in case you didn’t know, I’m more into the healthy and natural options, but hey who knows, you might be new to the site. Anyhow, if you go over the ingredients in a natural deodorant seems a lot more natural and if you are a ingredient enthusiast, not sure if that’s a thing but if it is, I totally am one, you’ll notice that most of the items listed can be identified or at the very least you’ve heard of them. I’m not saying it’s all 100% but at the very least the amount of natural ingredients in well, natural deodorants are more nature friendly shall we say. Moving on to antiperspirant, you can immediately hurt your tongue and eyes just by reading some of the stuff in them. Personally if it seems almost impossible or challenging to say, it has a higher chance of being a chemical in my opinion. Anyhow as you can see on a can of antiperspirant, the list of chemicals are very unnatural and you can almost picture someone in a mask and white lab coat preparing it as you continue to read through the ingredients. Given the choice of either natural deodorant or antiperspirant on this point, I would definitely award it to natural deodorant, but again that’s just me.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the difference between natural deodorant and antiperspirant is rather glaring but please do not take this to mean that I endorse either of the items, I am simply saying that the pros and cons of each item is rather apparent and given the option of either, why not choose one that has less harm listed on it? I leave the decision up to you my dear friends, I am only sharing the information I gathered and thought it was best for you to be as informed as possible. After all a smart consumer is a learned consumer, and now you can consider yourself both. Stay healthy!

Why You Need Vitamin D

Why You Need Vitamin D

Do you remember the times when you were younger and your parents would continually bug you about going outside, get some sun or things like that? Turns out, like most cases I’ve learned over the years, that our parents were right. By going outside and getting a few minutes of play time under the sun, we not only get the exercise we most likely need, we also get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Now what is vitamin D, you may ask? Well it is the vitamins that your body can create upon being exposed to the sun, now vitamin D has a lot of stuff that will really benefit your body, I’ll get to that in a few minutes, however let’s simply say that it also helps you absorb calcium and facilitates your normal immune function, so that in itself is plenty reason to go out and get vitamin D. Can you get this from other sources? Honestly yes, however if the sun is out and it’s free, why spend for it or go through the trouble at all of finding an alternative source? Anyhow let’s see why you need vitamin D from the good old sun.

It fends off a ton of diseases – As mentioned above, with the right amount of vitamin D from the sun, you can really help your body absorb more calcium, making your bones and teeth stronger and tougher. These will fend off any skeletal diseases that nobody wants to have. Additionally research has shown that proper exposure to vitamin D reduces the likelihood of being exposed to heart diseases and the flu in fact all that just from going under the sun for a few minutes a day, sign me up.

While the right amount of exposure from the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, there are food sources for iit as well.
While the right amount of exposure from the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, there are food sources for it as well.

Getting depressed, get some sun in your life – Now I know why gloomy and sad people are often depicted in cartoons as under a rain cloud, because of the lack of vitamin D. Scientists did research to see how people with depression handled supplements with vitamin D, after taking some of these supplements there was an improvement in their symptoms. While no it will not cure clinical depression, at least not that we know of as of now, however for small bouts of depression, the good old shining sun and vitamin D might be what you need, just make sure not to stay under the sun for too long.

Want to lose weight, vitamin D to the rescue – Ok I may have over exaggerated that one a bit, but still… research goes on to show that people who were exposed to vitamin D did lose weight, while it was not mind blowing weight loss, stick to a good diet and an ideal workout, there were signs of some weight loss. It was further studied that the higher absorption of calcium has a minor appetite suppressant side effect, which is likely the reason for the change of weight. Even though it is rather a small effect, anything to help lose weight I vote a definite yes to, don’t you agree?

Avoid the pain – Now while the sun is indeed free and a few minutes of exposure to it can provide you with natural vitamin D, beware of any deficiencies that may arise due to not having enough exposure. Mind you it could be more than just going outside, perhaps it is the pollution where you live, the sunscreen you use or much more, regardless if you lack direct exposure every once in awhile you can expect to get some muscle aches, joint pains, general tiredness and stress fractures. The lack of vitamin D makes it harder for you to absorb calcium, and less calcium in the body means a weaker skeletal structure, that in itself is most likely the cause of the pains and aches.

Bring down diabetes – Well type 2 diabetes at least. Research has found that patients who take vitamin D have reduced risks to diabetes. This is perhaps because circulation is improved with proper exposure to vitamin D, plus since we already know that your heart and bones are stronger after being exposed to the sun, it is likely that you can help your body more and avoid type 2 diabetes, which no one in their right mind wants, simply by making sure you don’t have a vitamin D deficiency.

Fight off cancer – Perhaps not entirely but research has shown that vitamin D is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer-cell growth in the body. Getting enough calcium into your body helps you fight off the big c, plus it also hampers metastasis, which is the term used for when the cancer spreads and goes to different body parts or organs. As someone who really wants the world to take a look and fight cancer, I cannot stress enough how important this is for everyone. Get your vitamin D and go out, get a few minutes of sun and go on your merry day, this does not take much and will barely dent your schedule. Trust me, anything to fight off cancer, do it, together we can win this war and beat it down to extinction if we can!

vitamin d supplement
Vitamin D can also be taken from supplements.

Don’t become a sun worshipper – While vitamin D is indeed important and you can get it from the sun, over exposure is still a very bad idea. Aside from rather painful sunburn, which is the least of your problems if you continue to get over exposed to the sun, you can open the door to a ton of diseases including cancer. A little ironic as vitamin D helps stop the cancer growth, but still again any over exposure is a bad idea in general. Any dermatologist worth their salt will tell you from the onset that while the sun is indeed a great source of vitamin D, you only need maybe 10 – 15 minutes of exposure a day to get what you need. Any more without sunscreen or sun block is just asking for a world of hurt. So don’t go out and sacrifice any virgins to the sun or anything like that, in fact don’t ever do that. Much like anything else in life, moderation is a must.

And now you know why vitamin D is important and why the sun can be both your best friend and worst enemy. Please note however that the minutes differ depending on what climate you live in, best to do your proper share of research for that. Case and point if you live in Alaska, maybe you’ll need more sun as opposed to someone who lives in the Sahara or something, I’d imagine one minute of sun is enough vitamin D to last a life time over there. Anyhow make sure to take the time and get your healthy dose of sun which will in turn become vitamin D, and that will turn into a happier and longer life for you. Stay healthy!

keeping the colon clean

Keeping The Colon Clean

Don’t roll your eyes, a healthy colon is a happy colon and a happy colon is a happy body and of course that means a happy you. A lot of people don’t realize that the colon is a very important part of the body that needs attention and quite frankly you should be doing a lot of hard work so that you can continue keeping your colon clean. Keeping your colon clean is a very important part of our health and is an ideal way to stay healthy, so make sure you take the steps to having a strong and healthy colon. I am happy to share some simple tips to really get you going down the road of keeping your colon clean.

Consume a lot of fiber – Fiber really helps in keeping your colon clean and can really help the body process and move the waste along. A lot of the healthier foods such as oats, beans, broccoli, celery and so much more have a large amount of fiber in them. Remember when your mom told you to eat your vegetables? Well this is perhaps one of those reasons, to get as much fiber as possible to make sure you have a healthy and strong colon. So if you want your health to stay intact, which I’m sure you do, start getting that fiber into your system.

Vitamin D it up!Keeping your colon clean also entails keeping it healthy, which means you need proper nutrients and quite frankly, vitamin D is what you need. This vitamin is essential for the body and it helps prevent colon cancer while also keeping its health up. You can get vitamin D from the sun, yes just by a little bit of sun exposure you can get that essential nutrient but if not you can also get it from fish, bread and other options.

You can never go wrong with food rich in fiber. It helps a lot in providing good digestion!
You can never go wrong with food rich in fiber. It helps a lot in providing good digestion!

Eat healthier – The topics above should have determined it for you already but just in case you aren’t 100% sure, yes it is ideal to eat healthier if you want to play a strong role in keeping your colon clean, aside from staying in top health of course. Processed foods, alcohol, food additives and so much more can really irritate the colon among other body parts and quite frankly you don’t need that type of aggravation in your life. Start by removing these from your daily meals and in general, you will really feel the difference from how you used to eat. Start getting better nutrients with fresh and organic meals as well, and you will make leaps in better health than before. It’s a very noticeable difference and you’ll be able to tell as soon as you start.

When you gotta go, you gotta go – When the urge strikes you, let it go. Go in the bathroom, of course you silly. Holding in your feces is a definite no-no when you want to ride the train of keeping your colon clean, and again if you’re reading this you do. Holding in the urge allows the feces to rather, I suppose a strong word would be fester, but an apt one nonetheless, and while it sits in your healthy colon, it releases toxins that nobody wants in their system. So when your body tells you to go, you best get going.

Don’t force to go however – I’ll be honest, this is something that doesn’t have a lot of information but generally forcing anything or anyone to do something isn’t exactly the ideal approach and the same can be said about your bowel movements. Make sure that each time you sit on the porcelain throne, you don’t have to force your bowels to do their job. As mentioned above allow it to be natural as much as possible, this is a key factor in really keeping your colon clean as well as keeping it in the best health as possible. Besides I’ve heard stories of people developing injuries from overly trying to use the toilet and quite frankly I’m just not up to sharing that for today.

Drink your water – The body uses a lot of water, thus the ideal 8 glasses a day to keep your body at tiptop health. Additionally however, keeping your colon clean also requires a lot of water and the more you have the better for the colon. The colon needs to use a lot of water to process the waste. More water also means the rest of your body is able to work well with your colon to process the waste and other nutrients.

Get your exercise in – Exercise is very important in keeping your colon clean as it is with pretty much everything else. How does it play a part in keeping your colon clean you may ask? Simple answer: circulation. Through exercise, your entire body including your colon gets more oxygen. More oxygen means better circulation, better circulation means better management and movement and finally that leads to a ton of healthy body parts including the important colon of course. So make sure you also get a lot of exercise in order to really keep yourself in top health and as always do your part in keeping your colon clean, among improving the functions and workflow of the entire body.

Keep yourself hydrated all the time. It helps in keeping the colon clean.
Keep yourself hydrated all the time. It helps in keeping the colon clean.

When in doubt reach out to an expert – While a colonoscopy is not fun nor is it always necessary, there are times when you should revert to a doctor already. He or she can tell you what is going on with your colon or with your overall health. Do not be afraid of the doctor, they are there to help not only in the fight in keeping your colon clean, but in your overall health. Take the time to meet with them for a regular check up to really know how well you are doing considering you are doing a lot of the tips on this list or maybe following my other tips in various articles.

And that is some pretty solid advice on how to continue keeping your colon clean. Holding it in is perhaps one of the biggest advices I can really give you and quite frankly you know why, aside from the fact that it is really bad for your health, it can wreak havoc on your colon as well as the rest of your body. Take the tips above into account and make sure to handle keeping your colon clean as one of your top priorities. It is not a laughing matter and anyone who says otherwise could indeed take some time to really grow up. Again a healthy colon, is a happy colon and a happy colon is a happy you, take the time and make sure you do what you have to do. Stay healthy!

How To Quit Smoking

How To Quit Smoking

Smoking, perhaps one of the world’s most addictive habit that is still not classified under drugs or other paraphernalia. The dependence on a cigarette by most people is quite staggering, and I know so many people who turn to smoking for a lot of reasons. Even with the negative sides of smoking already glaringly apparent to everyone, the habit persists due to the addictiveness and the dependency that they have developed with the habit. However most smokers will usually be looking for a sure fire way to quit smoking and get back in shape, ask most of them and they will tell you this. To be able to quit smoking completely remains to be a challenge for a lot of people, and perhaps there isn’t a sure 100% way just yet, but at the very least let me share with you some ideas on how to quit smoking and get back in shape.

  1. Find out the triggers – Most smokers usually light a cigarette after something happens or is caused by a reaction, perhaps after a meal or because they are stressed at work. In any case, if you are trying to quit smoking, find out what causes you to smoke and try to avoid it if not adjust your outlook. I know that a popular smoking time is after meals, obviously you can’t avoid that, you want to get back in shape, not starve yourself to avoid smoking, so instead of smoking a cigarette, maybe drink a cup of tea instead, form another habit at the events you can’t avoid when you are trying to quit smoking.
  2. Keep a journal – Having difficulties tracking the triggers? Keep a journal and jot down your thoughts when you want to light a cigarette. In fact go as far as rating the intensity of the craving, in that light you can really find out what makes you smoke the most or the reason that really makes it difficult to quit smoking and get back in shape. Keeping a journal can really shed some light on a lot of things, and it shouldn’t be any different for smoking either, give it a shot and you’ll bring to light a lot of things and be one step closer to being able to say that you quit smoking.
  3. Set a target date to quit – Going cold turkey is difficult, so I’ve heard and there are a lot of studies saying that people who quit smoking this way tend to relapse or cheat their path of non-smoking. Have a date up where you can really focus on it, this will help you get your choices together and help you push yourself to get back in shape or to quit smoking. Nothing really gets real for a lot of people until you place a deadline and by doing this you can really pressure yourself to go for it.
  4. Tell a friend or family member – Another tip to really help people quit smoking, tell someone. It is the same idea as the little trick above, this will allow that person to help you, ideally it is someone who has been badgering you to get back in shape or to really quit smoking, for sure there is one or two people you find it difficult to say no to, now is the time to have them really help you. Everyone needs help for a lot of things and when you are trying to quit smoking, one of the unhealthiest habits that you may have formed over the years, you’ll need as much support as you can muster. Of course this support would ideally push you all the way to get back in shape as well, but let’s work on one thing at a time to be safe.
  5. Start reducing usage – When you start, assuming you have that journal as suggested to help you quit smoking, you’ll be able to count the cigarettes you smoke each day. Now start reducing the numbers gradually. Build up to quit smoking by reducing a cigarette maybe each day or more if you can, this will really help you in the long run and maybe can help you to get back in shape as well by filling in the time with a small exercise or two.
  6. Remove your cigarette stock – The one good thing about smoking, if there ever was actually, is that this is a habit you can only do when you have the paraphernalia itself. So if you want to quit smoking, it will really help if there aren’t any readily available cigarettes that you can light up, sitting within reach. The idea is the same as clearing out your pantry when you are trying to get back in shape and want to go on a diet. To quit smoking clear out your pockets, closets, purses or whatever of cigarettes and if you are lucky it is a drive and a lot of trouble to the nearest convenience store for a pack, this will dissuade you unless you really give into the cravings.
  7. Replace the urge – Again smoking is a habit, a very bad habit but still a habit, have I mentioned how much I am against smoking yet? Anyhow if that is the case, pick up a new hobby or two to help you quit smoking and get back in shape, if you’re lucky and if you push yourself hard enough, I would suggest the habit have something to do with exercise. Running, for example. This will really take up more of your time and when you start noticing how much easier it is to run after awhile since your last cigarette, you’ll start wondering why you haven’t quit smoking before.
  8. Cold turkey – Although I still question the effectiveness of this, I cannot ignore the fact that a lot of people turn to this in order to quit smoking. The opinion is split and again when you quit smoking, I really suggest to take the time to build up to it as it is once again a habit that you formed over the years and should be dealt with as such, however if cold turkey works for some people when they quit smoking, heck go for it. Now if only people can go cold turkey on meat when they get back in shape, the world would be a different place altogether.
  9. Ask a doctor – When in doubt, ask for help from an expert. If you have a regular check up, this person has been shaking his or her finger at you for how many years to quit smoking and to get back in shape, it is time to recruit them into the endeavor.
How To Quit Smoking
The change you want starts with you.

As you can see there are a lot of tips to help people quit smoking and get back in shape, but in the end it all drives back to one person: YOU. This is a nasty habit you picked up over the years and only one person can really help you quit smoking, the person staring back in the mirror. This will be one of the toughest battles you have ever done in your life, prepare yourself and do it properly and you can win it, charge! Stay healthy!

50 Motivational Quotes on Life and Success

50 Motivational Quotes on Life and Success

Sometimes everyone needs a good pick up once in awhile, and if you are reading this perhaps you need it or someone close to you needs it and you’re looking for some inspiration, either way let me help you out with some of my favorite motivational quotes to really pick you up.

  1. I can and I will.
  2. Don’t tell people your dreams. Show them. motivation quote
  3. The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. 
  4. Don’t stop until you’re proud. 
  5. The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell. 
  6. Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. your mind is a powerful thing
  7. Believe you can and you’re already half way there. 
  8. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. 
  9. Don’t quit. 
  10. Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness in you, even when you don’t see it yourself. 
  11. You got this. 
  12. You did not wake up today to be mediocre. 
  13. Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan. 
  14. Your only limit is you. 
  15. Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you already are. stop hating yourself
  16. Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. 
  17. “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~ Martin Luther King 
  18. A little progress each day adds up to big results. 
  19. Give god your weakness and he’ll give you his strength.
  20. You only fail when you stop trying. 
  21. Be a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside. 

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  22. Look in the mirror… that’s your competition. 
  23. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself. 
  24. “Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.” ~ Stephanie Bennett-Henry 
  25. You are capable of amazing things. 
  26. “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within” ~ Maya Angelou 
  27. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. 
  28. Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny. don't downgrade your dream
  29. Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a brand new opportunity to rebuild what you truly want.
  30. Today I will be my own superhero. 
  31. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. 
  32. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. 
  33. “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” ~ Muhammad Ali 
  34. I am strong because I’ve been weak. I am fearless because I’ve been afraid. I am wise because I’ve been foolish. 
  35. Your body hears everything that your mind says. Stay positive.

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  36. Make yourself a priority once in awhile. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary. 
  37. You’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry, but do not give up. 
  38. Actually. I can. 
  39. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.don't be afraid to fail be afraid not to try
  40. Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. 
  41. Good things are going to happen. 
  42. I deserve to be happy. 
  43. You are amazing. Remember that. 
  44. Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. 
  45. Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others. don't be ashamed of your story it will inspire others
  46. When everything feels like an uphill battle, just think of the view from the top.
  47. When life puts you in a difficult situation, don’t say “Why me,” say “Try me.” 
  48. I never lose. Either I win or I learn. 
  49. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. 
  50. Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody. 
  51. If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse. 

I hope at least one or two of these lines will give you a good boost not only for today, but every day! Stay healthy!

11 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Retreat

11 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Retreat

Everyone needs to take a vacation or a retreat every so often, and you need a personal retreat yourself. Can’t get away from work or whatever project you are doing? Keep reading and you will see why you really, really, REALLY need to take that personal retreat to gather yourself or just to meditate and get yourself back on the right path. Trust me you really will take that personal retreat once you realize how useful and helpful it is to go on these mini vacations.

1.Healthy – Retreats have been found to reduce stress. Stress is no joke and there are tons of ways to deal with it, however a personal retreat is definitely one of the top ones for me. Take the time to get into meditation, which will further reduce your stress during your personal retreat and allow yourself to really think about what is important and what you need to focus on.

2.Focus on projects – Sometimes when you are knee-deep into work, you can’t see what really matters or what project needs your full attention. Take the time to step back during a personal retreat and see from a step or two back, this really puts things into perspective and allows you to work more efficiently in the long run, this will of course end up with more favorable results for whatever project you may have on your plate. I can’t tell you how much this has saved me from making mistakes by rushing a project, I tend to step back, get into some meditation and reassess my situation before moving forward. This has helped me properly engage whatever project I have on my plate.

journal and goal-setting
Keep a journal or keep your goal-setting on paper for motivation.

3.Journaling – During your personal retreat, take the time to jot down on a journal. Studies have shown that it is good for stress relief and has a positive effect on people when they take the time to write down whatever thoughts they have. I love writing in my own journal, sometimes my thoughts get really deep or other times it is silly and pointless, but whatever it is, I take the time to write it and it has really helped me thus far. It’s also a great form of self expression and emotional outlet.

4.Self-worth – Make time to take care of someone extremely important to you: YOURSELF. On your personal retreat, give in to a little (or more) well-deserved pampering. It’s a good oomph on your self importance. The world often goes by and we forget that if anyone is going to treat us right, it should be ourselves.

5.Off the grid – When you are on a personal retreat, it would be wise to disconnect yourself from the world and allow some real meditation. We often try to get some time to ourselves however we are distracted by our tablets, smart phones and so much more as we check our social media and email pretty much anywhere. When you are on personal retreat do not do that, I know it may sound a little extreme for some but this is the only way you will ever get into deep meditation. Fine you can check your mail or social media but perhaps limit it to once a day while on personal retreat.

6.Special treatment – When on personal retreat make it special for yourself, it can be however which way you want it since it is as the name states, a personal matter. Enjoy yourself, heaven knows you deserve it. Tailor fit the personal retreat just for you, after all no one knows what you like more than yourself, might as well make the most out of it to really enjoy the vacation.

7.Encourage others – While on personal retreat it would be good to go into meditation and think about the people who you should appreciate. Write them some letters that you can share when you get back, for sure some of them could really use the encouragement and this will really bring you guys closer together. I love doing this since I have so much to be grateful for and there are so many people that I want to thank, during my own personal retreat I go through my meditation to make sure that I can really assess who it is I want to thank.

8.Take the time to finish DIYs – There might be gift ideas that you want to make yourself or something for the house that you’ve been wanting to do but have put off for quite some time, well, delay it no more. During your personal retreat you can finally do those things that you have been putting off. It can be seen as a sort of meditation for quite a few people, as most of the DIY stuff is usually born of a hobby or interest so it should be fun and relaxing.

DIY as personal retreat
For some people, doing a DIY project is a way to meditate and relax. Let that creativity flow!

9.Reading time – There is a great satisfaction in getting through some books you have been dying to read. Page after wonderful page of a book you’ve put on the backburner is something you can really enjoy during your personal retreat. I like to sit back with a glass of wine and read up on my books, sometimes even when I’m soaking in the tub, it’s just so relaxing and very stress relieving.

10.Goal setting – During a personal retreat, you need to reassess your goals in mind. Have you achieved what you set out to do a month ago? The start of the year? Last year? Perhaps you have or perhaps you haven’t. It would be ideal to really take stock in yourself and see your goals and what you have achieved. Of course it would be ideal to also see where you can improve as this is a continuous process for all of us. Keep setting your goals during your personal retreat or during your meditation sessions in order to really get yourself a step towards being your ideal self.

11.Coming home refreshed – The satisfaction of coming home stress-free and a lot more refreshed is something people around you will truly appreciate. When you aren’t riddled with stress or problems, your general aura is better and people can sense that. They will thank you for taking the time to take care of yourself during your personal retreat that they too can see how positive it was for you and who knows, perhaps they might be inspired to take a personal retreat on their own as well.

There should always be a good time to step back, relax and see where you are going in life. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. Stay healthy!