The Best Inner Thigh Exercises Of All Time

The Best Inner Thigh Exercises Of All Time

A lot of people tend to forget about the thighs when they workout, but trust me a lot of women never forget about them as they love to hate these next to bellies. I can understand why really, it’s quite hard to tone and very easy to gain weight on thighs, but with a proper workout that will all be in the past at the very least. But let’s not forget the inner thighs, admit it, you almost did, didn’t you? Not a lot of workout plans really account for the inner thighs, it’s a little understandable I suppose. For anyone who has had their challenges with reducing or toning their inner thighs during a workout, you’ll want to keep reading as I’ll list down the how to of some of the best inner thighs exercises that will help you shape that muscle up!

Exercise ball lifts – Bring out a nice yoga mat or stretching mat for this one, along with the good old exercise ball. Now lie on your side, place the ball firmly between your feet, maybe by your ankles as much as possible, move your feet up to the side, opposite of the side you are lying on. There you go, you can definitely feel a little burn as you do this inner thighs workout. Do a few more reps and a couple more sets and switch sides; you’ll be done in no time.

Glider side lunge – This is a simple workout with no equipment needed, just a little sweat and elbow grease. Stand straight with your legs shoulder length apart, make sure your feet are pointing straight and are firmly planted on the ground. Now slowly crouch, bending your left knee and stepping your right leg to the right side, point to the side and return to starting position. A few more times and your inner things will thank you, switch sides and you are golden.

glider side lunge
Glider side lunges are easy and a workout with no equipment needed.

Pilates inner thigh leg lifts – Once more bring out the yoga mat. Now lie on your left side, and place your right leg out, by bending your knee, keep your left leg straight. It feels as though it is a “come hither” sort of position, let’s be honest but trust me this will be a great workout for your thighs. Now lift your left leg up to the side, higher than your right leg’s position, after doing this a few times you won’t make fun of this exercise ever again. As always switch positions and finish up both sides.

Narrow squat  – Let’s keep it simple once more with a pretty easy workout routine. Keep your feet together and your hands to your sides, now squat lower while keeping your feet together, this will target the inner thighs, lift your arms up straight in front of you so you’ll have an easier time balancing yourself. Wash, rinse and repeat, do a few sets of these and you’ll be doing great in a few weeks.

Squeezing bridge – Another easy workout routine that only needs a yoga mat and maybe a pillow that isn’t too big, maybe a throw pillow. Lie on your back and keep both your knees bent and your feet firmly placed on the mat as well, squeeze the pillow between them make sure it doesn’t fall with a little movement. Now using your lower back, slowly lift your hips up, keep the pillow squeezed as this will allow your inner thighs to get the workout it deserves. As always repeat a few more times and you are done.

Chair pose – I can’t really go through a workout that focuses on inner thighs without mentioning a yoga position can I? Well here is one that will make your workout easier than before and your thighs healthier too. Stand straight, place your hands together in a prayer position, elbows as straight as you can get them and make sure your feet are kept together. Now slowly and gently bend your knees while twisting your upper body to the right, try to twist your neck to look up as well, from there try placing your left elbow on your right thigh, hold it a few seconds and return to the starting position. Switch sides and keep doing it a few more times and you are done for this workout.

Elbow plank with leg lift – The plank is a tried and tested exercise, if done correctly it can do wonders for your workout and this particular type of plank will help shape up your thighs as well. Place the mat on the floor and lie on your right side. Now use the blade of your right foot to balance, and your right elbow and forearm to raise your upper body. It’ll almost be like you are floating, now slowly extend your left arm and leg as far as you can, point them upwards, repeat a few more sides and switch.

Leg swings – Alright let’s keep going with some ideal workout exercises for your inner thighs. Stand on one foot, let’s start with the left leg, keep your arms straight to support your balance, keep your right foot off the ground and slightly to the side, while keeping that leg as straight as possible. Now gently swing it to the front and back, keep your balance as much as possible and repeat a few more times, and as always switch legs.

Crossover lunge – Second lunge workout on the list, starting to see a pattern here perhaps? As you can imagine, lunge workout exercises are great for your thighs and this is another one that will work well with a medicine ball if you have one handy. Keep the medicine ball in front of your chest and stand straight, feet shoulder length apart. Now lunge forward with your left leg, but swivel a little to the right, get as low as you can go without falling on your rump. Return to the starting position and then do the other leg, repeat, repeat and repeat once more.

Squats are a good workout to tone your inner thighs.

Pile squats – Get a chair or have something sturdy beside you to hold on to, keep your feet apart, as you can and have them pointing outward. Now slowly bend both knees as low as you can while supporting your balance with the chair I mentioned earlier. Get back to the starting position and repeat a few more times.

There we have it my good friends, some pretty solid workout exercises that will really tone up your inner thighs. Love them or hate them, make sure that you don’t forget to spend a little time on your thighs every now and again on your workout, remember repetition is the mother of experience as they say so if you can’t get used to the exercises above, just keep practicing them and repeating it over and over, soon enough you’ll be an expert.  Stay healthy!