10 Things To Do Instead Of Eating Out Of Boredom

10 Things To Do Instead Of Eating Out Of Boredom

Boredom and stress can make you do a lot of things and one of them that really gets to most of us, is to eating. Let me tell you, this is one of the last things you should be doing. I understand when you want to eat because you are hungry or preparing for some exercise, but eating out of a boredom is one of the leading causes of unnecessary snacking and you are better than that. In fact I bet you that you are at least, take note how I say at least, 10 times better than that, I’m so confident that I will give you a list of 10 things you could be doing instead of eating out of boredom.

Exercise – This is a no-brainer, if you are about to start eating out of boredom why don’t you grab your shoes and take a quick walk around the block. Heck maybe even go to the gym to workout some stress in your life, either or you can definitely avoid eating out of boredom, simply by getting off your tush and getting your sweat on. Not only will you avoid the needless calories, you get to burn a bit more off, such a better alternative wouldn’t you agree?

Clean the house or apartment – Since you are about to start eating out of boredom, might as well take some time to get your house in order. Not only will this help you put that spoon or fork away, but it will help alleviate some stress, the particular stress of not being able to find anything in the mess that you call home. Once in awhile you need to do a little spring-cleaning even if it isn’t spring just yet, so put down that pop tart and grab that duster.

house cleaning

Read that book you’ve been savingEating out of boredom stems from having nothing to do and too much time on your hands, well now that you have a little spare time, get that book that’s gathering dust in the corner, the one you promised you would read a few months ago when things weren’t so hectic, pretty much everyone I know has at least one book like this, well now is the best time to pick it up and read it, not only will you lessen your stress, you get to check another thing off your list.

Pick up a hobbyEating out of boredom seems silly since there is so much else to do out there. Why don’t you pick up a hobby that’s of interest to you? Maybe learn an instrument, learn a new language, heck even build some model airplanes or something, the sky is the limit here, so why would you want to stuff your face while you stress so many other potentials out there? You can do it, believe in yourself!

Meditate – Perhaps you know or don’t, either or I am a huge, huge, and did I mention, huge fan of meditation? Not only does meditation help you relieve yourself of stress, you also end up getting your ducks in order, the more you meditate, the better off you will be and the further away you will be from eating out of boredom. Meditation is a great way to recollect yourself for the work week ahead or just to make sure you want to remember and do everything that you need to do for the week, I really do suggest this alternative to eating out of boredom.

Call your friends or family members – There is never a bad time to catch up, and instead of eating out of boredom, this could be the perfect time to drop a line on a friend or family member. Sure they’ll be surprised at the sudden call and assume that you are about to stress on something, but let’s knock them out by simply saying: hi. Take the time to just talk and see what they are up to, or when you can meet face to face, after all it’s a good time to check in with your loved one always.

Do some chores – Well there’s no better time than the present to get that pile of dishes done, or maybe you have a car that is in dire need of washing, either or you can do any of these to avoid eating out of boredom. Plus it is another constructive way to spend your down time, adding to the fact that you will lose some stress knowing that there are some chores ticked off on your list. Don’t do groceries if you got the munchies though, that can lead up to some very poorly made buying decisions that will only hasten the eating out of boredom effect.

Take a quick nap – Maybe meditation is not your thing, it’s alright, I do advise that you give it a serious try though however if it doesn’t work for you, a nap also works in this case. Especially if the nap will take the place of eating out of boredom, I’m all for it. Naps have been shown to reduce stress in most individuals and can really rejuvenate someone from a tiring week, so if you are bored and have the time go for that nap.

read a book

Check up on your favorite blog – Not that I’m making any suggestions, but since we’re on the topic… just kidding! Log on and see what’s happening online, read up your favorite articles and see what new stuff is on your favorite site, again a much better option that eating out of boredom and this way you still can get rid of stress as you catch up your favorite site. Note to the wise, if your favorite site is a food blog, maybe do that a bit later, that could entice you to eat some more of course.

Plan out a way to earn a little extra cash – With so many ideas out there, I’m sure you already have an idea how to earn a little passive income on the side here and there, use the time that you were planning to start eating out of boredom and start to flesh out a solid plan as to how you can earn some extra cash on the side. Take the time and make it a more solid plan, more ideas as to how you can improve the thought in your head will always help and will pave to a possible new world for you and your family.

I honestly believe they can be done by everyone if not mostly everyone. These are great ways to lose some stress along the way plus you don’t gain weight so that’s always good too. Stay healthy!

The Best Inner Thigh Exercises Of All Time

The Best Inner Thigh Exercises Of All Time

A lot of people tend to forget about the thighs when they workout, but trust me a lot of women never forget about them as they love to hate these next to bellies. I can understand why really, it’s quite hard to tone and very easy to gain weight on thighs, but with a proper workout that will all be in the past at the very least. But let’s not forget the inner thighs, admit it, you almost did, didn’t you? Not a lot of workout plans really account for the inner thighs, it’s a little understandable I suppose. For anyone who has had their challenges with reducing or toning their inner thighs during a workout, you’ll want to keep reading as I’ll list down the how to of some of the best inner thighs exercises that will help you shape that muscle up!

Exercise ball lifts – Bring out a nice yoga mat or stretching mat for this one, along with the good old exercise ball. Now lie on your side, place the ball firmly between your feet, maybe by your ankles as much as possible, move your feet up to the side, opposite of the side you are lying on. There you go, you can definitely feel a little burn as you do this inner thighs workout. Do a few more reps and a couple more sets and switch sides; you’ll be done in no time.

Glider side lunge – This is a simple workout with no equipment needed, just a little sweat and elbow grease. Stand straight with your legs shoulder length apart, make sure your feet are pointing straight and are firmly planted on the ground. Now slowly crouch, bending your left knee and stepping your right leg to the right side, point to the side and return to starting position. A few more times and your inner things will thank you, switch sides and you are golden.

glider side lunge
Glider side lunges are easy and a workout with no equipment needed.

Pilates inner thigh leg lifts – Once more bring out the yoga mat. Now lie on your left side, and place your right leg out, by bending your knee, keep your left leg straight. It feels as though it is a “come hither” sort of position, let’s be honest but trust me this will be a great workout for your thighs. Now lift your left leg up to the side, higher than your right leg’s position, after doing this a few times you won’t make fun of this exercise ever again. As always switch positions and finish up both sides.

Narrow squat  – Let’s keep it simple once more with a pretty easy workout routine. Keep your feet together and your hands to your sides, now squat lower while keeping your feet together, this will target the inner thighs, lift your arms up straight in front of you so you’ll have an easier time balancing yourself. Wash, rinse and repeat, do a few sets of these and you’ll be doing great in a few weeks.

Squeezing bridge – Another easy workout routine that only needs a yoga mat and maybe a pillow that isn’t too big, maybe a throw pillow. Lie on your back and keep both your knees bent and your feet firmly placed on the mat as well, squeeze the pillow between them make sure it doesn’t fall with a little movement. Now using your lower back, slowly lift your hips up, keep the pillow squeezed as this will allow your inner thighs to get the workout it deserves. As always repeat a few more times and you are done.

Chair pose – I can’t really go through a workout that focuses on inner thighs without mentioning a yoga position can I? Well here is one that will make your workout easier than before and your thighs healthier too. Stand straight, place your hands together in a prayer position, elbows as straight as you can get them and make sure your feet are kept together. Now slowly and gently bend your knees while twisting your upper body to the right, try to twist your neck to look up as well, from there try placing your left elbow on your right thigh, hold it a few seconds and return to the starting position. Switch sides and keep doing it a few more times and you are done for this workout.

Elbow plank with leg lift – The plank is a tried and tested exercise, if done correctly it can do wonders for your workout and this particular type of plank will help shape up your thighs as well. Place the mat on the floor and lie on your right side. Now use the blade of your right foot to balance, and your right elbow and forearm to raise your upper body. It’ll almost be like you are floating, now slowly extend your left arm and leg as far as you can, point them upwards, repeat a few more sides and switch.

Leg swings – Alright let’s keep going with some ideal workout exercises for your inner thighs. Stand on one foot, let’s start with the left leg, keep your arms straight to support your balance, keep your right foot off the ground and slightly to the side, while keeping that leg as straight as possible. Now gently swing it to the front and back, keep your balance as much as possible and repeat a few more times, and as always switch legs.

Crossover lunge – Second lunge workout on the list, starting to see a pattern here perhaps? As you can imagine, lunge workout exercises are great for your thighs and this is another one that will work well with a medicine ball if you have one handy. Keep the medicine ball in front of your chest and stand straight, feet shoulder length apart. Now lunge forward with your left leg, but swivel a little to the right, get as low as you can go without falling on your rump. Return to the starting position and then do the other leg, repeat, repeat and repeat once more.

Squats are a good workout to tone your inner thighs.

Pile squats – Get a chair or have something sturdy beside you to hold on to, keep your feet apart, as you can and have them pointing outward. Now slowly bend both knees as low as you can while supporting your balance with the chair I mentioned earlier. Get back to the starting position and repeat a few more times.

There we have it my good friends, some pretty solid workout exercises that will really tone up your inner thighs. Love them or hate them, make sure that you don’t forget to spend a little time on your thighs every now and again on your workout, remember repetition is the mother of experience as they say so if you can’t get used to the exercises above, just keep practicing them and repeating it over and over, soon enough you’ll be an expert.  Stay healthy!

8 Awesome Yoga Blogs

8 Awesome Yoga Blogs

Just in case you didn’t know, there are a ton of yoga blogs out there just for you. I personally love yoga and can’t get enough of it, I’m so happy that it’s been one of the go to fitness exercises in the market today. There are so many types of yoga as well, that just choosing is a challenge in itself. To top things off, I decided to write this article in order to help you discern some of the more widely known and very interesting yoga blogs that can help further your fitness, so please keep on reading.

Yoga Dork – If you are new to fitness and to yoga, then this is the blog you want to go to. It keeps things light and has some very interesting articles that can really open up your mind to the world of yoga. Aside from that they pretty much touch on any topic related to yoga, so you’ll always be in the loop if you keep checking in on this website.

Yoganonymous – One of the bigger names on this list, Yoganonymous has been a go to site for a rather long time for a lot of yoga loving people and for good reason. As soon as you go to the website you’ll see so many links to a ton of articles that will really get you into fitness, some new age stuff and a ton of yoga information, you’ll love it from the start to end. Regardless if you are new to yoga or otherwise, take the time to check out this site and you’ll be happy that you took the time to click on a few links here and there.

Yoga Times – Starting off your own yoga studio or plan to travel a lot around the world? Well this is the yoga blog perfect for you then. Yoga Times has a ton of information for anyone who is willing to go through the inner depths of this website, it will further their fitness of that I can assure you. Plus if you are looking for yoga centered events, this could be the site you are looking for alright.  Of course the site also shares some great recipes and other health tips that you’ll definitely want to go over.

Do Yoga With Me – There are a few people out there who prefer videos rather than reading and quite frankly, that’s alright, everyone has their preferences. And if fitness and yoga is what you are looking for, go on to the Do Yoga With Me blog for some very awesome video resources. They cater to newbie’s and veterans alike, giving some of the most detailed and skilled videos that will pretty much show you how to get down and yoga. What more could you ask for in a blog right?

Yoganomics – Being an independent yoga instructor is not easy, not that I am one but at the very least I can understand where they are coming from. Yoganomics site is dedicated to these people and will help you grow your yoga studio to the goal and target that you’ve been working a sweat towards. See what I did there? Yeah, I totally went there. But seriously if you need a little pep talk or some tips that will help your yoga small business or studio, even the work from home yoga instructor business, this will be the ideal website that you visit on a daily basis. With over 10 years of online experience banked together, how else can you go wrong with this one.

Daily Downward Dog – If you are a yoga pose perfectionist, then I’m sure you must have been to the Daily Downward Dog website more than once a day. After all this site is dedicated to making sure you get the maximum effect and the correct posture for pretty much all the yoga poses. Pretty much the best friend of fitness junkies, this site can really help you get that tricky pose down, add some sprinkling of for fun yoga articles that will both inspire you and keep you interested, this website will really get the yoga junkie a good fixing.

Yoga.com – Pretty much exactly what the website address tells you, this is the yoga blog that will not only launch your fitness on to the next level, but it will help you stay on the yoga boat, assuming there ever was one. Yoga.com promises to share some of the most innovative and interesting news regarding yoga, while also sharing some detailed videos that can really help you get out of a slump or learn a thing or two. Riddled with a ton of articles, you can read or watch a few days away just by checking out their front page, if you go deeper into the site you’ll be welcomed by a ton of information that is just waiting to be shared with anyone who is interested in yoga.

Yogatoday – Perhaps one of the longest running blogs on the web to this day, still lauded as one of the best ones to this day, Yogatoday is the information capital of yoga and fitness, you’ll want to take a few minutes a day to check out the site for some new videos, articles and poses. Additionally you can even sign up for an online class for yoga that has a test trial and what not, the fitness in this site is no joke and you can really feel the love for yoga as you keep watching the videos. Manned by some very talented instructors, the online class can really take you to another level and all in the comfort of home, I’m sure that will really get a lot of you going to this site.

Special mention: F*ck Yeah Yoga – If your ideal yoga blog is on social media and you happen to be on Tumblr, this is the fitness blog you’ll want to add or follow. This special mention is because it’s not a stand alone site but if you really just want some quick snippets of yoga and fitness, you’ll definitely want to sign up for a free Tumblr account to check out some crazy poses, inspirational banners here and then, plus you’ll be able to message some of the other enthusiasts on site, what’s not to love?

So there we have it, 8 yoga and fitness blogs that will really bring you to your next plane of nirvana, well 8 ½ if you really think about it. Make sure to practice yoga properly, the information is all online but the sweat, blood and tears sometimes doesn’t get through the sites, you need to be serious about your fitness plans and goals if you really want to make the most of any of these blogs. Don’t worry though if you’re new to yoga, these sites will happily help you and hope that you’ll get as hooked on the exercise as they all are.  Stay healthy!

Bedtime Yoga For Better Sleep

Bedtime Yoga For Better Sleep

I hope a number of you have experienced how wonderfully relaxing yoga can be and when coupled with meditation, it really is a superb way to relieve stress from your life. However I have come across something that should be great news to a lot of people: bedtime yoga. Yes it is yoga before bed, and I really can’t understand why I haven’t been doing this for a long time now. Yoga is one of the ideal ways to relax for me and it really does make sense that doing yoga before bed will really produce sound sleep. After some research and a number of trial nights, I am happy to share with you my favorite yoga positions to do before going to bed.

Upside-down relaxation – I honestly did not know this was a yoga position until I read about it, I used to do this as a kid when I would be lost in my thoughts and I am happy to share it with you today. Simply find the wall adjacent to your bed, now lay back on your bed and legs straight on the wall, almost as if you are sitting on the wall itself. Keep your hands on your sides and simply breathe normally, and let your body relieve stress naturally. Among the positions for yoga before bed, this one really takes me back to my childhood and allows me to relax a whole lot quicker, hopefully it will have the same effect for you.

yoga before bed twist
Winding down twist, one of the easiest yet relaxing yoga poses you can do before going to bed.

Winding down twist – This is a nice yoga before bed position, you can really rest up and find the weariness of the day wash away with this stance. Start seated on your bed, then cross both your legs, I believe this was once called an Indian sit. Now gently place your right hand on your left knee, while carefully twisting your entire body. Allow your head to twist along with your body and face towards the left side. Hold and breathe for a few seconds, release and repeat with the right side, this should really relax you just before you hit the hay.

Rock-a-bye roll – By far, this is one of my favorite yoga before bed poses since it is just so relaxing. To start this lie on your back and then hug your knees as tight as you can, against your chest. Cross your ankles and hold your shins with clasped hands, inhale and exhale, rocking your body back and forth. This will really relax you and you can feel your body relieve stress slowly, as you can feel your eyes droop, the rocking is super calming and is a wonderful way to drift off to dreamland.

Butterfly pose – For this yoga before bed position, start with sitting down and now put the bottom of your feet together and bend your knees, it’s almost like crossing your legs. Now sit up straight and slowly bend towards your feet, use your hands to spread your feet apart, almost as if you are reading a book, couple that with your elbows pushing down slowly on your knees as far as you can. Hold and breathe, release and repeat until you are ready for bed. I can feel myself relax a little more and how I can relieve my stress even more with a nice cup of tea an hour or two before bed.

Seated straddle – Once more sit on the bed for this yoga before bed exercise, now spread your legs as far as you can, make sure your toes are all pointing up. When ready, reach for your big toes and grab on, allow your body to slightly bend forward and hold the position for a few breathes, then release and repeat. This position will relax you just before you say hello to Mr. Sandman, and it is a nice way to limber up from the rest of the day, it feels as though you are wiping the fatigue away and can relieve stress with each breathe you hold in the position.

Bridge pose – This yoga before bed position is a little difficult however oh so pleasing if done correctly. Stay lying down, with your knees pointing upwards and your feet as close to your buttocks as possible, hold this position, as you get ready to move. Breathe and gently arc your hip upward, using your lower body, use your elbows to firmly plant its place beneath you and your palms at the edge of your lower back as support, let your neck bend and allow your chin to touch your chest. Hold the position for a few breathes and release, repeat as much as you need in order to relieve stress and get to your relaxed state.

child's pose yoga
Doing yoga before bed is also important for your blood circulation. Try this child’s pose for a good, relaxing stretch.

Child’s pose – For the yoga before bed positions, this is a very basic one but an oh so relaxing one at that. Sit down on your bed with both knees tucked under you and gently roll over, keeping your chest as close to your knees as possible while still being comfortable, and keep your arms stretched out above your head. Hold the position and breathe, allow the yoga pose to relieve stress and bring you to a more relaxed state.

Lying spinal twist – Now we are really talking a great way to relax with this yoga before bed position, you will simply love how this will relieve stress in almost an instant. Lie on your back with your knees facing upwards and keep your feet a little close to your buttocks again. Now gently swing both your legs to the left while twisting your upper body to the right, keep both your hands stretched out to the side with your palms flat on the bed. Hold for a few breathes as per usual and slowly switch sides. If that doesn’t get you ready for bed I’m not entirely sure what else can.

Savasana – Now that’s a mouthful, however this is also known as corpse pose, yikes but ironically sounds very restful and you’ll know why once you try it. Simply lay on the bed, on your back and close your eyes, keep your feet apart but not too wide, your hands on your sides with palms facing upward in order to really get to a relaxed state. Breath in for a few breathes and really let your body relax. This is by far one of the simplest yoga before bed poses there is and yet it can really get your body to work against the fatigue and relieve stress just before you end up drifting to sleep.

Now there you have it, some of my favorite yoga before bed positions and there are so many more out there, feel free to keep trying and tailor fit which one is best for you and your body to relieve stress. Relax, that is the best way to get to bed and get to the dreams you so rightfully deserve. Stay healthy!

Yoga: A Guide To The Most Popular Styles

Yoga: A Guide To The Most Popular Styles

Yoga has been around for quite some time, way before you and me in fact, however the popularity of yoga in recent years has really skyrocketed its awareness to pretty much everyone in the world, however quite a few people don’t know the difference of popular yoga styles. There are quite a few styles out there and they really have interesting distinctions between them, each providing a different way of meditation per person. If you are looking for the right yoga for you, this is the article you are looking for. Today we want to go through the popular yoga styles and see what they have to offer, maybe if one interests you enough you’ll give the wonderful world of yoga a try, it really is a great way to lose weight and to get your meditation in.

Anusura yoga – Founded by John Friend in 1997, among the popular yoga styles this one really works on the premise that life is a gift and it should be celebrated. It is a modern-day Hatha yoga system that really welcomes you to enjoy the exercise in the middle of your meditation. The idea of Anusura yoga is to enjoy the exercise as it is going, the playful theme really invites you to laugh and alleviate your inner stress by being surrounded by a positive environment. Among the popular yoga styles, the teachers of Anusura yoga are taught to really give the class poses for yoga that will affect their attitude, while cultivating the spiritual and physical aspect for everyone in the room.

As it goes, if you really need some meditation and an uplifting exercise while being exposed to friendly people. This is the ideal yoga among popular yoga styles for you. Bear in mind that the teachers tend to speak more during sessions than other yoga styles however if that does not break your meditation and in fact strengthen your resolve, this is the ideal yoga for you. This welcoming yoga invites you to really see how wonderful life is and how not to take yourself too seriously. One of the really enjoyable popular yoga styles in the market today, try this if you need a positive influence in your life.

Ashtanga yoga – Particularly for those who want order and a physical challenge, this is one of the popular yoga styles for them. The idea is to do precise, planned movements in succeeding order while focusing on breathing as you do your meditation. The theme of this particular yoga is to control your mind. By doing various poses, this will really clear all your thoughts to allow you to really get into meditation.

ashtanga yoga styles
Some styles among the Ashtanga yoga series

As different as this is from Anusura yoga, Ashtanga yoga really pushes the limits of the body and focus. It is a very vigorous and demanding workout that really aims to purify your body through the rigorous and strict guidelines. In fact most of the classes are taught in Sanskrit, the original language of yoga. This is quite a workout for anyone looking for one, in fact most people who really want to get a good sweat going and wants to see how far they can take yoga, really go for the Ashtanga yoga. Make sure though that you practice, it is unlikely that you will have everything from the get-go, even other trained yoga practitioners may not be able to follow immediately so don’t be so hard on yourself. As the founder of Ashtanga yoga, Sri K Pattabhi Jois said: “Ashtanga yoga is 99% practice; 1% theory. Practice, practice and all is coming.” Quite profound wouldn’t you think so? Among the popular yoga styles, this is the one that will push you to the limit.

Bikram yoga – It is likely that you may know of this style of yoga or at the very least heard about it from your friends as it is one of the most popular yoga styles available to date. Bikram yoga was founded in 1973 by Bikram Choudhury and is a real sweat inducing meditation session. Dedicated to wellness of the body and mind, Bikram yoga does yoga poses in a heated room to really induce the sweat glands, which will in turn remove toxins from the body and cleanse the system.

A definite must in popular yoga styles, Bikram yoga is especially popular for those who want to lose weight. In fact it is said that a single 90 minute session of Bikram yoga can really get your body sweating and you can burn up to 700 calories in one session, that’s just amazing. Given that a lot of people want to lose weight and Bikram yoga happens to really support that, the following of this style of yoga is just stellar, you need to be ready for the hot room and to really focus on your meditation. Make sure that you have a towel and a lot of water, you don’t want to get dehydrated in the process.

Iyengar yoga – This is one of the popular yoga styles that uses quite a few props in order to draw out the best in the positions during yoga. This was developed by B. K. S. Iyengar as a form of Hatha yoga that is focused on structural alignment of the physical body through posture or asanas.

iyengar yoga style
Iyengar yoga styles uses props.

As one of the popular yoga styles available this will really help a lot of new people who just got into yoga. Iyengar yoga really emphasizes posture and they use belts, blocks, towels or other props in order to make sure that your posture is correct along with your breathing.

Yin yoga – One of the slower paced popular yoga styles, Yin yoga focuses on holding poses for longer periods of times. The idea is to fix the circulation of the body and focus on meditation along with your inner selves.

Perhaps one of the popular yoga styles that is believed to be more on the meditative side of yoga, a lot of people use this as a compliment to other yoga. It is very relaxing and perhaps one of the yoga styles that really allows me to get into deep meditation. I like using this when I need to clear my mind and allow myself some real relaxation.

As you can see there are quite a few popular yoga styles out there, in fact there are so much more that I wasn’t able to include in this blog post, that you really just need to experience it yourselves. Yoga is a great exercise and is wonderful at calming the mind via meditation and breathing, the exercise itself is great plus the people you meet who do yoga are just as wonderful. I do hope you take the time to try one of the popular yoga styles or just yoga in itself, it is a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a break from the world or just need a good sweat going. Stay healthy!

What Meditation Does To Your Brain

What Meditation Does To Your Brain

I’m fairly certain that you have heard of someone who enjoys meditating and it has peaked your curiosity, which is pretty great. As some or most of you know, I am a follower of meditation and I really do recommend it to whoever asks, it is a great way to relax and recollect yourself after a hard days work. Additionally this practice goes hand in hand with yoga, which is a wonderful way to really get the blood going and settling the mind down, it’s such an alleviating experience and I would love it if people could experience it as well. Now the question is what happens to us really when you go into meditation, and today I am here to share with you the wonderful things that occur in your mind when you take a moment to meditate on a regular basis.

Technology has opened the doors to really study what happens to our brains during meditation and you’d be really surprised at how effective it can be to really allow you to take stock of what is happening in your life.

An MRI scan during meditation shows that the brain’s activity has a noticeable decrease in beta waves, which is the signal that the brain is processing or is active. During meditation however, the beta waves are much less active, showing that the brain is more at rest during the exercise.  What exactly does that mean for us?

Let me give you a head’s up, there are quite a few effects that were found after various studies on meditation and to be frank I am astounded as to how amazing the findings were. Let’s not dally on the what ifs and let’s dive in immediately into the effects of it on our brains.

First off you’ll be in better position to relax, this is why a lot of people want to step back from their work desk and take a second or two to refocus through a quick bout of meditation. When it has less beta waves it allows you to just relax if even for a little bit before you have to get back to what you need to do.

meditation increases creativity
Meditation increases creativity, so whether you are good in the kitchen or pitching in reports to your boss, a dedicated time to relax and meditate is a must to boost your creative juices.

Second, it allows you to focus on what you need to really concentrate on. When you aren’t bothered by other thoughts, which will happen when you go through a prime meditation session, you can finally focus on what you need to do without any background noise. Doing regular sessions of meditation makes the time of focus last longer and longer as you keep at it, try it while doing yoga and you’ll see how effective it is in the long run.

Third, it decreases anxiety, when things cause you some concern and anxiety is rising, it is best to step back and do some meditation. Studies show that regular meditation sessions decreases the size of your amygdala, which is in charge for your fight or flight response, pretty much gives off the fearful and anxious emotions. So by regular sessions of meditation, you will be sure to reduce anxiety and fear, simply by taking the time to breath in and relax. That’s a pretty awesome add on if anyone asks me.

Fourth, the decreased amygdala also paves the way for something that a lot of people would want, increased strength in attention. A lot of people tend to drift off when topics lose their interest, however with regular meditation you can pretty much say hello to enhanced focus and attention that you can use on a daily basis.

Fifth, one of the found results of regular meditation is the reduction of quick judgment. Being able to step back and relax is a superb practice, it really allows you to avoid rash decisions, think things through and be able to come up with the ideal answer to whatever the problem arises. I’m sure a lot of people can benefit from having this newfound ability that stems from meditation.

Sixth, studies have shown that there is a possibility of increased creativity. While the aspect of creativity is a little difficult to measure, there have been signs of increased abilities for new ideas however being completely truthful, measuring it is kind of insurmountable and can be negated immediately. To tell you the truth as someone who considers herself as a creative person, this was one of the ideas that really attracted me however I cannot say this is an actual effect since it cannot be quantified, in the mean time let’s say that this can be included in our imagination for now. Besides, I came up with some great articles as I do some meditation while I am in the middle of a yoga session, so I really am leaning towards meditation leading to more creativity, but that’s personal bias, I’ll let you be the judge after you try it.

Seventh, as another study progressed they went and tested the compassion of those who underwent meditation and those who did not. It was apparent from reactions that those who do regular meditation experienced higher compassion when exposed to disturbing images. While you are in a relaxed state you are more likely to feel compassion for other people given various scenarios, this does make more sense considering your mind is more available and understanding after a meditation session.

Meditation for lesser stress
While stress is inevitable in our life, there is this thing called eustress which is the positive side of it. Meditation helps clear the mind and helps us give a better, optimistic outlook on things.

Eighth in line is better memory. Another study concludes that those who have undergone regular meditation have better recall than those who have not. Given how clear your mind is and how much easier it is to focus, it does stand to reason that this would be a byproduct of regular meditation. I have noticed that after a yoga session and while I can relax, I tend to remember more things on my to-do list, coincidence? Perhaps not after all.

Ninth, people who meditate, are less stressed. Well considering that meditation usually leads you to relax, I can see how this study was able to conclude this result but it is good to know there are studies who continue to confirm what a lot of people who do yoga or meditate already know: if you want to relax, meditate. There is something about meditation that just really calms the nerves down and the results are all but magical in my opinion, however I cannot be the only one who voices this opinion. Give meditation a try and you will see how much it reduces your stress.

As you can see the studies have been rather conclusive: meditation is something that can really help a lot of people. Whether you do yoga or just want to relax, there is no harm in taking the time to learn how to meditate. I am a very strong supporter of meditation however in the end my words are nothing but words, these studies are the same as well, the only way you will ever be convinced as to how wonderful and life-changing meditation is, is but to give it a try. You’ll see that your world will change after a few regular moments of meditation, you won’t be sorry at the very least. Stay healthy!

Simple power yoga moves for the stressed executive

Simple Power Yoga Moves For The Stressed Executive

So you’ve started the exercise known as yoga, which as you know is a great remedy for stress and a wonderful gateway to fitness, and my friends, you are so right about that. I understand however that it is difficult to tear yourself away to from work considering you are an executive or someone who has crucial inputs for the business that can’t simply steal away for a relaxing session of yoga, I completely understand that. With that simple reason, I am happy to share with you some yoga moves that are not only easy to do in the few minutes you have free in the office, but they are a great way to relieve stress along the way.

Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot insist how important it is to handle your stress. Stress leads to a lot of ailments, potentially detrimental to your fitness as well, and don’t get me started on the stress eating bit. However worry not my friends, if you have done some yoga and you are dying to get to a session but can’t, do these simple moves in the office and you will have a powerful arsenal against stress.

Breathing technique – This is essential for most if not all of the yoga poses below, this will help you beat stress and keep your fitness in check too, and it’s as simple as breathing in and out. All you need to do is breath in deeply and exhale via your nose to make sure to maximize the yoga exercises.

Neck stretches – Alright this is a fairly simple yoga move that can alleviate so much stress it should be illegal. All you need to do is simply sit up straight on a chair, move your neck up and down, allowing your head to sway along, do this for a few times. Next up is left and right, again repeat for a few turns. After that in this yoga pose, all you need to do is rotate your neck clockwise and then counter clockwise, once more repeat a few times. I’m sure you can feel some knots in your neck loosen and you just relieved yourself of some unwanted stress. Combine it with the breathing technique and you’ll feel a lot less tired.

Neck stretch yoga at work
Neck stretches are one of the simplest ways to relieve tension and stress at work. Include it in your quick breaks to refresh your mind and body.

Shoulder rotation – This simple yoga technique starts with you either seated down or standing, just make sure you have enough space around you. Place each finger on their respective shoulders, aka left fingers on top of your left shoulder, right fingers on the right shoulder. Very easily and steadily rotate both shoulders, moving the elbows in a clockwise direction for a few times and feel your body groan in pleasure. Now repeat anticlockwise and feel a familiar and pleasurable squeal of your body. That was it, feels good doesn’t it?

Shoulder stretch – This, and I use this term fittingly, delicious yoga pose is wonderful for both fitness and stress. Bring your right arm above your head and your left behind your back, now reach for the fingers and interlock. If done correctly, your fingers should be right behind your neck give or take, maybe a little below. Now at this point just breath as deeply as you can, you will feel your shoulders stretch and a little gentle strain will rush through your body, hold it for a few seconds and then release. Switch hands and repeat, then smile as you have just finished another simple yoga pose.

Arm stretch – You can decide to do this standing or seated, either or works for this yoga exercise. All you need to do is interlock your fingers together but with the palms facing outward, yes I realize that is a little confusing but when you are able to do it, you’ll understand. Your starting position is to have the interlocked hands right in front of your chest, now using the breathing technique described above, slowly stretch your arms as far as you can while breathing in. As you return to starting position exhale, and feel the stress crawl away from your body.

Backward stretch – Let’s keep the simple yoga exercises going with this one, start off by standing straight with your shoulders to your sides. Inhale deeply and shrug your shoulders upwards, hold for a few seconds and release it as you exhale. Repeat a few more times and watch as the knot in your back slowly vanishes with each exhale.

Prayer pose – Again stay standing and put your hands together in front of you in this yoga stretch, keep the elbows at a 90 degree angle as much as possible as well. Now simply breath in and push your palm and fingers to the left side, allowing the left wrist to bend backwards, exhale and allow the stress to leave your body. Repeat with the other wrist and enjoy as the tension in your body drains away with each yoga breath.

Leg lift – Next up on the yoga poses: leg lift. All you need is a chair, which you sit on the edge of, this is not a pun for anything else mind you, as you simply do not lean on the back of the chair and rely completely on your back strength to keep you seated up right. With both feet flat on the floor, gently lift up one foot a few inches off the floor while doing your best to keep your body straight. Use the breathing technique as much as you can and gently put your foot back down, you’ll feel the stress hit the floor as well. It’s a beautiful thing when that happens.

Knee ups – Remained seated but this time rest your back against the back of the chair and hold the base with both hands at your side. For this yoga pose, keep both feet planted firmly on the floor and gently raise them using your knees up to your chest. Make sure you are using the breathing technique to maximize the yoga exercise effect and hold for a few seconds, slowly put your feet back to the beginning position. Repeat as needed and avoid a rolling chair for this, you’ll thank me in the long run.

back stretch yoga at work
Our back usually gets a lot of stress from sitting at work. Back stretches are a great way to relieve tension in the muscles.

Back twist – Keep that chair handy for this yoga pose, now sit up straight and use your right hand to reach for the back of the chair but make sure your elbow passes the front of your chest. You’ll notice that you are twisting a little already and for this fitness exercise. Now twist your upper body towards the arm that is gripping the chair, now let the breathing strengthen the relaxation and remove even more stress as you eventually return to starting position. Now switch arms and do it again.

I’m sure there are a ton more yoga exercises that can be done and you can keep looking into new ones so it doesn’t get stale. Just take a few minutes a day to do these exercises to manage your stress and fitness, and you’ll feel like you have much more energy on a daily basis. Pair it off with a morning ritual, like in the article I have: Morning stretching routines and you will feel better on a daily basis. All that’s left to do is to get off that chair and start doing yoga!

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