10 Things To Do Instead Of Eating Out Of Boredom

10 Things To Do Instead Of Eating Out Of Boredom

Boredom and stress can make you do a lot of things and one of them that really gets to most of us, is to eating. Let me tell you, this is one of the last things you should be doing. I understand when you want to eat because you are hungry or preparing for some exercise, but eating out of a boredom is one of the leading causes of unnecessary snacking and you are better than that. In fact I bet you that you are at least, take note how I say at least, 10 times better than that, I’m so confident that I will give you a list of 10 things you could be doing instead of eating out of boredom.

Exercise – This is a no-brainer, if you are about to start eating out of boredom why don’t you grab your shoes and take a quick walk around the block. Heck maybe even go to the gym to workout some stress in your life, either or you can definitely avoid eating out of boredom, simply by getting off your tush and getting your sweat on. Not only will you avoid the needless calories, you get to burn a bit more off, such a better alternative wouldn’t you agree?

Clean the house or apartment – Since you are about to start eating out of boredom, might as well take some time to get your house in order. Not only will this help you put that spoon or fork away, but it will help alleviate some stress, the particular stress of not being able to find anything in the mess that you call home. Once in awhile you need to do a little spring-cleaning even if it isn’t spring just yet, so put down that pop tart and grab that duster.

house cleaning

Read that book you’ve been savingEating out of boredom stems from having nothing to do and too much time on your hands, well now that you have a little spare time, get that book that’s gathering dust in the corner, the one you promised you would read a few months ago when things weren’t so hectic, pretty much everyone I know has at least one book like this, well now is the best time to pick it up and read it, not only will you lessen your stress, you get to check another thing off your list.

Pick up a hobbyEating out of boredom seems silly since there is so much else to do out there. Why don’t you pick up a hobby that’s of interest to you? Maybe learn an instrument, learn a new language, heck even build some model airplanes or something, the sky is the limit here, so why would you want to stuff your face while you stress so many other potentials out there? You can do it, believe in yourself!

Meditate – Perhaps you know or don’t, either or I am a huge, huge, and did I mention, huge fan of meditation? Not only does meditation help you relieve yourself of stress, you also end up getting your ducks in order, the more you meditate, the better off you will be and the further away you will be from eating out of boredom. Meditation is a great way to recollect yourself for the work week ahead or just to make sure you want to remember and do everything that you need to do for the week, I really do suggest this alternative to eating out of boredom.

Call your friends or family members – There is never a bad time to catch up, and instead of eating out of boredom, this could be the perfect time to drop a line on a friend or family member. Sure they’ll be surprised at the sudden call and assume that you are about to stress on something, but let’s knock them out by simply saying: hi. Take the time to just talk and see what they are up to, or when you can meet face to face, after all it’s a good time to check in with your loved one always.

Do some chores – Well there’s no better time than the present to get that pile of dishes done, or maybe you have a car that is in dire need of washing, either or you can do any of these to avoid eating out of boredom. Plus it is another constructive way to spend your down time, adding to the fact that you will lose some stress knowing that there are some chores ticked off on your list. Don’t do groceries if you got the munchies though, that can lead up to some very poorly made buying decisions that will only hasten the eating out of boredom effect.

Take a quick nap – Maybe meditation is not your thing, it’s alright, I do advise that you give it a serious try though however if it doesn’t work for you, a nap also works in this case. Especially if the nap will take the place of eating out of boredom, I’m all for it. Naps have been shown to reduce stress in most individuals and can really rejuvenate someone from a tiring week, so if you are bored and have the time go for that nap.

read a book

Check up on your favorite blog – Not that I’m making any suggestions, but since we’re on the topic… just kidding! Log on and see what’s happening online, read up your favorite articles and see what new stuff is on your favorite site, again a much better option that eating out of boredom and this way you still can get rid of stress as you catch up your favorite site. Note to the wise, if your favorite site is a food blog, maybe do that a bit later, that could entice you to eat some more of course.

Plan out a way to earn a little extra cash – With so many ideas out there, I’m sure you already have an idea how to earn a little passive income on the side here and there, use the time that you were planning to start eating out of boredom and start to flesh out a solid plan as to how you can earn some extra cash on the side. Take the time and make it a more solid plan, more ideas as to how you can improve the thought in your head will always help and will pave to a possible new world for you and your family.

I honestly believe they can be done by everyone if not mostly everyone. These are great ways to lose some stress along the way plus you don’t gain weight so that’s always good too. Stay healthy!

The Most Deceiving Unhealthy Foods

The Most Deceiving Unhealthy Foods

Everyone wants to be healthier, after all a healthy person is a happy person they say. With the advent of health and exercise being something that everyone is concerned with, health food is a big must for a lot of people. However companies are starting to take advantage of that and started releasing some rather unhealthy food that is marketed otherwise. At the very least they could be shown to you in a rather different light, that makes you put it in your grocery basket, but let’s take a closer look at these deceivingly unhealthy food that you really need to avoid.

Smoothies – You’d think that this is a good way to really get your needed fruits and maybe even some vegetables, but unfortunately in most cases a smoothie is something we can count on as an unhealthy food. In order to make some smoothies more palatable and a lot more salable, they add a ton of sugar that cannot be good for you, in fact some of them have so much sugar it’s like you’re drinking a milkshake, which is a large bulk of the calories you need for the entire day. I’d rather recommend you make your own healthy smoothie at home.

Sushi – I know that this is somewhat a shock for a lot of people, after all sushi is thought to be less processed and rather healthy. I wouldn’t say it’s a completely unhealthy type of food however it depends on what and where you order something. While the basic and delicious regular sushi is great, there are a lot of variations that uses a ton of mayonnaise, cheese, fried items and so much more. While this potentially unhealthy food can seem harmless as most can be eaten in a single bite, it can pile on the more you eat and the more fried items or creamy sauces are mixed in to each sushi, so just be weary and you’ll be alright.

pre-packed yogurt
Rather than pre-packed goods, go for homemade as much as possible as you would have control over the calorie and sugar intake of the food you will eat.

Turkey and veggie burger – Shocked? I’m pretty sure you are, but don’t worry not all turkey and veggie burgers are unhealthy food items, at least it depends where and what you get once more. There are products out there with a shockingly high amount of calories in each patty, let’s not forget about the toppings, fries and so on. These can really pile on and eventually you’ll be eating your intended daily calorie intake in one sitting. Take the time to read the packaging and know what you are consuming.

Pre-packed yogurt – With fruit in the bottom of the cup is rather high in sugar, almost soda can sugar high if you catch my drift. I love yogurt and fruits, but I tend to avoid the pre-packed items as I know that they add quite a bit of sugar in them, it makes it more palatable and of course it is so much easier to sell something sweet to the consumer. Make sure you avoid this unhealthy food simply by getting plain yogurt and getting fresh fruit from your local market, you’ll be fine and the freshness just brings it to another level.

Granola – Yes the go-to healthy food of a lot of people, can turn dangerously unhealthy if you aren’t careful with your proportions. Make sure to watch your intake with this as it’s so easy to overeat and if you go overboard with the mix, you’ll also be consuming too much sugar. Pre-packaged ones are even more dangerous as they usually pile on the sugar content into it to make it easier to eat for a lot of people, in the end the safest way to eat granola is to make it yourself which isn’t too terribly hard to do plus the freshness can’t be beat.

Salad – The salad option has really launched off into a diversity unseen before, when you used to go to a restaurant they would have a viand or two as appetizers, nowadays you can see an entire restaurant dedicated to salads. As healthy of a food this is, it can quickly turn unhealthy just as fast, so be weary of your salad. The calories can pack on depending on what is in your salad, plus the dressing is a big contention for calories, sugar and much more. Make sure you watch your dressing as that can really be the one that can make your salad a food that is healthy to something rather unhealthy

Sports drinks – If by some chance you think this is a healthy drink or better than juice, I’m afraid to burst your bubble. Although not really considered part of the food group, I wanted to make sure that you know that sports drinks are unhealthy for you. Once again it depends what you get but if you don’t really get into sports or exercise a lot, you are just accumulating unneeded sugar in your body, especially if this is your everyday go-to drink. So unless you’re rather active, which I hope you are, sports drinks are a no-no, in fact even if active go for water instead. It’s delicious, refreshing and has no sugar, pretty much what you want in a drink.

veggie turkey burger
It’s the dressing and the sides that add up to the unhealthiness of food sometimes.

Fat-free items – Speaking of unhealthy food, items packaged with the words: ‘fat-free’ is something a lot of us buy, but we don’t really realize that while it is fat-free, in fact in some cases, it is reduced fat only, the calories inside of that particular pre-packaged food is full of calories. Calories and fat are not the same, so marketing experts use that confusion to their advantage. Read the label and know what you are getting to make sure your healthy food stays that way and doesn’t turn into an unhealthy habit.

Trans fat free – The idea of being trans frat free is to have less than 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving, which pretty much allows a lot of products to get away with murder. And yes I used the word murder because it pretty much is, just because the particular food item you are looking at says trans fat, you tend to go for it, but be weary that it could still be very unhealthy for you.

Whole wheat anything – While I completely agree that whole wheat is better than processed stuff, in the end though people end up eating more of these types of food, thinking this is healthy for us but with over consumption it ends up becoming rather unhealthy. Once more take the time to really read the packaging of each type of food you buy to make sure that you are not getting an unhealthy meal packaged in a healthy masquerade.

And there we have it, some of the most deceiving food options out there, they can really catch you off guard and because of that you can end up eating more than you should or consuming more than you originally need, thinking it is healthy and sadly learning how unhealthy that meal really was. Become a smart shopper and consumer, read the labels and know what you are putting into your body, your body deserves that much care. Stay healthy!

Why You Need Vitamin D

Why You Need Vitamin D

Do you remember the times when you were younger and your parents would continually bug you about going outside, get some sun or things like that? Turns out, like most cases I’ve learned over the years, that our parents were right. By going outside and getting a few minutes of play time under the sun, we not only get the exercise we most likely need, we also get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Now what is vitamin D, you may ask? Well it is the vitamins that your body can create upon being exposed to the sun, now vitamin D has a lot of stuff that will really benefit your body, I’ll get to that in a few minutes, however let’s simply say that it also helps you absorb calcium and facilitates your normal immune function, so that in itself is plenty reason to go out and get vitamin D. Can you get this from other sources? Honestly yes, however if the sun is out and it’s free, why spend for it or go through the trouble at all of finding an alternative source? Anyhow let’s see why you need vitamin D from the good old sun.

It fends off a ton of diseases – As mentioned above, with the right amount of vitamin D from the sun, you can really help your body absorb more calcium, making your bones and teeth stronger and tougher. These will fend off any skeletal diseases that nobody wants to have. Additionally research has shown that proper exposure to vitamin D reduces the likelihood of being exposed to heart diseases and the flu in fact all that just from going under the sun for a few minutes a day, sign me up.

While the right amount of exposure from the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, there are food sources for iit as well.
While the right amount of exposure from the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, there are food sources for it as well.

Getting depressed, get some sun in your life – Now I know why gloomy and sad people are often depicted in cartoons as under a rain cloud, because of the lack of vitamin D. Scientists did research to see how people with depression handled supplements with vitamin D, after taking some of these supplements there was an improvement in their symptoms. While no it will not cure clinical depression, at least not that we know of as of now, however for small bouts of depression, the good old shining sun and vitamin D might be what you need, just make sure not to stay under the sun for too long.

Want to lose weight, vitamin D to the rescue – Ok I may have over exaggerated that one a bit, but still… research goes on to show that people who were exposed to vitamin D did lose weight, while it was not mind blowing weight loss, stick to a good diet and an ideal workout, there were signs of some weight loss. It was further studied that the higher absorption of calcium has a minor appetite suppressant side effect, which is likely the reason for the change of weight. Even though it is rather a small effect, anything to help lose weight I vote a definite yes to, don’t you agree?

Avoid the pain – Now while the sun is indeed free and a few minutes of exposure to it can provide you with natural vitamin D, beware of any deficiencies that may arise due to not having enough exposure. Mind you it could be more than just going outside, perhaps it is the pollution where you live, the sunscreen you use or much more, regardless if you lack direct exposure every once in awhile you can expect to get some muscle aches, joint pains, general tiredness and stress fractures. The lack of vitamin D makes it harder for you to absorb calcium, and less calcium in the body means a weaker skeletal structure, that in itself is most likely the cause of the pains and aches.

Bring down diabetes – Well type 2 diabetes at least. Research has found that patients who take vitamin D have reduced risks to diabetes. This is perhaps because circulation is improved with proper exposure to vitamin D, plus since we already know that your heart and bones are stronger after being exposed to the sun, it is likely that you can help your body more and avoid type 2 diabetes, which no one in their right mind wants, simply by making sure you don’t have a vitamin D deficiency.

Fight off cancer – Perhaps not entirely but research has shown that vitamin D is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer-cell growth in the body. Getting enough calcium into your body helps you fight off the big c, plus it also hampers metastasis, which is the term used for when the cancer spreads and goes to different body parts or organs. As someone who really wants the world to take a look and fight cancer, I cannot stress enough how important this is for everyone. Get your vitamin D and go out, get a few minutes of sun and go on your merry day, this does not take much and will barely dent your schedule. Trust me, anything to fight off cancer, do it, together we can win this war and beat it down to extinction if we can!

vitamin d supplement
Vitamin D can also be taken from supplements.

Don’t become a sun worshipper – While vitamin D is indeed important and you can get it from the sun, over exposure is still a very bad idea. Aside from rather painful sunburn, which is the least of your problems if you continue to get over exposed to the sun, you can open the door to a ton of diseases including cancer. A little ironic as vitamin D helps stop the cancer growth, but still again any over exposure is a bad idea in general. Any dermatologist worth their salt will tell you from the onset that while the sun is indeed a great source of vitamin D, you only need maybe 10 – 15 minutes of exposure a day to get what you need. Any more without sunscreen or sun block is just asking for a world of hurt. So don’t go out and sacrifice any virgins to the sun or anything like that, in fact don’t ever do that. Much like anything else in life, moderation is a must.

And now you know why vitamin D is important and why the sun can be both your best friend and worst enemy. Please note however that the minutes differ depending on what climate you live in, best to do your proper share of research for that. Case and point if you live in Alaska, maybe you’ll need more sun as opposed to someone who lives in the Sahara or something, I’d imagine one minute of sun is enough vitamin D to last a life time over there. Anyhow make sure to take the time and get your healthy dose of sun which will in turn become vitamin D, and that will turn into a happier and longer life for you. Stay healthy!

15 Facts About Hemp

15 Facts About Hemp

Hemp products have been in the limelight for the past few years and quite frankly, it has been getting some strange stares here and there. Hemp is a known term for the cannabis drug known as marijuana, which is often used in treatment for cancer or in illegal recreational use, which is likely the reason why the term hemp products gets a raised eyebrow or two. Personally hemp may have gotten it’s bad reputation due to media but again this is something that I really can’t prove too much but have more of a gut feel. Anyways, I wanted to clear up the air about hemp and list down some facts that a lot of people may or may not know about hemp products, these are pretty easily found facts and are established, so I am not being biased or such, well maybe a little, just read on and you’ll learn quite a bit.

  1. American presidents grew hemp products – Let’s start off with some fun stuff, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers grew hemp. What they did with it was a little unclear but they did grow it according to their diaries, so that’s kind of fun to know about hemp isn’t it?
  2. Rope was made of hemp – For quite some time, about 90% of the world’s ropes and ship’s sails were made of hemp. This just goes to show how versatile the product is and how much it was used in the past. The recreational drug may also have been founded for quite some time ago but probably not longer than rope, don’t quote me on that as I don’t know enough about marijuana to actually dispute this.Rope is one of the most common products of hemp.

    Rope is one of the most common products of hemp.

  3. Documents were written in hemp – There are a ton of items written on hemp and made with hemp products, such as maps, Betsy Ross’ flag, the bible and the first few drafts of the document known as Declaration of Independence, once more it shows how powerfully versatile the hemp product is and its many uses.
  4. Cars made of hemp? – Henry Ford experimented with hemp in car bodies. The idea was to build and create fuel from farm products. Given that hemp products do come from a plant, it can be renewable and reused for quite some time. BMW is also known to be experimenting with hemp to add into cars, to make the car overall more recyclable.
  5. Birdseed and hemp go hand-in-hand – Most birdseed sold in America contains some hemp seed, so if Polly can handle some hemp products you can see how safe it is and how it has been given a bad name due to the fact it comes from the same plant as marijuana.
  6. Versatile, versatile, versatile – As I mentioned awhile ago, hemp has been used in a lot of products and has been researched over the years. However did you know that there ware over 25,000 products that can be made from hemp products? Even I was surprised by how awesome and useful hemp is.
  7. Marijuana was legal in America – For quite a few years, 162 years in fact, hemp and marijuana was legal that was until the media started spreading false information in 1930s that lead to the prohibition and the ban of marijuana. Although nowadays there are some states keeping an open mind regarding marijuana, hemp is now moving back into the limelight and hopefully can get better image than what has been painted over the years.
  8. World War II and hemp plant – During World War II the US relaxed its laws against hemp products and asked many farmers to start growing it in order to support the war effort. It was awhile back that the government denied doing this but researches found proof in 1989 that it actually happened. Surprise, surprise, don’t you think? And no I am no conspiracy theorist, but that’s what I researched about it and thought would share these facts.
  9. Levi’s and hemp – While this cannot be proved, it was believed that the very first pair of Levi’s was indeed made of hemp. However the proof that made this possible or that would be able to show that this actually happened, was lost in a fire a long time ago.
  10. Hemp is nature friendlyHemp products are very safe and highly durable. They are anti-microbial, anti-mildew, naturally UV resistant and is very eco-safe, that is why a lot of people used this in sales or in rope a few years back, it also shows that it is quite a few times better than cotton and easier to create clothes or other items.
  11. Branded shoes have been made with hemp – Did you know that hemp products are sturdy enough to be included in a ton of products? Nike, Converse and many other brands have been known to use hemp in creating many of their fashion line. Goes to show once more that hemp products are something that can really be depended on for versatility and durability.
  12. Preventing deforestation – By planting a hemp plant, it improves and nourishes the soil it was planted in and really helps other plants grow in the area. Not only is it a very biodegradable plant, it can help other plants keep on growing.Hemp seed

    Hemp seed is very nutritious that it had been a staple to some if not many vegans.

  13. Hemp seed is very nutritional – While there are a ton of other plants that can be eaten for nutrition, there is barely and other plant that can give the nutritional value that hemp seed can give to most people. As you know a lot of vegans such as myself turn to hemp as a possible add on to their diet, now you can see why. You just can’t fight nutritional facts, and vitamins that support a stronger body is nothing to turn your nose at.
  14. Art and hemp – Did you know that some of Rembrandt’s art and even Van Gogh’s to name a few famous artists, have had their work painted on a hemp canvass? At the time most canvass was made of hemp products and can considerably still be used to this day.
  15. Hemp is not marijuana – You may or may not know this, but hemp does not contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient that makes people high. Hemp products have a THC level of less than 1% and marijuana usually has a 5 – 15% THC, so if you tried to get high with hemp, and you will fail, you’ll likely develop a headache before reaching that high you are trying to achieve, but hey I won’t judge.

And now there we have it, 15 pretty good facts about hemp and hemp products that are good to know. Hemp has a pretty long history and is coming back to daily use, given how good it is for the body, the environment, I would like to backtrack and say, I am biased towards hemp because it does a lot of good for us but just needs to be given a chance or two. Who knows, you could already be using hemp products such as bird seeds and didn’t know about it, but in the end I am hopeful that it can really be a material that will pave the way for all of us to a better tomorrow. Stay healthy!

5 Best Vegan Blogs

5 Best Vegan Blogs

As a vegan, I am not afraid to say that I am still learning, and I am proud to say that thanks to the information technology that have reached unprecedented heights, information is as easy as clicking a link or two. With that being said there are a ton of vegan sites out there, some are full of useful information that can really help a beginner vegan out. Some of these sites have entertaining topics, great recipes, wonderful tips and extremely useful exercises, much like my own blog if I might be bold enough to say. Anyways, the internet is full of these great vegan sites that can really help you get a leg up.

Minimalist Baker – Baking vegan can be a challenge but log on this, one of the most informative vegan sites that really helps you figure out some wonderful recipes that are of course vegan friendly. Highly suggested for those who have a sweet tooth or miss those old tasty cakes or cookies that are no longer acceptable in your diet, go to this site and get that craving done.

The Viet Vegan – This is a recipe blog that is written by a vegan, but what really pulls it apart from other vegan sites is that the recipes have a nice Vietnamese twist in virtually most of the recipes if not all. Vietnamese cuisine is simply delicious. Given the use of flavored broths, meats and fish sauce for usual Vietnamese cooking, this site will really help you get that craving completed and the recipes here are to die for, check it out and get your pho on!

Fork and Beans – Sometimes there are snacks or food that you will miss when you’ve turned vegan, especially those packed little snacks that you know are full of preservatives and are bad for you but always tasty to munch on. Well look no further than this website. Among the vegan sites, the Fork and Beans website really helps you feel like you aren’t on a dietary restriction by providing you with vegan friendly recipes that are great copies of the original, such as baked cheetos, healthy animal shaped crackers, pop tarts and so much more.

Oh Lady Cakes – These are some of the tastiest baked ideas I have ever seen among all the other vegan sites I have gone through. Another baking dedicated blog and the humor and wit that comes along with the writing is a wonderful to see. This site has a little something for everyone, best for people who want to have a little fun in the kitchen.

Toppings on toppings on toppings on the best waffles I've ever made. 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼 #vegan

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Pickles and Honey – This vegan site is great for those who are in a hurry or just have a few ingredients in the pantry, as the recipes here are based on very easy and little ingredients or as quick as one, two and three. Awesome site for people who are rather in a hurry or can’t really go too in depth into a ton of recipes.

There you have it people, some great sites that you can visit aside from my own, again I am tooting my own horn but please allow me to do so. These vegan sites have a lot to share and are wonderful reads, and some great advice, please do take the time to visit and create some wonderful memories with them. Stay healthy!

11 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Retreat

11 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Retreat

Everyone needs to take a vacation or a retreat every so often, and you need a personal retreat yourself. Can’t get away from work or whatever project you are doing? Keep reading and you will see why you really, really, REALLY need to take that personal retreat to gather yourself or just to meditate and get yourself back on the right path. Trust me you really will take that personal retreat once you realize how useful and helpful it is to go on these mini vacations.

1.Healthy – Retreats have been found to reduce stress. Stress is no joke and there are tons of ways to deal with it, however a personal retreat is definitely one of the top ones for me. Take the time to get into meditation, which will further reduce your stress during your personal retreat and allow yourself to really think about what is important and what you need to focus on.

2.Focus on projects – Sometimes when you are knee-deep into work, you can’t see what really matters or what project needs your full attention. Take the time to step back during a personal retreat and see from a step or two back, this really puts things into perspective and allows you to work more efficiently in the long run, this will of course end up with more favorable results for whatever project you may have on your plate. I can’t tell you how much this has saved me from making mistakes by rushing a project, I tend to step back, get into some meditation and reassess my situation before moving forward. This has helped me properly engage whatever project I have on my plate.

journal and goal-setting
Keep a journal or keep your goal-setting on paper for motivation.

3.Journaling – During your personal retreat, take the time to jot down on a journal. Studies have shown that it is good for stress relief and has a positive effect on people when they take the time to write down whatever thoughts they have. I love writing in my own journal, sometimes my thoughts get really deep or other times it is silly and pointless, but whatever it is, I take the time to write it and it has really helped me thus far. It’s also a great form of self expression and emotional outlet.

4.Self-worth – Make time to take care of someone extremely important to you: YOURSELF. On your personal retreat, give in to a little (or more) well-deserved pampering. It’s a good oomph on your self importance. The world often goes by and we forget that if anyone is going to treat us right, it should be ourselves.

5.Off the grid – When you are on a personal retreat, it would be wise to disconnect yourself from the world and allow some real meditation. We often try to get some time to ourselves however we are distracted by our tablets, smart phones and so much more as we check our social media and email pretty much anywhere. When you are on personal retreat do not do that, I know it may sound a little extreme for some but this is the only way you will ever get into deep meditation. Fine you can check your mail or social media but perhaps limit it to once a day while on personal retreat.

6.Special treatment – When on personal retreat make it special for yourself, it can be however which way you want it since it is as the name states, a personal matter. Enjoy yourself, heaven knows you deserve it. Tailor fit the personal retreat just for you, after all no one knows what you like more than yourself, might as well make the most out of it to really enjoy the vacation.

7.Encourage others – While on personal retreat it would be good to go into meditation and think about the people who you should appreciate. Write them some letters that you can share when you get back, for sure some of them could really use the encouragement and this will really bring you guys closer together. I love doing this since I have so much to be grateful for and there are so many people that I want to thank, during my own personal retreat I go through my meditation to make sure that I can really assess who it is I want to thank.

8.Take the time to finish DIYs – There might be gift ideas that you want to make yourself or something for the house that you’ve been wanting to do but have put off for quite some time, well, delay it no more. During your personal retreat you can finally do those things that you have been putting off. It can be seen as a sort of meditation for quite a few people, as most of the DIY stuff is usually born of a hobby or interest so it should be fun and relaxing.

DIY as personal retreat
For some people, doing a DIY project is a way to meditate and relax. Let that creativity flow!

9.Reading time – There is a great satisfaction in getting through some books you have been dying to read. Page after wonderful page of a book you’ve put on the backburner is something you can really enjoy during your personal retreat. I like to sit back with a glass of wine and read up on my books, sometimes even when I’m soaking in the tub, it’s just so relaxing and very stress relieving.

10.Goal setting – During a personal retreat, you need to reassess your goals in mind. Have you achieved what you set out to do a month ago? The start of the year? Last year? Perhaps you have or perhaps you haven’t. It would be ideal to really take stock in yourself and see your goals and what you have achieved. Of course it would be ideal to also see where you can improve as this is a continuous process for all of us. Keep setting your goals during your personal retreat or during your meditation sessions in order to really get yourself a step towards being your ideal self.

11.Coming home refreshed – The satisfaction of coming home stress-free and a lot more refreshed is something people around you will truly appreciate. When you aren’t riddled with stress or problems, your general aura is better and people can sense that. They will thank you for taking the time to take care of yourself during your personal retreat that they too can see how positive it was for you and who knows, perhaps they might be inspired to take a personal retreat on their own as well.

There should always be a good time to step back, relax and see where you are going in life. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. Stay healthy!

Traveling as a Vegan

Traveling as a Vegan

Traveling is a lot of fun, there’s so much to see and do all over the world that if you wanted to see and do everything, you’ll need many more lifetimes to achieve it all. However traveling as a vegan can be a little tough, given one’s dietary needs, eating healthy becomes a challenge in many ways. Finding out what is inside each dish is difficult to say the least, purchasing items while trying to converse with someone who does not speak your language is a hurdle as well and finding out if the item in question was a product of any animal by product is almost impossible. These are the challenges of traveling as a vegan among other things, but all is not lost my wanderlust friends, keep your backpack on and read my list of tips for traveling as a vegan.

Research – The internet has made travel loads easier, just before you start your trip take the time to research potential restaurants or hotels that you can stay in, it is ideal to make sure you are prepared as possible to find places that can cater to eating healthy or rooms that are vegan friendly. Additionally when traveling as a vegan, you don’t want to jump in to any place without being prepared, research your trip location for local delicacies that agree with your diet or famous souvenirs and if it is alright for you.

Learn simple lines – Again the internet is your best buddy for this, it is so easy to look up local dialects to ask if: “Is there fish/meat/animal fat in this?” Again when traveling as a vegan it is best to be ready to ask these to local vendors in order to make sure you are getting something that agrees with you. Just make sure you also research their potential yes or no as well, which shouldn’t be at all impossible.

research when traveling as a vegan
When planning a trip, always come prepared as much as possible. Researching where you can eat is as easy as one tap on your phone.

Inform your accommodations of your lifestyle – It is best to reach out to your accommodations before going there and inform them that you are traveling as a vegan. They probably have some protocols set in place and will be able to assist you and there are even some hotels that cater specifically to the vegan lifestyle altogether, it is always best to keep looking and to keep trying.

Find a kitchen – When accommodations become a challenge for the vegan lifestyle, not a problem as well, not all places are used to vegans just yet but someday they will be. In the mean time find a hotel with a kitchen or better yet a bed and breakfast with its own kitchen, allowing you access and the ability to make your own eating healthy meals. Again the internet really helps out in traveling as a vegan when you can find places on Air BnB or such sites that can really help you find the perfect place for your lifestyle.

Ask a local – Turn towards your computer, tablet or smart phones once more and search for local vegan groups, they could happily help you in various inquiries and can help you in keeping your eating healthy habit up, as well as steering clear from items that won’t agree with you as a vegan. Traveling as a vegan is sometimes a challenge indeed, but it really helps that there are so many vegan groups out there and quite usually they will happily assist a fellow vegan in need.

No local vegan group, turn to the government – Sometimes there may not be a vegan group in a certain area, no problem at all, turn towards the tourist board of the country or place you are going to. For sure they should have some information for you but don’t expect an unlimited choice of vegan buffets or anything like that, at the very least they can assist you when traveling as a vegan and that’s all anyone can ask for really.

Study up on souvenirs and snacks – Again if you are looking for a restaurant or place to stay, it is ideal to check the local delicacies or souvenirs that are often bought in whatever country you will go to. Traveling as a vegan can be a lot easier when you are properly prepared for the trip, sure keep the adventure alive but don’t go diving in blind, that will challenge your eating healthy habit and will pretty much make the trip almost difficult for you.

Bring a vegan friendly snack – Some of the vegan restaurants might be a few blocks too far. Make sure to always keep some handy snacks ready when traveling as a vegan. After all not every corner in the world has a vegan friendly and eating healthy menu that is made specifically for us, but no worries, when you have a trusty snack ready and waiting, this won’t matter so much. I prefer to bring something easy to carry and easier to eat, maybe a homemade granola bar or such. 

fresh market
Be adventurous and try out unfamiliar fruits at the local’s fresh market!

Pack some lunch – This is a step up from a snack, after all a snack is just to tie you over until you reach a vegan restaurant but there are times when a restaurant that caters to the eating healthy habit isn’t readily available, so it is always a smart idea to be prepared. When you are out on tours of certain locations, some don’t have many restaurants to choose from, making it a challenge to keep traveling as a vegan but if you know you’re in for a rather long tour or trip without such restaurants near by, come ready with your packed lunch.

When in doubt go natural – When the trip is rather sudden and the urge of adventure hits you, research might be difficult, no problem at all either, after all everyone deserves to be happy go lucky every so often and sometimes you just have to go for it. If that happens, and you aren’t ready to start eating healthy in unknown places, then go towards the fresh fruit market! There you can find a ton of fruits and vegetables that are perfect for you, maybe even some exotic fruits and vegetables that you have been dying to try. When you are traveling as a vegan, the fresh produce market will always be a great asset to your trip, it is easy to find most of the time all you need to do is ask a local or the concierge of your hotel and they will happily point you in the right direction.

Going on a trip shouldn’t be that difficult. While I agree there are challenges when traveling as a vegan, that should not stop you from going on that grand adventure. Remember that the challenges of being a vegan doesn’t start and end with just eating healthy, the difficulties sometimes is the items used in hotel rooms, souvenirs and others. Be a smart vegan, be a prepared vegan and go on that adventure! Stay healthy!

How To Eat Healthy Without Starving

How To Eat Healthy Without Starving

Diets can be grueling and clean eating tough for some, easy for others. But when you are just starting a new diet, even the vegan lifestyle, perhaps you may be wondering how to eat healthy without starving. Well alright starving is an extreme result but you get what I mean, whenever you are used to eating up on meat or carbs or sugars, and then you decide it’s time to clean up, after clean eating meals you feel as though you are still hungry and you really think that it is impossible to eat healthy without starving, but worry not my soon to be healthier friends, let me give you some tips to stave off that hungry monster.

Calorie count – I realize this is difficult and is a challenge for a number of people, I’m not afraid to say that I am still in the middle of learning the intricacies of calorie counting but if you really want to lose weight, this is a tried and tested way. When you start clean eating it would be ideal to really go for the calorie counters, I hear there are some apps for it in fact, but to eat healthy without starving this should definitely be a consideration. Don’t think everyone is free from this tip, even people who are on the vegan lifestyle sometimes count calories as well, but of course anyone who wants to lose weight will definitely look into this tip.

vegan apps are a hit
Thanks to our booming technology, researching about food and the vegan lifestyle is now a breeze!

Eat filling foods – In every meal it is ideal to always include protein, healthy fats, and fiber in order to eat healthy without starving. Hunger pang comes and goes, but when you have any of the three items mentioned, you will be less hungry or at the very least you will have the feeling of being full. As a new diet comes rolling around, it is true you have to give up or cut back on what you used to eat in abundance and because of that it feels as though you are getting hungry easier or you will be looking for something to snack on later. The three nutrients mentioned earlier is key to eat healthy without starving, they will keep you full longer and help you avoid snacking on unhealthy items as well.

Vegetables are your friends – I don’t think I need to mention this to people who have experienced the vegan diet already but just in case you didn’t know, if you want to eat healthy without starving, vegetables will go a long way for you. These wonderful little gifts of nature can really be paired off with almost anything, it can be made into any part of a meal, from a side to the entrée itself, vegetables should take at least 50% of your plate during lunch and dinner, maybe some space in your breakfast and snacks, but hey it’s all up to you how you want to go about clean eating. Control the starchy vegetables and you should lose quite a bit of weight while you are able to eat healthy without starving.

Avoid processed foods – I know they are easy and oh so convenient, but if you plan to go clean eating or lose weight, avoid them like the plague. These processed foods will have hidden calories here and there, plus it is difficult to count your calories when you aren’t 100% sure what is inside, don’t let yourself go through that headache and go with fresh food instead. Sure it takes more time and is sometimes a pain to always have to do, but the taste is miles better, it is healthier for you and you are in total control, which makes it much more possible to eat healthy without starving. For vegan dieters, going fresh is fairly imperative and avoiding processed foods are just smart for both your health and your belly.

Sugar is alright IF controlled – While there are a lot of natural sugars in food, if you control your intake it is alright to enjoy the occasional sweet treat here and there even when you are clean eating. In fact, I highly suggest that you do enjoy a treat every so often but make sure it is not processed, the calories are not insanely high and you don’t overdo the sugar intake, in this way not only will you be able to eat healthy without starving but you don’t binge eat since you allow a treat every so often. It is all about control, regardless if you have a regular diet or if you are a vegetarian or vegan, it doesn’t matter, if you are able to choose and decide your intake you will still lose weight.

Whole grain – Not all grains were made equal and whole grain pretty much stands atop the hill. When you do decide to get some grains in your meal go for whole grain, this will make it healthier for you and still filling, plus the body benefits from the nutrients derived from whole grain. As you continue to learn how to eat healthy without starving, meals with whole grain incorporated into your plans will help you stay full and the added bonus is that it is part of the clean eating habit and the vegan diet as well. So if you need something a little more filling in the diet as you go learn how to eat healthy without starving, make sure if you will consume a grain make it whole wheat, you won’t be sorry. Just make sure it fits in with the calorie count too.

Allow yourself a treat – Like I mentioned earlier, I think it is healthy for both your body and mind that you go for a treat every so often. In fact it can be a daily thing even while learning how to eat healthy without starving as long as, repeat it with me: you learn how to control. Keep the snack as close to clean eating as possible, while making sure that the calories fall into place as well, not to mention watch out for the sugar. Ok wait, that seemed like a lot to take in, I understand but if you want to lose weight and learn to eat healthy without starving you’ll really take what I said into consideration. A treat is a good idea once in awhile otherwise you’ll end up craving and eventually binge eating when you are at your weakest, and that’ll either destroy your diet or clean eating plans, in the worst case scenario is it’ll completely end your vegan plans and that just sucks.

And that pretty much wraps up the how to eat healthy without starving yourself, there are quite a few tips here but I highly suggest using them altogether for maximum effect. Enjoy your new healthy habit and get that ideal health goal. Stay healthy!

10 Steps To A Healthy Heart

10 Steps To A Healthy Heart

The heart is the organ that can be compared to an engine, it keeps us running and makes sure that every other part of our body functions properly, so of course we want our heart to be as healthy as possible. Today, I am ready to share with everyone some steps to a healthy heart. These will include healthy living tips on daily wellness, diet, and general fitness that you will want to start including in your day-to-day activities. Remembering these steps to a healthy heart will make sure that your ticker keeps on ticking, so let’s get to it right away, every minute is precious after all.


regular checkups for healthy heart
Make it a habit to schedule regular or annual checkups. Knowing how your health is doing is important.

Sleep eight hours a night – I cannot stress getting enough sleep if you want a healthy heart. Wherever you will go, this will always be one of the top steps to a healthy heart and that should tell you a lot from the onset. Make sure that part of your healthy living plans always puts a full night’s rest into account because otherwise you will be putting unnecessary strain on your ticker.

Make sure not to ignore stress – Stress is a heart killer, the worst part is people tend to ignore it and shrug it off almost on a daily basis. DO NOT DO THAT. Stress is a gateway to a lot of sicknesses. So among all these steps to a healthy heart, keep this one in mind. Reading about tips on how to deal with stress could be a game changer for you.

Don’t smoke – This is no joke, smoking does a lot of terrible things to your body and your heart cannot take the extra hits of cigarettes. The anti smoking campaigns should have reached you by now, a friend or family member could have been affected by smoking, if you don’t know how bad smoking is for you yet, I’m not sure you ever will. However if you are a smoker, please put the cigarette down and start working on the steps to a healthy heart and get on the healthy living train sooner than later, you’ll need all the help you can get in order to recover from being a smoker.

Go for regular check ups – You cannot discount how useful a regular check up is for you, it will tell you what you need to do, how you are doing and so forth. As the saying goes: The enemy that you do know is better than the enemy that you do not. This is doubly true for your health, you want to know and prevent any sickness from coming before they reach your body and as one of the steps to a healthy heart, this is one of the easier ones to do, after all, you just need to pick a time and go meet your doctor, that’s pretty much it.


balance meal for healthy heart
Whether you are a vegan or not, make sure to keep a balanced meal. Remember, anything too much or too little is not good!

Eat a balanced meal – One would assume that healthy living meals are perfect for you at all times, but remember that a balanced meal is key to your steps to a healthy heart. Check with a nutritionist what type of balance your body needs and have fun with the recipes, remember that eating fresh is always a good idea. Additionally if you aren’t restricted by a vegan or vegetarian diet, make sure you get a lot of fish in your diet, especially fatty fish that is loaded with omega 3 vitamins, this is the good stuff for your heart.

Eat more vegetables – Vegans and vegetarians have this step down, eating a lot of vegetables has always been good for you and of course it is one of the steps to a healthy heart. Healthy living will definitely help you get a stronger and healthier heart in the long run, all it takes is adding some more delicious vegetables to your diet and that shouldn’t be too hard at all.

Go with wholegrain – As healthy living goes, wholegrain is always on the list and for good reason. Wholegrain is full of nutrients and is a wonderful source of fiber, making sure that it has a place among the steps to a healthy heart, everyone needs better nutrients and fiber, it regulates the body and makes it grow properly.


cardio for healthy heart
Include a cardio workout in your habit.

Aerobic exercise – There are no two ways about this one, exercise is a must as one of the steps to a healthy heart, it shouldn’t take an expert to explain why. The body needs to get rid of the calories you have gathered from meals and you need to burn off that fat. Fat tends to envelope the heart and the more fat there is, the harder it is for the heart to beat. So in order to maximize your healthy living plans and a strong, healthy heart, make sure you get a good cardio workout in, to really get that ticker into prime shape.

Stretch it out – Stretching is a wonderful way to get a workout, and one step further is perhaps yoga in my opinion. The stretching of the entire body is a great thing and yoga really achieves that with each session. It also helps that the body stay away from stress via meditation which is really another add on to helping the heart out. Pair it off with healthy living meals and your heart should just about be ready for anything you need it to be up against.

Interval training – There is research that maximizing your heart rate while working out is the ideal way of exercising the heart. The heart is a muscle, there is no question about it and like any muscle it can be trained to be stronger through vigorous and daily training. So the idea is to get your maximum beats per minute, monitored with a heart rate monitor of course, in order to really workout your heart muscle, rest and repeat, thus the interval training. This is one of the more exciting steps to a healthy heart as there are a lot of exercises that can be done interval style. I like doing it while running or even using a jump rope, the challenge is there plus the way it makes your heart rate go zoom is just amazing.

There you have it my friends, 10 powerful steps to a healthy heart, I really suggest trying several of them if not all of them together. As mentioned before the heart is a muscle, and like any other muscle it needs to get stronger and develop properly in order to work well with the rest of the body. For it to really grow, your heart will need all the help you can give it, so make sure you take the time to work it out and push it to the limit while making sure not to overdo it, a difficult rope walk for sure but it will all be worth it. Stay healthy!

14 Habits Of People Who Always Stay Fit

14 Habits Of People Who Always Stay Fit

There are quite a few people out there who pretty much don’t gain any weight no matter how much time has passed on, I’m sure you know quite a few of them if you think about it. There must be a secret of some sort to their fitness habits or workout, you simply think to yourself and quite frankly you are kind of correct in that idea. I have noticed that people who are always fit seem to have certain fitness habits that we can follow, of course their diet consists of various clean eating meals that help too but let’s tackle that below, at this point you must be curious as to how they do it, and let me share with you the not so secret fitness habits.

1.Workout no matter what – It can’t be helped that your workout plans change on a daily basis, but as fitness habits go, make sure to do your exercise even if you have only 15 minutes to do it, something is better than nothing my friends, that is something that people who are always fit do.

2.Mix up your workout – Let’s face it working out sometimes gets stale and that is a reason why a lot of people fall off their usual plans. For fit people as part of their fitness habits, they make sure to try other things in order to keep their exercise exciting and new, allowing them to keep going to each workout.

3.Remember the post-workout high when laziness starts to creep in – There are times when you really want to skip a workout, that is fair, but all you need to remember is that you will get your high after your exercise and why you are there. This is one of the driving fitness habits of healthy people and you really want to get in on that.

going to the gym
Not every day feels like gym day but a disciplined mind will always get you closer to reaching your health goals.

4.Proper food is a must – Among the fitness habits of a lot of the people who are often fit, getting proper food is a must. I am not saying stick to clean eating unless you can of course, but skip the processed stuff and stick with healthier options. You will see quite a difference in your life. 

5.Drinking only during the weekends – Well, people do enjoy a drink and I can’t blame them. Whatever it is you enjoy or who you enjoy it with is fine, but do try to skip drinking during weekdays at least, this is one of the fitness habits you will see with fit people.

6.Body aches, keep at it – Fit people have fitness habits of working out regardless of body pains. Don’t go full on workout though, they don’t lift full weights when the pain is there mind you, that opens you up for injury and nobody wants that. When there are body aches, go for a light jog or some cardio workout instead. No sense in pushing the envelope too far but don’t skip on the workout completely.

7.Focus on the high – While the results of exercise and a clean eating diet is short of amazing, remember that people who have good fitness habits really focus on the emotional satisfaction a good workout brings. If you keep this in mind as well, you’ll be able to push further than you ever had before. I like to do this when I feel as though I am hitting a slump in my routine, this really gives me that extra boost that I need, I’m sure it will for you too.

8.Get sunny – Among the fitness habits of fit people, I enjoy this one quite a bit. All you need is some sunshine in your life, of course with proper sunscreen or items that will help you avoid sunburn or such, after all where else are you going to get vitamin D in crazy abundance? From the sun silly, the body needs that nutrient in order to be healthy and strong, so make sure you get your fair share.

9.Full nights rest – Again, a must for any fit person out there, this is one of the most important fitness habits out there. No matter how hard you workout or how much your diet consists of clean eating, without getting the proper rest and sleep, it could all be negated and nobody wants that to happen. So make sure among all the fitness habits you will pick up, this one should be among the top of your priority list.

10.Getting fit is not occasion based – The term summer body seems to get people to the gym about 6 months before summer comes rolling. Let’s say you would like to burn belly fat for that perfect beach bod. However, being fit shouldn’t be due to an occasion or event, it should be a daily goal and always part of your fitness habits. Definitely something that people who are fit pretty much all the time have this habit, and now you know why they are fit all the time.

11.Can’t gym, workout at home – There is no reason that really gets you off the fitness track more than that excuse of not having gym access nearby. But as fitness habits go, when you can’t make it to the gym, make sure you have time to do your routine or something at home. This is one of the fitness habits that will stop accepting excuses and get you on to that ideal body and mental state that you can only get from exercising.

positive people are fit people
Fitness is not limited to the physical aspect. People with an optimistic mindset tend to live a healthier and more fit lifestyle.

12.Stay positive – Notice how fit people have the fitness habits of staying positive? Well that’s definitely one of the fitness habits you’ll want to pick up. Not only does staying positive make your workout easier to go to, you also get wonderful endorphins released after working out, making you overall a happier person, so it’s a happy cycle that just makes sure you keep winning.

13.Make health a priority for you – Healthy people make it a point to make fitness one of their priorities. Considering how many things you have to make a priority on your list, why isn’t your own health one of them? As fitness habits go, please do take the time to pick this one up as you need to know that no one will take better care of you than yourself.

14.Surround yourself with like people – Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are, as the Assyrian proverb goes, this is one of the great fitness habits you can get. Notice how healthy people tend to hangout more, and you really want to be part of that group, it’s simple, start getting fit. I’m not saying to give in to peer pressure, but if you want to be fit, it is ideal to surround yourself with people as such. When you are all into fitness or clean eating, you can support each other at difficult times of your workout or routines. It really helps when you have friends who are interested in the same things as you are.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, 14 fitness habits of healthy people who are perpetually fit. These fitness habits range from their workout routines or their clean eating diets, but each one can be easily learned, turning it into a habit may take time but it will be worth it in the long run. Give it some time and you’ll see that you are making a turn for the better. Stay healthy!