10 Ways Exercise Makes You A Happier Person

10 Ways Exercise Makes You A Happier Person

A lot of people may or may not know that exercise makes you a happy person, I do hope you are one of those people that know this but if not, then you’ve come to the right place, er maybe article? Well whatever the case may be, please do continue reading and I’ll be one happy person to show you how you can be happy while you go through your exercise routine. On a side note, doesn’t it already make you a happy person knowing that exercise helps you feel happier, I know it helps me.

Immediate better mood – In just five minutes of exercise, your brain will be releasing some really good hormones that will immediately improve your mood, making you a happy person, well happier perhaps, depending on how bad a mood you’re at on that day. All it takes is five minutes to make your day better, not even vigorous exercise mind you, and your bad day can immediately go from one of the worst days of your life to maybe moderately bad… wait that’s not good, let’s think positive, from an alright day to a good day, much better.

Better stress management – Research has shown that bouts of regular exercise, has rated people with better stress management skills. Know how sometimes you are so stressed in the office, you step away from the computer and pace around the room? That my dear friends, is exercise to make you a happy person.  As previously stated all it takes is a few minutes to improve your mood, better mood means better stress handling, better stress handling means you are a much happier person.

Strengthen your mental toughness – Do you know those moments when the exercise gets really tough and you push yourself beyond your usual limitations, that not only can make you a happy person, it also strengthens your mental resiliency. Nothing quite toughens you up like hard times, and sometimes as you exercise you need to get to the hard times and push, and push some more to really get to where you want. Just by doing that, you can get stronger mental faculties which tends to make you tougher and can lead to you being a happy person.

Strengthening your body will make daily life easier – Having trouble bringing in the groceries in one go? Well get some exercise in and not only will you become a happy person, you’ll become a stronger person, making life all around so much easier to go about. Who wouldn’t want that right, I know I would!

Improved immunity – As one continues to do regular bouts of exercise, you will not only increase your overall body strength, but also improve your immunity system against sicknesses. How and why is perhaps due to more oxygen in your system as you exercise, maybe it’s because you are strengthening everything and the flow of your blood is better, perhaps even because there is less fat in your system that clogs it, either way this should make you a happy person. So if you often get sick, make sure to get some exercise and you’ll be healthy, spiffy and happy in no time.

happy at work
Not only does exercise help improve us physically, but mentally, emotionally and in all other aspects as well.

Sleep oh glorious sleep – There’s something about a good and satisfying sleep after a wonderful exercise session, it can really put a smile to a happy person’s face just knowing that he or she has achieved something within the day. And since you’ve gone and burned off most of your energy during the exercise, you’ll be able to enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep, assuming you did everything right, look forward to waking up with a great big smile plastered all over your face. Of course if you just started your exercise routine on the other hand, you may feel some aches here and there but that’s the good kind of aches in my humble opinion, but hey whatever works for everyone else right?

Challenge aging – Time is something we can’t really win against but at the very least we can fight against it a little and to do that we need to get some exercise in. Aging can be very difficult, our mobility, our skeletal muscles, our joints and so much more tend to slow down, but with exercise not only can you be a happy person, you can make sure to slow this process down. In fact if done correctly you can still do a lot, well into your more mature years. Again we can’t beat time but at the very least we can make it our friend rather than an enemy that stares us down and eventually wins.

Beat down depression – Since you’ve pretty much increased your mood, you now have something that can fight off depression. Research has shown that people who go through regular exercise are not only happier, but also less anxious or depressed. Assuming you are having serious anxiety and depression problems, hit the treadmill, you can really help yourself fight it off. It’s not a guaranteed win but if that’s the case perhaps it’s time to consult a specialist however if it’s small pouches of feeling down or nervous, exercise will not only make you a happy person, it will help reduce those negative emotions, so why not go for it if it’s right there?

Increase your energy – Despite getting a better night’s rest, after a good exercise routine, you will definitely have more energy through out the day. People with more energy are often compared to a happy person but who am I to judge, in the end at least you’ll have more energy in general to do whatever it is you enjoy. I like using it to spend more time with my friends and family, but that’s another personal preference, feel free to go nuts on that extra charge of energy.

A good time to socialize – Regardless if you are out on the open road, running down a path that feels too good to explain or if you are biking in the gym, this is a great time to spend with friends, family and heck even acquaintances. As mentioned before exercise can get you in a good mood, now let’s spread that mood by spending time with friends and family alike. I personally like the whole biking around the neighborhood with the kids idea, that makes me a happy person but to each their own. Some prefer a grueling basketball match with friends or maybe football with family, either or exercise can be a social type of event that will make people very happy.

Now there we have it some killer ways that exercise will make you a happy person. One way or another, there must be one or two benefits that really speak to you above, heck maybe all the benefits make you want to exercise, either way I do hope this really pushes you to go to the gym or hit the open road. Stay healthy!

5 Things To Rremember When Lifting Weights

5 Things To Rremember When Lifting Weights

So you’ve been lifting some weights to get into shape or maybe you are just about to start, either or good on you, getting in shape is no joke and weight lifting is a great way to really get a good workout in however make sure you know some of the more important stuff so you don’t injure yourself. Weight lifting can really get your sweat going for any workout, plus if done correctly with some cardio and a great diet, you’re bound to lose some weight. The only danger is not knowing what to do with weights, and not remembering these things can lead to a world of hurt. Additionally there are a ton of misconceptions when weight lifting that it needs to have some clarifications that needs to be shared. So here below are 5 things that you need to remember regarding safety and common misunderstandings that veterans and newbie’s alike make regarding weight lifting. Take the time to read it in order to find out more about weight lifting, if you’re just about to start this is important if you’ve been doing the workout for quite awhile already, it’s always good to brush up every now and again.

Weight lifting does not necessarily mean that you will bulk up – This is a common misconception when someone starts weight lifting and it is not entirely true. While it is possible to gain a lot of muscle when you’ve decided to start weight lifting and when I talk about muscle, I’m talking about a lot of potential muscles here, however weights doesn’t necessarily mean that you will gain said mass. Again the potential is there, it depends on how much weights you actually lift, the reps you do and the times you go to the gym as well. There are a lot of factors that can really dictate how much muscle you can gain when you are weight lifting but if you aren’t into heavy muscles, just go simple with your workout and you’ll be lean and mean instead of big and strong, the choice is really yours.

Remember the right way to lift – This, I cannot stress this enough, so I will say it again – this is really important. As newbies your first job is to figure out the proper form and positions you need to do when lifting, every angle and form, burn them into your brain and into your workout. These tried and practiced forms will make sure that as someone new to the gym you won’t end up with an injury or pull something, putting yourself out of commission. For veterans however it is important to remember and practice form for pretty much the same reasons, but you need to make sure you aren’t complacent every time you go to the gym, a moment of carelessness could lead to a long time out of commission and nobody wants that. As important as this reminder is, I will stress again that you must lift by doing the proper form, otherwise might as well open a door to a world of hurt yourself.

When do I increase weights or reps? – Well this is a little tough, since it really varies from person to person however the general rule of thumb is, if the reps or the weights are too easy on your last set, maybe it’s time to step up a little. Mind you as a newbie, it is ideal to slow down a little and get used to the form, the weights and reps, no need to rush these things. As seasoned veterans in the gym workout, you probably know when to increase weights and reps already so this is almost secondary nature. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and carry too much weight or do too many reps, it is rather tempting to some people but control and knowing your limits is a must for weight lifting. Don’t rush it, if you are doing things right, which I am hoping you are, you will reach more weights, reps and sets in no time. The gym isn’t going anywhere, neither are those weights, so enjoy the casual, sweaty and rather heavy walk to your goal.

weight lifting
It is always best to know the basics of weight lifting for a safe and healthy progress.

Make a journal – Track your progress, it isn’t a good idea to just try to wing things. The journal will be the definitive guide to knowing if you are doing well on your weight lifting workout or otherwise. You will be able to know how many reps, sets and weights you are doing, this way you won’t injure yourself by doing too much, too soon. The journal is a great idea to track your weight gain or loss, which ever you are gunning for as well, so it is ideal to really make sure that you maintain and update the journal for maximum workout effect. I know a number of people who have benefited from keeping a journal and to be honest I haven’t met anyone who has had negative effects from keeping a said journal, so I don’t see a reason as to why anyone would not keep a journal, so what’s stopping you? I personally suggest that you stick with a written journal rather than an electric one. There’s just some satisfaction to having your progress written by hand, but hey go with whatever works for you.

Make sure to warm up and cool down – An ideal way to really avoid injury is to take the time to warm up before weight lifting and then take a little more time to cool down after your workout. Some people tend to forget to do warm ups and cool downs, this should become automatic for you before and after any workout, especially for weight lifting as people can get some pretty gnarly injuries when left with cold muscles. And yes I did use the word gnarly, not sure why but it felt right for that statement. As one of the more important things to remember, the warm up and cool down should be on top of your list of things to do before and after weight lifting, do not underestimate how important either one is for your safety and well being.

And there we have it, some simple things to remember when you are going to go weight lifting. They are the basic of the basic actually when you workout and please take the time to re-read anything if you don’t understand. Your safety when weight lifting is always at the utmost importance, progress comes second, why you may ask? If you get injured, your progress will come to a grinding halt, so again it’s in your best interest to really take everything to heart. So aside from the safety tips the misconceptions need to be cleared up as mentioned above. Stay healthy!

How Biking Helps

How Biking Helps

Biking has lately been in a great spotlight, really highlighting how the sport, exercise or workout, whichever you prefer has quite a few fans of that are fairly much fanatics. Regardless if you are biking or plan to get into it, maybe even in the office or gym, you have probably heard someone raving about how great biking is as a workout and quite frankly, I would like to throw my hat in. While I do favor running, biking is still another great workout to get your cardio in. To know more how biking can really get your body going, read on and perhaps you’ll start pedaling out in the open road after reading.

It can rejuvenate your body – Research has found that regular biking can really keep you looking younger and helps keep skin looking healthy. Everyone knows that regular exercise can increase the oxygen in your body, more oxygen means that your body can do more of its work, and a workout that will really get your blood flowing is biking, so if you want to keep looking young, bring out that bike.

Get better sleep – Alright, you know how after a workout, you end up getting so tired but that satisfied type of tired? Well biking will do just that. Getting extra exposure to the sun, will get you that extra vitamin d that your body will sorely need and that will help get you nice and tired for a long, and wonderful night’s rest.

Increase brainpower – Research has shown that after a few minutes of biking, people have done 15 percent better in mental tests. So if you are about to take an exam in school or whatever, go on a bike ride going to class, not only will you get your workout in but you’ll have a better chance of scoring a better grade too, I will count that as a double win in my book.

Better health altogether – Well this is a no brainer, but regular exercise will indeed increase your bodily defenses against sicknesses. Biking is a great workout to get your sweat going and by doing it regularly, you can really strengthen your immunity system and get in better shape. Say goodbye to obesity problems and myriad of sicknesses that come with it, and in the end isn’t that what we all want?

Better for the environment – With no carbon footprint to its name, biking can really save the planet if you think about it. Not only does it take less space when parking, it has no carbon emissions as it zooms down the road, plus it helps you lose weight as a workout. Of course it won’t go as fast as a car unless you’re a pro and have the right equipment, weather, incline and open road but pretty much that’s the only negative side effect that I can figure out.

Fighting against cancer – While going to the gym and doing your regular workout is a good way to get in shape and fight against cancer, there have been studies that biking is particularly good at keeping your cells strong and able to fight off cancer. In fact in this study, women who go biking bring reduces the risk of breast cancer by 34% which is pretty darn good to me.

Great for some family time – Regardless if it’s a workout or just for fun, biking can really be a good way to spend some family time together. Kids can bring their own bikes and ride along their parents, or for the younger ones, there are a ton of equipment available in the market that will not only let them join you, but get a front seat to an exciting and very relaxing sport or workout.

biking with friends
Biking not only is good for our body physically, but for our mind as well. Also a good way to bond with family and meet new friends.

A little friendlier on your wallet – While some of the biking equipment can go from very reasonable to is-that-really-the-cost-for-a-bike without a motor, it can be very affordable if done right. And honestly as opposed to a monthly gym membership, the cost is usually rather upfront with minor maintenance tweaks here and there, if you use it for your regular weekly workout and for a few years, it will end up being cheaper in the long run. Of course if you go nuts on the biking expenses, well that is a different story altogether but hey, if you control it right, you should have a rather affordable and exciting workout to look forward to.

Keep your joints in better shape – Again while running is one of my favorite workout plan, biking provides less impact on your muscles such as the knees, ankles, and legs. Of course there are ways to lessen the impact of running in general but being comparative with both workout ideas, biking does seem less painful in the long run.

Burn more calories and fats – As a workout, cardio is an ideal way to lose weight, this works by burning calories and fats, so biking will really work it’s way up to getting you lean and mean. This works not during the exercise itself, but you will burn quite a bit then already, but research has shown that after the workout, you end up burning calories 30 minutes after biking, maybe you burn even more calories as research shows.

Become happier – As most people have discovered, a regular workout and exercise is a great way to increase your endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones released when your body goes through exercise and it gives off a very relaxing and happy feeling, actually it can be compared to morphine as they say. As a lot of people know there is this thing known as a ‘runners high’ and something very similar can happen while you are biking, this legal ‘high’ as you will is something that can get very addictive to a lot of people, but in a good sort of addiction, can’t believe I actually said that line but it is what it is. With regular exercise, your body will continue to release endorphins and you will be happier in the long run.

Find some new friends – Just like I mentioned earlier, there are quite a few fanatics out there and they make wonderful biking friends. There are a ton of groups out there who welcome anyone to join their workout, they enjoy going on the ride with veterans and beginners alike, in fact they are more than happy to welcome newbie’s and teach them the ropes, maybe impart some knowledge and some tips trust me they will enjoy having you join their little or in some cases huge groups.

And now there we have it, some very compelling reasons as to why biking will help you out, there are a ton of other reasons but I figured this is plenty to take in already. I really believe that biking is a great workout and most people should try it, but I understand there are reasons why they would avoid it, maybe they don’t know how to ride a bike or they are a little apprehensive of the equipment cost, either or, I do advise that you find a way to try it out if even for a little while. Stay healthy!

The Best Inner Thigh Exercises Of All Time

The Best Inner Thigh Exercises Of All Time

A lot of people tend to forget about the thighs when they workout, but trust me a lot of women never forget about them as they love to hate these next to bellies. I can understand why really, it’s quite hard to tone and very easy to gain weight on thighs, but with a proper workout that will all be in the past at the very least. But let’s not forget the inner thighs, admit it, you almost did, didn’t you? Not a lot of workout plans really account for the inner thighs, it’s a little understandable I suppose. For anyone who has had their challenges with reducing or toning their inner thighs during a workout, you’ll want to keep reading as I’ll list down the how to of some of the best inner thighs exercises that will help you shape that muscle up!

Exercise ball lifts – Bring out a nice yoga mat or stretching mat for this one, along with the good old exercise ball. Now lie on your side, place the ball firmly between your feet, maybe by your ankles as much as possible, move your feet up to the side, opposite of the side you are lying on. There you go, you can definitely feel a little burn as you do this inner thighs workout. Do a few more reps and a couple more sets and switch sides; you’ll be done in no time.

Glider side lunge – This is a simple workout with no equipment needed, just a little sweat and elbow grease. Stand straight with your legs shoulder length apart, make sure your feet are pointing straight and are firmly planted on the ground. Now slowly crouch, bending your left knee and stepping your right leg to the right side, point to the side and return to starting position. A few more times and your inner things will thank you, switch sides and you are golden.

glider side lunge
Glider side lunges are easy and a workout with no equipment needed.

Pilates inner thigh leg lifts – Once more bring out the yoga mat. Now lie on your left side, and place your right leg out, by bending your knee, keep your left leg straight. It feels as though it is a “come hither” sort of position, let’s be honest but trust me this will be a great workout for your thighs. Now lift your left leg up to the side, higher than your right leg’s position, after doing this a few times you won’t make fun of this exercise ever again. As always switch positions and finish up both sides.

Narrow squat  – Let’s keep it simple once more with a pretty easy workout routine. Keep your feet together and your hands to your sides, now squat lower while keeping your feet together, this will target the inner thighs, lift your arms up straight in front of you so you’ll have an easier time balancing yourself. Wash, rinse and repeat, do a few sets of these and you’ll be doing great in a few weeks.

Squeezing bridge – Another easy workout routine that only needs a yoga mat and maybe a pillow that isn’t too big, maybe a throw pillow. Lie on your back and keep both your knees bent and your feet firmly placed on the mat as well, squeeze the pillow between them make sure it doesn’t fall with a little movement. Now using your lower back, slowly lift your hips up, keep the pillow squeezed as this will allow your inner thighs to get the workout it deserves. As always repeat a few more times and you are done.

Chair pose – I can’t really go through a workout that focuses on inner thighs without mentioning a yoga position can I? Well here is one that will make your workout easier than before and your thighs healthier too. Stand straight, place your hands together in a prayer position, elbows as straight as you can get them and make sure your feet are kept together. Now slowly and gently bend your knees while twisting your upper body to the right, try to twist your neck to look up as well, from there try placing your left elbow on your right thigh, hold it a few seconds and return to the starting position. Switch sides and keep doing it a few more times and you are done for this workout.

Elbow plank with leg lift – The plank is a tried and tested exercise, if done correctly it can do wonders for your workout and this particular type of plank will help shape up your thighs as well. Place the mat on the floor and lie on your right side. Now use the blade of your right foot to balance, and your right elbow and forearm to raise your upper body. It’ll almost be like you are floating, now slowly extend your left arm and leg as far as you can, point them upwards, repeat a few more sides and switch.

Leg swings – Alright let’s keep going with some ideal workout exercises for your inner thighs. Stand on one foot, let’s start with the left leg, keep your arms straight to support your balance, keep your right foot off the ground and slightly to the side, while keeping that leg as straight as possible. Now gently swing it to the front and back, keep your balance as much as possible and repeat a few more times, and as always switch legs.

Crossover lunge – Second lunge workout on the list, starting to see a pattern here perhaps? As you can imagine, lunge workout exercises are great for your thighs and this is another one that will work well with a medicine ball if you have one handy. Keep the medicine ball in front of your chest and stand straight, feet shoulder length apart. Now lunge forward with your left leg, but swivel a little to the right, get as low as you can go without falling on your rump. Return to the starting position and then do the other leg, repeat, repeat and repeat once more.

Squats are a good workout to tone your inner thighs.

Pile squats – Get a chair or have something sturdy beside you to hold on to, keep your feet apart, as you can and have them pointing outward. Now slowly bend both knees as low as you can while supporting your balance with the chair I mentioned earlier. Get back to the starting position and repeat a few more times.

There we have it my good friends, some pretty solid workout exercises that will really tone up your inner thighs. Love them or hate them, make sure that you don’t forget to spend a little time on your thighs every now and again on your workout, remember repetition is the mother of experience as they say so if you can’t get used to the exercises above, just keep practicing them and repeating it over and over, soon enough you’ll be an expert.  Stay healthy!

Can Gym Selfies Boost Confidence And Eliminate Stress?

Can Gym Selfies Boost Confidence And Eliminate Stress?

I’ll be the first to admit that the selfie is a strange topic of discussion or even a main idea for a blog article, however it does not mean that we should forget about it completely. Regardless if you hate the term selfie or you love it and practically do it everyday to boost your confidence or reduce your stress, it is something that has taken the world by storm. Along with smart phones, the selfie has become something that pretty much everyone who owns a camera or a smart phone has done, very rarely is it something that we have yet to experience. Now let’s get a little deeper into it, does taking a selfie in the gym boost your confidence and reduce overall stress? Perhaps, let’s see what experts have to say about it.

So a selfie is defined as a picture one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smart phone or a webcam, then shared on social media. This is just in case you aren’t aware of the term, which is highly unlikely but let’s be safe altogether.

Now let’s hear some of the arguments regarding a taking a selfie at the gym to raise your confidence.

Check out and definitely see progress and it will really bring down the stress – Sometimes as you workout, the scale will tell a different measurement as to how you are feeling, you know that feeling right? When you hit the gym and your confidence is building up, yet when you step on the scale you’re still at the same weight, you might start to stress about your progress. However a selfie can rectify it, especially if a lot of people like and comment on your progress. Nothing gives you a strong confidence boost rather than awesome support from friends and family.

Give yourself a little pat on the back with a proper selfie – When you’ve hit a wall and the stress has built up from going to the gym, you need to make sure to get that confidence boost ASAP. A selfie can really help by posting it and gaining some good vibes from friends, you’ll be back to hitting the gym hard before you know it.

Make sure to fix yourself up – I know when we hit the gym, we aren’t there for the glitz and glamour of it all, we are there to workout. However once in awhile it doesn’t hurt to pay a little attention to looking good. I’m not saying nightgown and full on makeup here, I mean who can run in heels on the treadmill right? But at least let’s go to the gym in decent attire so that when you do decide to take a selfie it isn’t so bad, it will get some stress off your back plus give you a mini confidence booster too.

That’s pretty standard list, fairly short and I might have missed something but let’s go on to the negative part of taking a selfie in the gym.

Some people find it annoying – Well when you take a selfie, it is rather obvious and quite frankly a lot of people have little patience with it, in fact they stress the fact that you do it and kind of sneer at you. Not sure why exactly but sometimes you can definitely feel that stink eye on you as you take a selfie, ever notice that? Not something you want really but it can’t be helped, if you let it get to you the selfie will not only stress you out, it will also attack your confidence so be warned.

Everyone has an off day – Let’s face it, we can’t always look good. That is a given truth in life. And at the gym, not everyone always looks their best especially for a selfie. This makes it especially true when you are on a tread and getting a real stress workout going 10 km/h or something, not an ideal place to get your confidence when you go for the selfie.

Negative comments – As with everything in life, be prepared if you post a selfie, sometimes it’s not all about the love. A lot of trolls out there will look forward to bashing you for pretty much any reason and when your confidence is low, this can really shatter you. If this doesn’t stress you out too much then I wouldn’t worry about it.

I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead about the selfie in the gym. End of the day is if you are in need of a stress reliever or a confidence push, the selfie can really make or break your day. And as a personal note, if you aren’t bothering anyone, aside from those who think it’s annoying, that’s something you cannot control, then you go ahead and do that selfie in the gym. Just make sure not to hold up the line to the machines alright? Stay healthy!

8 Awesome Yoga Blogs

8 Awesome Yoga Blogs

Just in case you didn’t know, there are a ton of yoga blogs out there just for you. I personally love yoga and can’t get enough of it, I’m so happy that it’s been one of the go to fitness exercises in the market today. There are so many types of yoga as well, that just choosing is a challenge in itself. To top things off, I decided to write this article in order to help you discern some of the more widely known and very interesting yoga blogs that can help further your fitness, so please keep on reading.

Yoga Dork – If you are new to fitness and to yoga, then this is the blog you want to go to. It keeps things light and has some very interesting articles that can really open up your mind to the world of yoga. Aside from that they pretty much touch on any topic related to yoga, so you’ll always be in the loop if you keep checking in on this website.

Yoganonymous – One of the bigger names on this list, Yoganonymous has been a go to site for a rather long time for a lot of yoga loving people and for good reason. As soon as you go to the website you’ll see so many links to a ton of articles that will really get you into fitness, some new age stuff and a ton of yoga information, you’ll love it from the start to end. Regardless if you are new to yoga or otherwise, take the time to check out this site and you’ll be happy that you took the time to click on a few links here and there.

Yoga Times – Starting off your own yoga studio or plan to travel a lot around the world? Well this is the yoga blog perfect for you then. Yoga Times has a ton of information for anyone who is willing to go through the inner depths of this website, it will further their fitness of that I can assure you. Plus if you are looking for yoga centered events, this could be the site you are looking for alright.  Of course the site also shares some great recipes and other health tips that you’ll definitely want to go over.

Do Yoga With Me – There are a few people out there who prefer videos rather than reading and quite frankly, that’s alright, everyone has their preferences. And if fitness and yoga is what you are looking for, go on to the Do Yoga With Me blog for some very awesome video resources. They cater to newbie’s and veterans alike, giving some of the most detailed and skilled videos that will pretty much show you how to get down and yoga. What more could you ask for in a blog right?

Yoganomics – Being an independent yoga instructor is not easy, not that I am one but at the very least I can understand where they are coming from. Yoganomics site is dedicated to these people and will help you grow your yoga studio to the goal and target that you’ve been working a sweat towards. See what I did there? Yeah, I totally went there. But seriously if you need a little pep talk or some tips that will help your yoga small business or studio, even the work from home yoga instructor business, this will be the ideal website that you visit on a daily basis. With over 10 years of online experience banked together, how else can you go wrong with this one.

Daily Downward Dog – If you are a yoga pose perfectionist, then I’m sure you must have been to the Daily Downward Dog website more than once a day. After all this site is dedicated to making sure you get the maximum effect and the correct posture for pretty much all the yoga poses. Pretty much the best friend of fitness junkies, this site can really help you get that tricky pose down, add some sprinkling of for fun yoga articles that will both inspire you and keep you interested, this website will really get the yoga junkie a good fixing.

Yoga.com – Pretty much exactly what the website address tells you, this is the yoga blog that will not only launch your fitness on to the next level, but it will help you stay on the yoga boat, assuming there ever was one. Yoga.com promises to share some of the most innovative and interesting news regarding yoga, while also sharing some detailed videos that can really help you get out of a slump or learn a thing or two. Riddled with a ton of articles, you can read or watch a few days away just by checking out their front page, if you go deeper into the site you’ll be welcomed by a ton of information that is just waiting to be shared with anyone who is interested in yoga.

Yogatoday – Perhaps one of the longest running blogs on the web to this day, still lauded as one of the best ones to this day, Yogatoday is the information capital of yoga and fitness, you’ll want to take a few minutes a day to check out the site for some new videos, articles and poses. Additionally you can even sign up for an online class for yoga that has a test trial and what not, the fitness in this site is no joke and you can really feel the love for yoga as you keep watching the videos. Manned by some very talented instructors, the online class can really take you to another level and all in the comfort of home, I’m sure that will really get a lot of you going to this site.

Special mention: F*ck Yeah Yoga – If your ideal yoga blog is on social media and you happen to be on Tumblr, this is the fitness blog you’ll want to add or follow. This special mention is because it’s not a stand alone site but if you really just want some quick snippets of yoga and fitness, you’ll definitely want to sign up for a free Tumblr account to check out some crazy poses, inspirational banners here and then, plus you’ll be able to message some of the other enthusiasts on site, what’s not to love?

So there we have it, 8 yoga and fitness blogs that will really bring you to your next plane of nirvana, well 8 ½ if you really think about it. Make sure to practice yoga properly, the information is all online but the sweat, blood and tears sometimes doesn’t get through the sites, you need to be serious about your fitness plans and goals if you really want to make the most of any of these blogs. Don’t worry though if you’re new to yoga, these sites will happily help you and hope that you’ll get as hooked on the exercise as they all are.  Stay healthy!

Must-Have Cheap Equipments In Your Home Gym

Must-Have Cheap Equipments In Your Home Gym

Going to the gym is something most of us do or have at least experienced, after all we all need to get a good workout in and maintain our fitness as well. However I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it is a bit costly to maintain a gym membership but there are solutions around that, at the very least be quite a bit cheaper, with a few negative sides here and there. While you may not be able to afford every extreme machine out there, at the very least with some research and a little elbow grease, you can have some rather great workout options in the very comfort of your own home. Again you may lose out on some quality time with a trainer, but there’s something about making sure you’re attending to your own fitness in your own home, that makes it so satisfying. So if that is something you are interested in, keep on reading and you may never need to go to the gym again.

Free weights – The sheer versatility of free weights or even adjustable weights is something every home gym must-have and quite frankly it’s why this item is on this list. Of course the cost can be from cheap to astronomically expensive but you can pretty much gauge your own workout need and decide from there. There are so many options available in the market I wouldn’t even know where to start really, but the one thing that is for sure is that your fitness will not go unchecked if you keep using these weights at home. Best part of having these is, no line in the gym to use them too, pretty sweet deal.

free weights
Free weights are one of the most common home fitness must-haves. Huge variety, affordable and can be stored easily.

Chin-up bar – Talking about cheap equipment, a chin-bar is a must have workout tool for your home. Chin-ups, pull-ups and what have you can really get a good workout going if you know what you are doing and with a chin-up bar, it makes it all possible. Aside from it being rather cheap, it can pretty much go toe-to-toe with the bulkier and more expensive gym equipment that is used for fitness. Just make sure that you install it properly as an accident on it can really hurt your entire body, if you catch what I mean.

Punching bag – A punching bag is something you can definitely use at home. If you are looking to really get a good sweat going for your workout, plus you know what to do with a punching bag, this could be the ideal item for your fitness, plus it really helps that it is rather cheap to purchase, the only challenge is to figure out where and how to place it in your home. Make sure you leave enough room to allow the punching bag itself to sway around. Add a boxing ring and you’ll have your own boxing gym… just kidding, where would we ever buy a boxing ring anyways?

Stretching mat/yoga mat – Don’t forget the simple stuff, simple and cheap is always good. Notice how every time you go to the gym there is a ton of a mats available for everyone’s use, now why is that? Because they are very useful for most fitness workout plans, so why wouldn’t you want this in your own home gym? Simple, there are a ton of exercises that you can definitely do on mats,  in fact a whole workout program can be done purely on yoga mats or stretching mats, so this is maybe one of the better, cheaper purchases you should have.

Jump rope – While a treadmill or an elliptical machine would be great thing to have in the house, let’s face it, some of those machines are not cheap, in fact some of them cost an astronomical amount, it’s almost like putting out a small loan for a car. Truth of the matter is not everyone has that amount of cash ready for such a purchase. So looking for a simple solution, turn to a cheap and easy to purchase jump rope. No loans required for this one, but if you start getting into the groove of a fitness induced workout, this simple purchase will really sky rocket your workout plans. Don’t worry that you won’t be doing so well at the start, it takes time and quite a bit of rhythm to get it down, but in the end what is really needed is practice, practice and did I mention practice?

Exercise ball – Another good purchase, and rather cheap too while remaining quite sturdy. This can take a lot weight, and quite a bit of beating so you don’t need to dance around it while you are diving into your workout. Getting serious with your fitness, that means you’ll want to focus on your core quite a bit and an exercise ball is exactly what you need. The exercises on this thing is pretty versatile and you can keep training until you’re an expert. 

exercise ball
Exercise or what some people call gym ball is one of my top must-haves when working out at home.

Resistance bands – Now these aren’t what I’d call new, but they haven’t been around for a long time, at least not the ones available in the market today. Not only are the newer ones rather sturdy, they are affordable, useful and finally handy to have around. Great for a lot of workout options out there, getting a few resistance bands is something that will really help you with your fitness plans. Another item that is rather simple but multi-talented tool that can really do a lot of stuff that the gym equipment could do, making it a definite must-have for your own home gym.

Kettlebell – Much like the free weights or dumbbells, this indispensable little home necessity is something no home gym should be without. There are quite a bit of exercises that can work with this item, plus it’s not that expensive in fact for how useful it is, I’d say it’s downright cheap in fact especially considering everything it can do for your fitness. Make sure to research the proper exercises for this wonderful tool, you won’t be sorry you ever bought it, after all you’ll be too busy with your workout to think about those things anyways.

Medicine ball – Another handy device that can really put your home gym to another level, the medicine ball can help your fitness get to where you want it to. There’s always a good workout that can be done with a medicine ball, plus keeping it handy when you’re working out with a friend opens a world with a ton of opportunities to workout. Use the medicine ball to get a little extra weight in a lot of normal exercises, such as squats, maybe up the difficulty of push ups and much more.

Booty-shaping routines at home is made is easier with a kettle bell.

Weight plates – Ideally if you have a little cash set up, I think a full bench would be great in any home gym but facts are facts, those are not cheap. The weight plates however are much more affordable and can be easily purchased. These work as well as dumbbells and kettlebells, so any of the three options would be ideal if you want to get your fitness workout done while at home, get at least one of these options and you’ll be pretty set. Sure they take up some space but again what gym doesn’t right?

And there we have it, some of the must-have and somewhat cheap gym equipment that you should have at home. They are handy and can give your fitness workout a good run for their money. The challenge is knowing what to do and how to do it properly, then from there it’s wash, repeat, wash and repeat again. All of these home equipment options are pretty great, however they won’t do much if all they do is sit in a corner. You need to figure out how to get your workout into your daily routine, your fitness takes time and needs a regular schedule, so regardless if it’s a a home gym or a real gym, take your time and get used to the workout, it will do you a world of good. Stay healthy!

5 Interesting Fitness Blogs

5 Interesting Fitness Blogs

Fitness and health blogs are a wonderful thing, case in point my own. Again I hate to blow my own horn here, but I am hoping that it helps people to get off their couches and venture the world of exercise and great diets. Now aside from my own blog, which again I am very proud of and hope you read more of, there are quite a few blogs out there that are wonderful for fitness. I have gone through a number of them and I think I can come up with some personal favorites, these are just based off what I read and what my preferences are, so feel free to keep looking for one that best works for you and your hobbies.

Nerd Fitness – This differently scaled site is definitely one of the better fitness blogs out there, one that you cannot ignore if you are into Star Wars or other fandom’s that bring about your inner nerd. Pair that off with wanting to get fit and healthy and you find Nerd Fitness. Founded and lead by self-proclaimed rebel leader: Steve Kamb, he wants to help out his fellow nerds to get into shape, for whatever reason they may want. He also welcomes jocks and average people to join in and the information he has is quite extensive.  As someone who enjoys the occasional fictional movie here and there, I honestly can see where people get really into it, and while this may cause some of them to retreat from usual gatherings, Nerd Fitness inspires them to know that there is more out there than fandom’s or fantasy and by being healthy they will be one step closer to becoming the ideal fan of a franchise. The articles are based on fitness and health, and it has some pretty fun pictures and blogs, definitely worth looking into if you’re into fantasy or sci-fi genre. 

Camp is officially kicked off! @stevekamb is getting his campers pumped up at the opening ceremonies! #campnf

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Roman Fitness System – Looking for that adult site that won’t baby you into fitness? Well among all the blogs here, this is the one for you. Roman Fitness System is a non-forgiving, adult oriented and no joke site with some really great blogs. As you read on they are obviously into the no pain, no gain sort of fitness which is good for some but not for everyone, however if you need that extra push this could be the perfect site for you. The blogs on this site are also supportive of mass gaining, so if you’re looking to bulk up, and need more information, this could be a match made in heaven. Again it is rather an extreme site and really pushes you to the next level with the articles and blogs written here, but if you enjoy things like that I would look no further than this. Don’t worry it’s not x-rated or anything like that but do expect the occasional f-bomb or s-bomb here and there.

Yogadork – Who does not love yoga? Well even if you’re just about to get into it, then this is the website for you. Yogadork is the promised land of yoga, for anything yoga I would turn to this site as it has some really good articles on the blog. Touch up the fitness with a few laughs, I mean wow! Yoga with goats? Who knew? Yogadork promises to provide some informative blogs while keeping it nice and light, plus if any new discoveries come to light for yoga, this is one of the blogs that will definitely have it up in no time. As an enthusiast you will have so much to go through but if you are just new to yoga, do not worry this fitness blog has a lot to offer you as well, just take the time and go through the site and you should find several blogs that should be of interest to you. Yoga with goats, as I live and breath, now that’s something new to me.

Tabata Times – Welcome to the crossfit haven, if you want fitness blogs dedicated to crossfit, this is what you’ve been looking for. By now you should have heard about the many stories of crossfitting, whether you are a fan or not, the results cannot be argued and the fitness of most attendees are astonishing. However information or fitness blogs about the said controversial exercise is still a little lacking or so I’m told. Now however with Tabata Times, you can go to this site for any updates on crossfit activities, exercises and needs. This site has blogs that welcome veterans and newbie’s alike to the crossfit world, giving tips and tricks for those who are in dire need of knowledge to those who need a pick me up, either which way you need some information about it, come here for crossfit fitness. CEO and Founder, Joel Toledano, started the site to get more information across as there are over 4,000 boxes creating piles upon piles of great training and nutrition content every single day, in his words not my own, but no one is finding any of it! He hopes that by working on Tabata Times, the crossfit information will now be shared to all who are interested and the information there is quite extensive in my opinion.

Run to the finish – Looking for that running blog that will get you on the treadmill or on the open road? Among all the fitness blogs out there dedicated to the wonderful sport of running, I prefer this site the most. Anyone who loves running will understand the passion of Amanda Brooks, who writes some very interesting blogs in this site that will really help you get your running on. Again given that it is dedicated to running, it welcomes people who are new to the sport or those who have been doing it for a long time. There are articles that help you pick it up and maybe even break through that invisible wall that’s been hampering you from going that extra mile. Either way if you love running as much as I do, this is a great site to really get some fitness tips and some other items that are written quite well in various blogs. Still not convinced that running is for you? Keep reading blogs on this site and you’ll be out the door before you know it, a definite must read for running fitness enthusiasts.

And there you have it my good friends, some personal favorite, interesting fitness blogs. They are an eclectic selection, I’ll admit but they cater to different crowds, different types of fitness preferences and can really push you to start or to go further with the tips in the blogs. Remember that your preference really changes what sort of fitness blogs you should read up, but if you have no particular favorite, make my blog your go to one, yes that was shameless plugging, allow me to do that once in awhile. One way or another please do read up and have fun with fitness blogs, they are there to inspire you and inform you, if you aren’t having fun, what’s the point anyways? Stay healthy!

Popular Cardio Exercises

There have been some really great cardio workout programs out in the health market and if you’ve been searching for a popular cardio exercises I’m sure you’ve tried quite a few by now. However I wanted to share with you the popular options for cardio exercise out there, so that you can decide or test out various cardio workout options which agrees with you, so without further procrastination, allow me to share the popular cardio workout that you want to know.

Running/Jogging/Walking – By now you know someone or have probably tried to go running or jogging or walking, because quite frankly it really does get a good sweat going and in the end that really gives you a great cardio workout doesn’t it? The beauty of this is that you only need good shoes, a nice pair of shorts and a shirt you can sweat in, and that’s about it. And in reality there is a great satisfaction from getting an extra mile or two more from the day before. One of my personal favorites, this is an exercise you’ll definitely want if you want to lose weight. 

Biking – If walking or running is a little too slow, and you want some speed to really get along with your cardio workout then biking might be perfect for you. Preferably a place with a great view of mountains makes this a picturesque exercise, however as long as you have a safe lane or two to bike along, you should be fine. The equipment might be a little extensive and could become a bit costly too, however if you really get into it, you might not be able to stop yourself from having too much fun. A really great option for your cardio workout, and a wonderful way to lose weight, give this a try if you have the chance, you may just get addicted to biking.

Circuit training – Looking for high intensity training? Then circuit training could be the perfect cardio exercise for you. One of the most popular options for exercise today, circuit training has since received an almost occult following as one of the most favored cardio workouts to this day. Not for the feint of heart, this high intensity interval training can really get your calories going, which is ideal for those who want to really lose weight.

Elliptical/Treadmill – These machines are amazing, they can allow you to workout and really get your exercise in, without leaving the comfort of your own home or gym for that matter. As one of the more popular cardio workout, you can really see why when you hit the gym and see that most of the machines are full, again for a great reason. You can avoid the hazards of outside exercise while having the full  luxury of counting calories, even a mileage count, incline and much more depending on the machine, you pretty much won’t have to leave the indoors now. A definite strong contender for one of the best cardio workout options out there, the only catch is getting the right equipment unless you’ve joined a good gym.

Aerobics is still one classic cardio workout.

Aerobics – The classic montage for a lot of people who want to lose weight, this cardio workout is still one of the classics. Joining a large group and going through rigorous exercise is still a powerful way to lose that belly and aerobics is something that pretty much anyone can do, as long as he or she has the tenacity to keep training and to keep at it. The only challenge is finding the right class for you, but aside from that a great way to really sweat it out.

Yoga – This popular cardio workout is still part of the top exercise options to really lose weight. Popularized a few years back, yoga has since spun to different types of yoga to challenge the enthusiast and even beginners, but in the end it only gives you more choices to choose from this amazing cardio workout. Again the real challenge is finding the right class for you, but there are so many options that shouldn’t be impossible. Stick with it and don’t get frustrated when starting out, and you’ll really start to bend in ways that you’ve never imagined before while getting your sweat on.

Cycling – Much like biking, this takes the lead of the treadmill or elliptical machines, as it is focused on using a machine indoor. Nowadays there is even a class, which is often referred to spinning, which makes full use of the cycling machine and can really get your sweat dripping. For this cardio workout, it would be ideal that you have a great cycling machine but what really sets it apart is that this exercise can be done in a class as well. I haven’t heard of a treadmill class as of yet, but makes you think it could happen right?  Find a good class and give it a good old try, you may really end up liking this cardio workout.

Versa Climber – If you’ve ever tried rock climbing or wall climbing and enjoyed it, this could indeed be the cardio workout for you. This unique machine has moving stairs if you will that you can climb and of course the incline and difficulty can be adjusted to suit your needs, plus there are even classes to do this altogether, now that really drives up your sweat. Now if you’ve never done a group exercise like this before, you’ll understand that having others really go at it beside you, will drive your enthusiasm up and will push you to do more than you originally thought you could, give it a try and see how far you can really go.

Swimming – This is still one of the popular choices for any exercise program out there. Considering that it is gentler on the joints and body, a lot of people have turned towards this cardio workout in order to lose weight and stay in shape. Aside from the fact that it is adds a refreshing feeling when you jump in cold water when it’s crazy hot outside, being in the water also gives you so many different workout options that you’ll have a harder time deciding what to actually do inside the pool. Again one of the major challenges is finding a pool big enough to handle your exercise, but there should be a pool in your local gym or clubhouse that should work.

There you have it, quite a few choices for cardio workout and you can test them all out. I apologize if I missed out on any of the more important options but these are some of the more popular choices for exercise programs, after all these are top of mind when you ask what cardio workout a person is doing or has tried. There are countless more and you really have so many to choose from it is almost confusing. The great thing about so many choices however is that you can really take your time to test each exercise out and finally get into what you enjoy, have fun with it, that’s the beauty of a lot of options. Stay healthy!

6-Minute Morning Workout Before Shower

6-Minute Morning Workout Before Shower

Personally, a great morning is one that I can take my time to do some morning stretches,  get a workout in and then have breakfast and shower. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect start to the day? However not all of my mornings can cater to this ideal morning routine, sometimes I only have time for a cup of tea, a quick bite, then shower. I also know that this is true for a lot of people, but is that really all there is to it? I opted to research if there was anything I could improve in such a short span of time available to me and I stumbled upon a quick, 6-minute morning workout before showering. I believe most people can spare 6 minutes before showering, it isn’t much but it really can make a world of difference. Give this a try and get a quick morning booster before the day starts. Trust me, try this and you’ll love how much better the mornings can get.

The idea for this workout is to do it like a circuit, in short don’t rest in between the exercises to really get a good sweat going. Don’t worry, this morning workout before showering is not impossibly difficult and will be a great morning booster for you and the rest of your day.

Squats – Start off with 15 squats. Anyone who has gone through gym has probably done quite a few squats in their lives but for those who haven’t it’s fairly easy. Stand straight for this morning workout before showering, keep your sides to the side and your feet shoulder width apart. Now slowly bend your knees down, try to keep your knees in line with your feet and as you lower your body, lift both hands straight forward, hold for a second and then go back to starting position. Repeat for 15 reps for this morning booster.

A quick round of push-ups to get your sweat on.
A quick round of push-ups to get your sweat on.

Push-ups – Next up is 15 push-ups, again get a mat or do it on the floor, whichever you are more comfortable with. Lie facing down for this morning workout before showering and put both hands in front of your chest, roughly by your shoulders as well, keep both your feet pointed so your legs are not touching the floor. Now use your arms to push yourself off the floor, hold for a breath and return to starting position. Again repeat the morning booster for a total of 15 reps.

Plank – after the push-ups, let’s go with a 30 second plank. Stay in the same position as the push-up however instead of your hands in front of your chest, use your forearms in the same position. Notice how you are a few inches off the floor for this morning workout before showering, and that’s pretty much it. Keep this position for about 30 seconds and you will feel the morning booster do its thing to get you a good sweat.

Follow-up with a planking routine.
Follow-up with a planking routine.

Twist – to top off this morning workout routine, lie on the floor this time with your back to it. Keep both hands behind your head and your feet straight. Now twist your entire upper body to the left, you’ll use your right elbow to help lift your head, at the same time lift your right leg to stay off the ground and the your knee should come up to meet your right elbow, this should be somewhere near your chest. Now do the other side, this counts as one rep. Do 15 reps of this morning booster and you will really feel the difference in a few short strokes.

That’s pretty much it for this circuit morning workout before showering, it’s simple and will only take about 6 minutes or so for one whole round or circuit. The trick is to really get into the rhythm and to make sure that you make it part of your daily routine. Ideally of course you get in a full workout during the day but if that is impossible, at the very least start off with this morning workout before showering and it should really give you a great morning booster for the rest of the day.

There are other workouts out there that seem to have a very similar idea in mind that it only lasts for a few minutes in the morning. I would suggest to test which one best fits you and your needs, keep at it and make sure to pair it off with a good diet, you really will see that a morning workout will make quite a difference for you. Stay healthy!