Why People Choose To Become Vegan

Why People Choose To Become Vegan

A lot of people can’t seem to understand, that becoming a vegan is more than just a choice of dietary needs, sometimes there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. I have my own personal reasons for choosing to become vegan, but as I mentioned, a lot of other people have made their own decisions, which could be due to the effect on the environment, their health and much more. In fact I would like to go through a list of reasons why people often decide to become vegan, right below, perhaps you’ll understand the others that have decided to go down this difficult road or maybe even decide to rethink your own consumer decisions after reading it, either way you gain a lot of knowledge about becoming a vegan and the environment just by reading this, so please keep reading.

Health – Perhaps one of the popular reasons to go vegan, a lot of people are after the many wonderful health bonuses that comes up with choosing this dietary and lifestyle path. By removing unwanted meat by products from our body, the body can really heal itself and improve its functions to the best of its abilities. Plus by taking in more vegetables and nutrients into your body, you will be able to create an environment that will allow your organs to fully function properly. This is an ideal situation and can be created from the consumption of tasty and healthy meals, while steadily keeping up a proper exercise routine as well.

Environment – The ramifications of consuming items as a vegan cannot be disputed, the effects it has on our very limited resources and environment is nothing short of amazing. When you decide not to consume meat or other animal products, the caretaking, assuming you can say that for a lot of the animals ready for slaughter, sorry I just had to say, could be reallocated for other needs. Say the gallons upon gallons of water that they allot for cows or the feeding grounds of cows, can be reserved for other needs. The acres of land reserved for raising and grazing animals, can be used to grow produce instead. The effects on our environment is staggering and should be known to all.

For the love of animals – Quite a few people, no let’s say more than a few in fact, a lot, lot, lot of people love animals and why wouldn’t you? This is one of the reasons why a lot of people decide to become a vegan or even try it, they love animals and they don’t want to bring them any harm, thus the ideal is to lead a life where you do not consume or hurt the environment so that the animals can live a peaceful and happy life. For a vegan and many others, this is a driving force why they continue to choose the vegan environment and consumer lifestyle, it really helps the slaughtering and the subjugation of many other animals to provide for us, when the land and many other options already exist for us to consume. There is no need for us to go out of our way to cause harm to other existing and conscious beings just to continue our own way of life, alright that is a very zen way of seeing things but I honestly believe that and I’m sure many others do as well.

People’s reasons for going vegan may vary, but one sure thing it does is boost good health.

Sustainability – As mentioned earlier, choosing the vegan option is a more sustainable path as it does not take a ridiculous amount of resources to provide for the vegan environment or dietary needs. The vegetables and other foods, are easily renewable with proper care, in fact a lot of people who choose to be vegan, grow their own food. Can you imagine? Being free of the supermarket or other needs from that either cause you to pay a lot and even more, go out of your way to buy. The wonderful thing about consuming things that you grew on your own, you will be able to tell that it was done with a lot of love and less chemicals, pesticides or preservatives, which will really help your body heal itself from the years of animal products it needs to remove. Having total control of your consumption and needs is ideal, and I’ll be honest, while it is a lot of work, I would love having everything I need ready in my backyard.

Moral reasons – The use and slaughter of animals does not sit well with a lot of people, even non vegan people see ethical and moral reasons why animals ready for slaughter need to be treated humanely. In the end however, as a vegan, even if they are treated from start to end, but in the end their life will end due to being readied for consumption, which is still unacceptable. The moral concept of being raised simply to become a meal is cruel bordering on inhumane and needs to be stopped. While picketing and live lobbying is an option, I prefer to share my knowledge and hopefully get more people to become vegan or at least cut down on meat every so often, just by cutting back on chicken once a meal every week, you can save quite a few lives, think about how much you’re really changing with each decision you make on your plate.

Logic – Hear me out on this one, given all the myriad of reasons above and the combination of them, have lead quite a few people to becoming a vegan, which is pretty much the logical step. Health, morality, sustainability and much more, the logical path for both your body and the environment is vegan. In the end choosing this lifestyle will not only better your body but it will really and literally spare thousands of lives, with each dish you choose not to consume animal by products, you give another reason to release a chicken or a cow or even a pig. By not choosing to drink dairy milk, you now give the poor old cow a day or two to rest and graze like it was meant to. Becoming a vegan has so many positive effects that the logical path is to become one, sure you can test it out but if you really agree with it, the path goes that way, why fight it?

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, some of the best reasons to become a vegan and help save the environment. While there are a lot of people who still choose to consume animal by products, there is no need to worry however I do hope that reading this will convince them of skipping at least one meal of meat maybe once a week, eating meat is not needed it is a choice, and I am hoping that at least once in awhile, you make the conscious effort to avoid it, for both the environment and yourself. Stay healthy!

Vegan Pets, Is It Safe For Them?

Vegan Pets: Is it Safe For Them?

Animals are a driving factor for a lot of people, regardless if it is your pet or you want to help or make the life easier for animals, either case it is apparent that many people love them. For vegans, one of the considering factors of going on the rather difficult lifestyle change could be in consideration for these animals who cannot speak for themselves. I know several people who have turned to veganism because they love animals and don’t want to cause them any harm, heck they even have vegan pets who they have also put on their lifestyle choice.

Now this is where the debate comes in, for many of you, I‘m sure you’ve heard about the whole vegan pets debate as to how you cannot force a predominantly carnivorous animal to be without meat. I’ll admit this is a rather heated debate among regular pets and vegan pets, but it really is because we all have a passion for animals that we continue to discuss it now. So just to shed a little light on the topic, I wrote down a few of the favorite animals that we usually have in our houses, and I want to make sure that they are classified as a possible choice for vegan pets or otherwise.

Dogs – Considered man’s best friend, this is perhaps one of the most debated vegan pets out there. However it is in their nature that they are omnivores, so technically speaking they should be able to survive on a steady diet of vegan options and continue to live healthily as one of the ideal vegan pets. Among the animals on the list, this is one of the more meat loving animals but that is because they are exposed to it, it is possible to feed them a vegan diet and they will continue to be healthy.

dog and carrot
Dogs can possibly be on a vegan diet since they are omnivores.

Cats – This is even trickier than the last, research has shown that cats are primarily carnivorous meaning that a diet of meat of some kind must be introduced to the animals’ diet. However I have several vegan people who will attest to cats being great vegan pets who are healthy and strong to this day. I’m on the fence here and I think further research is needed, so if you are considering on adopting a few animals but want them to be vegan pets, hold off on the cat decision for now.

Rabbits – One of the more popular options for vegan pets, after all it only eats vegetables so changing it to a vegan diet is not at all impossible. So if you’re looking for a good option for vegan pets, this is the one you want to gravitate towards.

Small birds – I’ll admit this is a little broad, however getting into too much species of animals can really get exhausting. As for which can be vegan pets, usually small birds like parrots, lovebirds and a number more are good options, it’s not like I know a lot of people with pet vultures, eagles or hawks, those need meat and won’t make very good vegan pets.

Fish – Again, much like birds the list differs quite a bit. If you get a piranha or a shark, well that would be a bad idea for your choice for vegan pets but if you stick with small fish animals, goldfish, monitor fish and more, you can definitely manage a vegan diet for them.

rabbit eating
Rabbits live in a plant-based eating habit.

Hamsters – They say that these little balls of fluff and cuteness are a definite go for the vegan pets category, which is likely as they don’t really eat meat. However as animals, I know for a fact that they sometimes eat their young, for whatever reason is not really known to me, but if that’s a concern for you regarding it as an option for vegan pets, I just wanted it out in the open.

Turtles – Another omnivore on the list of animals, the turtle may not be that easy to make predominantly a vegan. After all if a bug or something crawls into the vegan pets home, well it is likely to eat it and that pretty much cancels your vegan plans, so maybe not the easiest option out there.

Well that’s a pretty short and comprehensive list, but hope it helps you decide if you want to adopt one of the animals above and if their diet can suit your beliefs. Vegan pets in essence don’t exist as being a vegan is a choice, and usually animals will instinctively eat vegetarian or some meat, so if you have vegan pets, that is entirely up to you and your decision alone. Make a smart decision and make sure that your pet gets the proper care. Stay healthy!

Review: The Vegan Nom

REVIEW: The Vegan Nom, Austin TX

Austin Texas is rich in food places every traveler (or anybody else for that matter) would definitely need to try out and enjoy. I wanted to focus on the vegan places to dine at and share them to everyone who’s interested in eating healthy on the go. I’m so excited to share with you my first eat out review!
The Vegan Nom is a taco food truck on Austin’s eastside off Cesar Chavez.  It’s mostly tacos and your Tex Mex faves like vegan chips and nachos and guacamole. You can choose from the menu or build your own taco. Everyday there’s a special “$2 Taco” and today’s was “Migas”.
I tend to shy away from faux cheese or processed vegan foods but I was feeling adventurous and decided to try the Migas. I liked it, the tofu scramble was the right texture and the combo of cheeses, chips and bell peppers was delicious.  I think it’s a great choice for someone who is new to vegan food but willing to try something kind of familiar. The salsas provided, one green and one orange, weren’t that spicy. I also had the spinach, mushrooms and caramelized onion taco and that was definitely more my style but it was not seasoned and a little bland but I’m a fan of the use of whole foods. I wish the salsas had more flavor because that would be an easy fix.
We also tried the chips and nacho cheese. I honestly didn’t care much for it because it is served room temperature like a hummus and I prefer nacho cheese piping hot but Thomas seemed to like it.
The grand finale and probably the highlight of the food was the dessert: vegan Twinkies!  Super sweet, oily and incredibly delicious with our coffees from Sister Coffee next door. Thomas had a Grilled Avocado Royals off of the Signature Tacos menu which he says he always gets so it must be good.
Twinkies! I love ’em!


I can’t say right off the bat that I am a fan of The Vegan Nom but I’ll most definitely come explore more of the menu.
Looking forward to my next eat out adventure and I surely will be sharing my review! Stay healthy!
10 Shops That Are Vegan For Beauty

10 Shops That Are Vegan For Beauty

Being a vegan can be as easy and as difficult as you make it to be, admittedly it can be easier for some and a bit more difficult for others. The only thing you can be sure of is if you just turned vegan, it will take some adjusting to the lifestyle. Now for the ladies and quite a few gentlemen out there, beauty is still important to them but keeping it organic, safe and vegan friendly is just as important too. That is why, I am happy to share this list of shops that can happily provide beauty products that will be good for you, for the vegan lifestyle and even offer several organic products too.

Arbonne Intelligence – Looking for some products that have never been tested on animals before? Well then Arbonne Intelligence is the brand for you. Offering some of the most innovative beauty and organic products that is good for your vegan lifestyle and belief.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – This brand is 100% vegan, can you imagine that? Not only will you be getting some premium beauty products that are organic and great for your skin, but you’ll sleep easy knowing that no animals suffered to make you look fabulous, which you do, don’t you?

Pacifica – I am loving this list already, look at this line up? Pacifica has a crazy line up of beauty products that can really make your night, aside from being 100% vegan as well, this product line has some amazing items that you’ll definitely want on your makeup table.

Nature’s Gate – Eco friendly and organic, the beauty products of Nature’s Gate is pretty vast such as hand lotions, conditioner, and so much more. While not being completely vegan, the beauty products offered in this shop can really range and can cover pretty much any need that may arise.

Beauty Without Cruelty – Certified by the Vegan Society, this particular beauty product has its name say it all. Founded awhile back, even before being a vegan was widely accepted, this company is one of the pioneers of being animal friendly. I salute it and look forward to grabbing a few products that will make me look great.

ColorProof Evolved Color Care – Looking for some beauty products to color your hair? Look no further than ColorProof Evolved Color Care especially if you are vegan.

Certain Dri – Sometimes when the tough gets going, you need an antiperspirant to keep you going and if you are a vegan, this doctor prescribed antiperspirant is the perfect beauty product for you. Perhaps not completely organic but if you need some strong sweating problems you’ll want to ask your doctor about it right away.

EcotoolsBeauty products don’t amount to much if you don’t have the right tools to use it with. And if you are vegan and looking for something organic, Ecotools are the right brushes for you. Boasting of being vegan friendly and recyclable, Ecotools are the ideal product for those who want to continue their vegan lifestyle.

Bare Bones Body Care – Immediately on their site, Bare Bones Body Care shows that they are animal friendly, which makes me smile as a vegan quite quickly. Skin care is no joke and having organic items ready is pretty great, and the beauty products offered in this shop is a wonderful spread of options that makes your skin happy, plus the planet happy too.

Fanciful Fox – Pucker up and get ready to be even more kissable. Otherwise maybe you just don’t want chapped lips either? That works too. This vegan friendly lip balm, along with a number of other beauty products has some of the most organic ingredients in the market available. As soon as you check their website you’ll see a slide about how proud they are to be vegan, which makes me even happier to purchase a number of products from them.

There we have it, some vegan friendly beauty shops available pretty much wherever. Ranging from organic ingredients to a number of plenty others, you’ll want to get your hands on these various beauty products to make sure that you continue to shine even after making the all important vegan switch, happy living and stay healthy!

Mistakes Vegans Make When Trying To Lose Weight

Mistakes Vegans Make When Trying To Lose Weight

Diets can be difficult for anyone, vegans included. People immediately assume that if you are vegan, weight loss isn’t a problem or it isn’t one of your concerns, but let me tell you, a difficult diet can affect anyone. While diets can be as easy or as difficult as you want them to be, truth of the matter is it depends on who you are and how your lifestyle will be affected, let’s not forget the degree of difficulty of the diet itself, but truth of the matter is, it doesn’t matter if you are on a vegan lifestyle or a regular diet, mistakes can be made. In fact I’ve written this article for that very reason, let’s look at some of the more common mistakes that vegan people make as they are trying to get some weight loss going.

Just because it’s vegan, it’s good for you – Let’s not start this shall we? Not all foods are created equal and even though it is vegan, does not mean it is good for weight loss. Make sure you avoid this common mistake as it is a big one! Just because a food item is vegan, doesn’t mean you can go to town on it, technically a rather popular cookie brand with chocolate cookies on both side and a middle white sweet center is vegan friendly doesn’t mean that eating that for your primary diet will assure weight loss, no matter how often you twist, lick and dunk it, just eating cookies for a whole day won’t be good for you. So the sooner you avoid this mistake the better.

Going processed – As soon as you start a vegan diet, you feel as though all vegan products will help you with your weight loss, the idea of not having animal by products in whatever you are consuming gives you a feeling of relaxation. Well this is a bad idea altogether. The fact that you are thinking that just because it’s vegan it can’t be too bad for you (see my point above once more), really opens up the doors for processed foods. If you are focusing on weight loss, never ever go with processed foods. Stick with the healthy, fresh items and you’ll be doing pretty well in the weight loss category as long as you don’t go nuts on the carbs.

post-workout snack
Stick to the healthy ones no matter how tempting unhealthy foods are especially after workout.

Forgetting the exercise – A diet, regardless if it is a vegan, all vegetable, no carb diet, can only do so much. A healthy body and proper weight loss needs exercise period. There are no two ways about this, just because you started eating healthier it doesn’t mean you can forget going to the gym or hitting the open road. As a vegan, it is great that you are helping your body cleanse itself and really help the environment, but that does not stop you from getting the proper exercise that you direly need. No matter how good a diet your weight loss plans have, without getting a good sweat on, you’re going to hit a rather hard and tough wall, so make sure you plan this out properly.

Eating too many healthy fats – While healthy fats are great, they can help maintain your cholesterol and pretty much help with weight loss in the long run. However in our ever-increasing need to increase the intake of the good fats, we tend to ignore everything else that comes along with consuming the food. Once more we tend to think that just because it is vegan friendly, we can consume as much as we want, plus with healthy fats, it’s good for us right? Well yes and no, true healthy fats will help you with weight loss, however if you eat more, you will also get more calories, it does come with the food that you’re eating and your body can only take so much. So if you end up eating too much, you’ll not only lose your way to weight loss, you’ll even gain more if you keep at it, regardless if the food is vegan friendly or not.

Skipping out on the protein – Well this isn’t just a problem for a vegan who is aiming for weight loss, this could be a lot of people’s problems. Protein is a very basic building block for the body and everybody needs it in order to really grow and be healthy. People tend to think that just because you are vegan that you won’t get enough protein, but we know for a fact that there are a lot of sources of protein other than animal meat such as legumes, seeds, chickpeas and so much more. Now as someone looking for some weight loss, they tend to avoid the food items mentioned, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Research has shown with proper consumption of protein and regular exercise, the results have shown an increase in weight loss. For vegan or non-vegan people, the consumption of protein is important even during weight loss, so make sure you get enough of it in your diet.

Getting bored with your food – Okay, so being a vegan limits you by a little since you can’t have animal by products, with a diet on as well for weight loss, it scratches off a few more items off your list. While there are a ton of things that you can actually cook up, people tend to feel constricted during a diet and eventually get bored with their food, which then makes it easier to cheat on. Quite frankly you’ll have to look for the solution for this weight loss challenge. As a vegan the options as mentioned before aren’t few at all, if you know what you’re doing in the kitchen or you know a good restaurant that has very specific meals with counted calories, you are in the home stretch already. The culinary world is an adventure waiting to be uncovered, it just needs a little willpower to get through it, even on a diet, the options are crazy broad, you just have to know where to look.

green salad
Nope. Salad isn’t your ONLY option!

Being vegan is a trend – Well some people think this, and it isn’t right at all. The vegan diet can be tough but it is a lifestyle choice, not necessarily just a diet or a fad that you can give up as soon as you hit your goals. While most of the time becoming a vegan to get a step up with weight loss is a sound idea, I hope that the cleansing feeling will get you hooked on it and you choose to follow through with that lifestyle. It’s more than something that you do at a whim and it’s something that has a lasting affect on not only to ourselves, but on everyone else as well. It’s something you should really consider and think about.

And there you have it, some of the most common mistakes of vegan people during a weight loss extravaganza. Make sure to take these into account if you are trying to shed off some of that unwanted waistline, but in the end all that really matters is how you feel and do. The mistakes above can either make or break your weight loss goals as a vegan. Stay healthy!

Vegan Festivals And Events

The world is turning vegan! Well not really but at the very least it is much more vegan friendly than ever, with so many events out there, it makes you feel like my initial statement is true. Awhile back there would only be a handful of people who were taking the vegan lifestyle seriously and back then they had people looking at them as if they were crazy, nowadays however almost every other house has a vegan or two just enjoying their new found lifestyle and even restaurants have started offering vegan options, that is no simple turn of events my friends, let me tell you that. Anyways here is a quick list of some rather popular events that are vegan centered to really get your vegan on!

US – Let’s start off with what’s in our own backyard, after all if the events are within arms reach, let’s enjoy them!

Ashville Vegan Fest – Have fun in Ashville, with the Ashville Vegan Fest where you can enjoy some awesome vegan meals, get some cruelty free products and so much more.

Vegan Street Fair – When we are talking about vegan events, how can we not mention the Vegan Street Fair? Bring the entire family and enjoy the day and night, dancing, eating and drinking. The organizers promise an even better time this year than the last, so what else are you waiting for?

Vegan Street Fair
The Vegan Street Fair is very much ready for 2017!

Vegan Beer Fest – The Vegan Beer Fest in California is a very well known vegan event, the beer events of all vegan beer events in my opinion. Enjoy some live music while you sample beers, wines and much more in this vegan event, for sure you’ll have the time of your life.

Vegan Faire – Located in good old Anaheim, this beer and wine celebration will really cater to vegan people and will showcase a number of unforgettable booths, workshops and so much more, make sure to clear up your entire day as you’ll be sure to spend it there.

DC Veg Fest – While not being predominantly vegan, this Veg Fest as you have it will have over 130 vendors that will really catch your eye, while you enjoy the live music, the beer and if you have your family with you, the Kid’s activity area, one of the many events that the entire family can enjoy. Keep your eyes open for multiple locations for the Veg Fest events, you’ll be glad to join pretty much most of them.

Chicago Vegan Mania – When you are in Chicago, make sure if you are attending any vegan events, this is the one you make it to. With attendance, workshops and presentations from a number of well known vegan celebrities, this event is gearing up to be a big hitter. Bring the kids too, not only will they have a lot of fun, they will enjoy the festivities as well.

Europe – By some chance you are in Europe check out these events catered to us as people who enjoy the vegan lifestyle.

Indian cuisine by Nishma of Shambhu’s – When you enjoy the vegan lifestyle, there’s a very good chance that you like Indian cuisine. If that sounds like you, then this is one of the events you should keep a look out for. The ins and outs of Indian cuisine can be tricky, but with this vegan event, you’ll definitely learn some great recipes, some awesome tips and much more.

VegFest UK vegan festival
VegFest UK is right up this October!

VegFest Oahu – Looking for a vegan friendly event that the entire family can enjoy? Then turn to the VegFest Oahu, where you can enjoy a lot of events rolled into one happy vegan festival. Eat vegan food from local restaurants and hear some inspirational speakers talk about the environment, health and much more, definitely something you can bring the entire family to.

The Garden of Eden, Vegan Fair – Well with a name like that you can really expect some wonderful vegan events on this site, and quite frankly with some live music, vegan food and a vegan bar even, plus much more, I don’t think you will be leaving disappointed.

Vegan Cruise in France – Ah France, what could make it even more special? How about a vegan cruise, that just puts a lot of other events to shame? Well sign me up! Join the famous blogger Fat Gay Vegan, I kid you not that’s his name, and take a cruise around the lovely French countryside. Fall in love, eat well and live better, sounds like one of the great vegan events that you can join.

Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival – Now that vegans are known to be very health conscious, if you want one of your events this year to be focused on yoga, meditations and life changing workshops, then you have got to join this event. Again this event is called a festival so expect some great music, exhibitors, organic food and so, so much more. A definite must for those who want to improve their overall health and mindset, plus it’s always good to let go of your wilder vegan every so often.

Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival
Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival is scheduled this November.

Animal Aid Christmas Fair – Indulge in some vegan friendly food, while happily going through stalls and stalls of animal-free shops. Among all the Christmas events listed here so far, Animal Aid wants to make sure while we enjoy our holidays our animal friends will be safe from any cruelty that may befall them due to our enjoyment. You can find gifts, souvenirs and mach more in the fair, you’ll love the vegan food ready for consumption as three vegan caterers will be there for this year’s event.

Gosh if I could keep going on other events that are catered to the vegan lifestyle, we’d be here for weeks at a time but for now let’s cut it off there. Both Europe and the US have some pretty great options as events goes, the only hard part is planning which one to go to. Personally there are so many that I want to attend my head is simply spinning, but that’s the great thing about being a vegan nowadays – choices, choices oh so many glorious choices. Stay healthy!

5 Best Vegan Blogs

5 Best Vegan Blogs

As a vegan, I am not afraid to say that I am still learning, and I am proud to say that thanks to the information technology that have reached unprecedented heights, information is as easy as clicking a link or two. With that being said there are a ton of vegan sites out there, some are full of useful information that can really help a beginner vegan out. Some of these sites have entertaining topics, great recipes, wonderful tips and extremely useful exercises, much like my own blog if I might be bold enough to say. Anyways, the internet is full of these great vegan sites that can really help you get a leg up.

Minimalist Baker – Baking vegan can be a challenge but log on this, one of the most informative vegan sites that really helps you figure out some wonderful recipes that are of course vegan friendly. Highly suggested for those who have a sweet tooth or miss those old tasty cakes or cookies that are no longer acceptable in your diet, go to this site and get that craving done.

The Viet Vegan – This is a recipe blog that is written by a vegan, but what really pulls it apart from other vegan sites is that the recipes have a nice Vietnamese twist in virtually most of the recipes if not all. Vietnamese cuisine is simply delicious. Given the use of flavored broths, meats and fish sauce for usual Vietnamese cooking, this site will really help you get that craving completed and the recipes here are to die for, check it out and get your pho on!

Fork and Beans – Sometimes there are snacks or food that you will miss when you’ve turned vegan, especially those packed little snacks that you know are full of preservatives and are bad for you but always tasty to munch on. Well look no further than this website. Among the vegan sites, the Fork and Beans website really helps you feel like you aren’t on a dietary restriction by providing you with vegan friendly recipes that are great copies of the original, such as baked cheetos, healthy animal shaped crackers, pop tarts and so much more.

Oh Lady Cakes – These are some of the tastiest baked ideas I have ever seen among all the other vegan sites I have gone through. Another baking dedicated blog and the humor and wit that comes along with the writing is a wonderful to see. This site has a little something for everyone, best for people who want to have a little fun in the kitchen.

Toppings on toppings on toppings on the best waffles I've ever made. 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼 #vegan

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Pickles and Honey – This vegan site is great for those who are in a hurry or just have a few ingredients in the pantry, as the recipes here are based on very easy and little ingredients or as quick as one, two and three. Awesome site for people who are rather in a hurry or can’t really go too in depth into a ton of recipes.

There you have it people, some great sites that you can visit aside from my own, again I am tooting my own horn but please allow me to do so. These vegan sites have a lot to share and are wonderful reads, and some great advice, please do take the time to visit and create some wonderful memories with them. Stay healthy!

Vegans Of The Olympics

Vegans Of The Olympics

The Olympics: the battlegrounds of some of the godliest strong, fast, agile and so much more people in the world. This is the proving grounds of those who tower above all the rest and they have been doing so with one target in mind – gold. Yet even among those who are doing their best in the Rio Olympics, it is not a surprise to see a vegan or two among them. I am proud to know that there are quite a few role models out there to show how being a vegan can not only allow you to do great things, it helps you achieve amazing results as well. I am now happy to share with you the list of vegan athletes who are competing in the Rio Olympics today and even those who competed in earlier Olympics as well.

Kendrick Farris – The only sole entrant to America’s weightlifter competition in the Rio Olympics is a proud vegan. The towering behemoth of a man, is so passionate about his family, his health and being a vegan, it is a wonder how one of the most powerful people in the world can continue to do his sport while being a vegan, but that just goes to show that if you take care of your body, it will do many great things. Farris continues on to share how he wants to be more than an inspiration in nutrition wise and would love to be a shining example about being a strong family, having good faith and how anyone can be anything they want to be. He is a shining example and one that I hope a lot of people will soon follow.

Carl Lewis – Perhaps one of the most famous vegan track and field stars there ever was. In 1991 Lewis had changed his diet from becoming a vegetarian to a vegan and went on to have one of the most stellar years of his career. He continues to be a great example to all vegan people and is still a hall of famer in my books, I hope that his words written in an introduction to Jannequin Bennett’s book “Very Vegetarian”, continues to echo through the generations. Lewis writes: “It’s a myth that muscles, strength, and endurance require the consumption of large quantities of animal-based foods.” Striking a note in all of us, vegan or otherwise and I can only pray that it reaches the ears of other athletes in the Rio Olympics as well.

Venus Williams – The tennis superstar is indeed a vegan and is proudly participating in the Rio Olympics as well. Williams is another shining example of becoming a vegan, where she is doing it for health reasons and to get an edge on her competition, as reports say. She has been a vegan for about 2 or 3 years and is an outspoken advocate who continues to inspire more people to become vegan. I salute her and wish her nothing but the best for the Rio Olympics.

I am going to retire undefeated. This Bethe is just one step on the way. #UFC190 #Aug1st #andSTILL

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Ronda Rousey – The MMA superstar has had her bouts with becoming a vegan, in fact after her stint in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, she turned towards becoming a vegan. As most of you know, she continued on to become one of the most talked about female MMA stars in the UFC and continues to be a mainstay to this day. Although she is not participating in the Rio Olympics, I am hopeful that her experience as a vegan will resonate with a lot of people and continue to further the cause.

Cam Awesome – A USA boxing representative in the Rio Olympics has been confirmed to be a proud vegan. He has been a vegan for over 4 years now and continues to be a strong advocate for the lifestyle and beliefs of becoming a vegan. Quite a few people are surprised that a boxer can continue the vegan lifestyle considering the power and endurance you need for boxing however that’s exactly what a vegan diet and lifestyle will give you if you really know about it and Awesome believes that and shares that perspective.

Meagan Duhamel – The figure skater who participated in the Sochi Olympics, is another vegan on the list of Olympic athletes. Although she is not participating in the Rio Olympics, Duhamel shared that she tried becoming a vegan to work her way up to the 2010 Olympics but she liked it so much that she continued the diet and lifestyle for much longer than that. The silver medalist simply read a book about being a vegan and opted to choose the lifestyle, leaving such an impression on her she continued to do so, isn’t that just a great story?

Murray Rose – The Australian swimmer who won four, count it, four gold medals and was poised to win more if he wasn’t banned from the Tokyo Olympics for missing the Australian championship. In his passing in 2012, he was remembered as a person who did the unconventional diet at a time when eating meat was the norm and at the time he was doing his diet, people would fairly be in awe of it. He was known for his uncontested skill as a swimmer and his vegan lifestyle, in fact his nickname was known as “The Seaweed Streak.”

Alexey Voevoda – The Russian bobsledder and professional arm wrestler, quite a stark contrast I believe is a proud vegan as well. Although not participating in the Rio Olympics he won two gold medals in the Sochi Olympics a few years back. He initially started the vegan diet as getting healthier and how it would improve his body, however as he stayed on the diet he realized that he was happy and he loved animals, so he continued the diet and gained the views of the lifestyle as well. It is good that he also shared some of his words with PETA UK in 2014, saying how he is a happy vegan and how he continues on with the lifestyle, I hope his shining example and vegan outlook continues to encourage others to join in.


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Morgan Mitchell – The Australian sprinter who is part of the Rio Olympics is a vegan and continues to be a shining example to a lot of us. Perhaps one of the fastest sprinters in the world, Mitchell attributes her speed and energy to the vegan diet. She has been a vegan for a year and a half already and that really changed her in so many ways, aside from being stronger, faster, and even more energized, she has really received a better outlook in life and she loves how her choice is helping the environment.

There you have it, some current Rio Olympics athletes and past Olympic athletes who were or still are vegan. Allow this to really throw off the impression that vegan people are weak and are hampered by the lifestyle and diet choice, this shows that any vegan can become anything they want to be while helping the environment. I really believe that these will not be the last vegans we will hear of in the Olympics and I can only look forward to hearing more wonderful things about them. Stay healthy!

Inspirational Celebrity Vegans

Inspirational Celebrity Vegans

As a vegan, who is not ashamed to admit that I am still learning so much, there are so many inspirational celebrity vegans who have really helped me reach where I am today. They are fairly much institutional names when you mention anything vegan, you can find their names quite easily. As for me, I am really inspired by these people and look up to them as a health enthusiast, a vegan and a person in general. I am happy to share with you some of the most inspirational celebrity vegans that I know of.

Alicia Silverstone – The Clueless star, which I loved her in by the way, who didn’t? Anyhow Alicia Silverstone has been a vegan since she was 21 years old, and using her influence as a movie star, she started her blog and started to share her life as a vegan, often posting inspirational stories, events and more to really get your motivation going. It is good to see that her early life of fame did not hinder her from following the vegan lifestyle and as well as a being an advocate for that kind life. Again I am a super fan of hers and she continues to be a strong inspirational source for me, while being who she is. Kudos to her!

Paul McCartney – Sir Paul McCartney, perhaps at one point was indeed a vegan but is now more of an advocate for vegetarian lifestyle. He is still a wonderfully bright beacon of motivation for a lot of people. He knows how cruel and inhumane the treatment of animals are within slaughterhouses and urges people to choose the vegetarian lifestyle. Add to that his immense popularity from the ever popular Beatles, this man is an institute beyond a healthy lifestyle, pretty much every household knows his name and I hope he continues the good fight to really get a lot of people to turn towards the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, he is a wonderful influencer and inspirational to boot.

Mayim BialikThe Big Bang Theory star has been a vegan since she was 19-years-old, can you imagine that? I don’t know about you but I was still a vegetarian then and still learning the ropes, but again at that young age she already went for the vegan lifestyle, that alone is amazing in itself. She has released a vegan cookbook since then and continues to be an inspirational source of veganism, I hope that she continues to provide motivation to others follow her stead and get some more people to try the vegan lifestyle. And I cannot stop loving her character from the popular TV show, I mean who could, right?

James Cromwell – “That’ll do pig, that’ll do…” oh shivers. This actor is an animal rights activist and a very outspoken vegan. I really think he is an inspirational man to everyone, given that he has been a wonderful actor for so many years, he continues to be a driving motivation for so many people like myself, who just want to let others know that together we can change a lot of things with something as simple as our daily choices.

Ariana Grande – The popular singer is indeed a vegan since 2013 and the wonderful thing is, she continues the lifestyle to this day. Her love of animals has turned her to the healthier lifestyle and has chosen to continue her fight for their rights as well as the continued advocacy of the vegan lifestyle. A wonderfully inspirational young celebrity that a lot of kids look up to, I hope she keeps up her motivational lifestyle and that a lot of people choose to follow her.

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Woody Harrelson – The Hunger Games star has been a vegan for over 10 years, that’s an amazing achievement on its own but he continues to this day to live the healthy lifestyle. Providing motivation to the manliest of men, this actor has been a wonderful role model for a lot of people. There is even some news that he inspired Liam Hemsworth to choose the vegan lifestyle, if that isn’t enough of an inspirational reason for you to join then I’m not sure what is.

Ellen Page – Another actress who is a strong supporter of her vegan lifestyle, she is outspoken and inspirational for a lot of people, myself included. She continues to share her views on the vegan lifestyle and how it affects not only herself but everyone on the planet, in the hopes that it will turn others towards this moral choice. A motivation to teens to young adults and maybe even further, I really applaud her for using her influence in the right way.

Moby – The famous musician has and still is a vegan for over 30 staggering years. He shares with The Rolling Stone his reasons for choosing the vegan lifestyle after a long stint of vegetarianism, as he does not want to be part of the animals suffering in anyway. A motivation both musically and lifestyle-wise, this man is a powerful driving factor for the vegan lifestyle.

Peter DinklageThe Game of Thrones star, or should I say superstar? Is a very outspoken, according to PETA and he continues to support the lifestyle. As perhaps one of the favorite celebrities of our time, the actor keeps going towards the heights of coolness when you know that he had a vegetarian diet even as a child, isn’t that simply amazing?

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James Cameron – The director of the ever-famous Titanic shares that the option to eat animals is just that, a choice and now that moves on to question the morality of that choice. A vegan to this day, he continues to support the efforts of others as a motivation and source of inspiration.

Sia – The quirky singer with the trademark look but still hidden face, has been a vegan since 2014, perhaps one of the more normal things as others point out but again the singing superstar has indeed left a wonderful inspiration to a lot of people. I hope her lifestyle proves to be a motivation for others to put down the animal products in their life and turn to a cruelty free standard of living.

Joaquin Phoenix – Since the age of 3, Joaquin Phoenix has been a vegan. Let that sink in for a bit. He has single handedly been a motivation for other actors and actresses to turn towards the healthier way of life, and has even made a critically acclaimed documentary that just proves to be an inspirational beacon for others to follow.

Ffor those of you who want to really find inspirational people or celebrities to follow on the road of becoming a vegan, look to this list. There are still so many other celebrities who are vegan and stand as wonderful motivation for so many people. Again I look towards them and hope they continue the good fight, we need all the help we can get to promote this healthy standard of living and we want more people to join our side. Additionally if you plan to start becoming a vegan, it wouldn’t hurt to do some research on how to get you on this green healthy lifestyle. Stay healthy!

Bedtime Drink to Blast Belly Fat

Bedtime Drink to Blast Belly Fat

As you get that well deserved night’s sleep after a grueling day, your brain is probably working overtime with thoughts of weight loss: you are already mentally counting the calories in your head for tomorrow’s meals, figuring where to get those extra steps so that you will meet your walking target or what time you will hit the gym tomorrow to get a good workout in. While that’s all and good, what if I told you however that I have a list of a bedtime drink or two that will help you lose belly fat as you sleep? Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Well keep on reading my good friends, as it is time to share the bedtime drink that will blast that belly fat!

Note that the following list of course needs to be supported with regular diet, a steady workout and of course a good handle on snacking. A bedtime drink along side a full plate of pizza or a late night burger doesn’t count, it is best consumed maybe a few minutes before you hit the sack or intend to turn in if you really want to lose belly fat.

A warm glass of milk – The classic and often clichéd bedtime drink is one of the greats indeed. This of course work both for those inside and outside of the vegan lifestyle (almond milk works perfectly, and it’s vegan!). Take a nice, warm glass before bed in order to get better sleep. Getting better sleep leads to less cravings the next day, less cravings leads to less snacking, which in turn leads to weight loss and the eventual target to lose belly fat. So if you are tossing and turning at night quite a bit, make sure to have a tall, warm glass of milk as a bedtime drink and you should see some good results in a few weeks or so.

almond milk
Almond milk is an excellent source of calcium, which helps the brain make melatonin. Plus, warm milk may spark pleasant and relaxing memories of your mother helping you fall asleep. (source: webmd.com)

Chamomile tea – If I haven’t been singing praises of tea enough, then I haven’t been doing it right. Chamomile tea makes for a wonderful bedtime drink as it also provides you with a good night of rest. As mentioned before, getting a full night’s sleep is really good for you as it helps regulate your hunger the next day, regulated hunger means you won’t needlessly reach for whatever is lying around which is highly not good for you, thus you gain weight and move further away from your weight loss goals. So if milk isn’t your er… cup of tea, reach for a cup of tea as a bedtime drink, chamomile tea to be precise!

Lemon and cucumber juice – This concoction of tasty ingredients is easy and fast to make. All you need is a lemon, cucumber, some ginger and a touch of parsley along with water and mix it altogether. As many of you know, lemon water really helps you lose belly fat, along with cucumber, which is great for fairly much any diet out there, this bedtime drink will help you lose weight as you sleep. The weight loss is due to the increase in metabolism thanks to this bedtime drink, as well as the natural diuretic effect it brings, which help you get things going in the morning. If you are looking for a powerful bedtime drink, this is perhaps one of the most useful ones albeit the extra effort to make it but even then most of the ingredients are easily found in a supermarket near you and let’s face it, if you want to move forward with weight loss, that little extra effort is worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

Lemon water – Assuming the prior combination is a little too much for you to make, I think a glass of lemon water is enough of a substitute for a bedtime drink. I dedicated a whole article to the benefits of drinking lemon water and I can’t sing its praises enough times. It really is a wonderful detox drink that clears up the system and helps you get some much needed nutrients as well, it is wise to keep a glass by your bed if you want to move forward with your weight loss and if you really want to lose belly fat fast, maybe consume several glasses of lemon water within the day and not limit it to a bedtime drink only.

A tall glass of water – Well this should be pretty standard in most ideas for a bedtime drink. If all the complicated stuff is a little too much for you, make sure that you drink a glass of water before you sleep. The body needs to stay hydrated in order to work its magic against fats and calories, so it is ideal to keep yourself as hydrated as possible in order to maximize your bodily function, in turn of course this will lead to weight loss. As a bedtime drink, water is as simple as it gets but of course it could get a little dull in the long run for some but keep at it and you’ll experience effects such as your goal to lose belly fat.

chamomile tea
Chamomile tea is best known for its calming effects. You can never go wrong with this after a stressful day!

Pear detox – This is a different mixture that will help regulate your tummy: get a pear, a lemon, some cucumber slices and a tablespoon of honey, and mix it altogether. This will help regulate your metabolism, while making sure that your body is well hydrated and healthy. Additionally studies have shown that this will help regulate appetite for the next day, again helping you in the battle against weight loss, so as a bedtime drink, this meets pretty much everything you want it to do. You’ll start to see some lasting effects after a week or two, especially if you want to lose belly fat along the way.

Grape juice – Normally juice before you sleep is a little off but this time, grape juice is the perfect bedtime drink to have before going to sleep. Research has found that grape juice can turn your body into a fat burning machine. As long as your grape juice is 100% natural and is in controlled quantities, the effect is quite positive and helps weight loss, making it a very good bedtime drink to consume each night or at least once a week, alternating along with other the other drinks on this list, of course.

These are just some of the best drinks that you can really enjoy before going to bed. Getting a full 8 hours is important of course and as you can see from some of the selections, these drinks are to aid your weight loss by helping you get your full hour of sleep. As mentioned prior, pair off the bedtime drink with enough exercise and a healthy diet during the day and you’ll be enjoying the wonderful perks of weight loss in no time. So remember get a full night’s rest and don’t ignore the importance of a bedtime drink. Cheers and stay healthy!