Body Effects After You Quit Smoking

Body Effects After You Quit Smoking

Congratulations, you finally kicked the habit and quit smoking, I cannot say enough words to praise the effort and work you’ve done to get back onto the healthy lifestyle road. I know you’ve climbed quite a hurdle and continue to do so until the cravings leave your system, but just to help you stay on the whole quit smoking side of things, I’m here to share with you the wonderful effects of your endeavors. As you may know smoking has really worked your body and done quite a bit of damage over the time you’ve been ingesting fire, if I may be so dramatic, however when you quit smoking your body will slowly heal which will help you further your ideals of a healthy lifestyle

Better blood pressure – Smoking causes your blood pressure to shoot up, and quite frankly nobody wants high blood pressure, it is the doorway to a ton of other diseases. When you quit smoking, shortly after your blood pressure and pulse return to normal, which is hopefully something that isn’t high. Keeping your blood pressure at regular values is one of the key factors of a healthy lifestyle and a definite benefit that you receive when you quit smoking.

healthy lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle following the end of your smoking habit will do much more wonders to your body.

Nicotine is removed from the body – As we all know, cigarettes carry nicotine and when you smoke it enters your bloodstream. It is an active and addictive ingredient in tobacco and is one of the leading reasons for high blood pressure and possible heart issues when smoking. Removing it from the body is one of the major pluses when you quit smoking, since you no longer have a source of the additive. Needless to say a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have room for nicotine and the longer you are away from it the easier it is for you to continue down the road of quitting, so the sooner you quit smoking, the sooner you can be free from it’s grips.

Carbon monoxide leaves your body – I don’t know about you but I don’t want carbon monoxide in my body. It is a toxic gas that is absorbed by the body when there is a cigarette in the immediate area, this bonds with your blood cell making it difficult for it to work well with oxygen thus leading to heart problems. After you quit smoking, the body will cleanse itself of the carbon monoxide in the system, this will allow you more oxygen into your body, which in turn will help you lead a healthy lifestyle option instead of the smoke engulfed option of smokers.

Reduction of coronary artery disease – Smokers have been studied to be more prone to coronary artery disease which is a heart disease, again not something one would want if you want a healthy lifestyle. When you quit smoking, the chances of you getting a coronary artery disease reduces by quite a bit, this also works hand-in-hand with a lowered chance of a heart attack. Imagine all these things you pretty much get as soon as you quit smoking, makes you wonder why you ever started smoking in the first place.

Your taste and smell have returned – After you quit smoking, you’ll notice a great change in smells and tastes, that’s because the nerve endings will start repairing itself. This will really change the way you eat and live, when you were smoking you could barely taste or smell things but now that you’ve quit smoking, it’s like your sense of taste and smell have been resurrected again. Take the time to appreciate the change and know how this is a game changer for a lot of people. While not connected to the healthy lifestyle, it is good to know you can really appreciate several types of food now that your sense of taste and smell are back.

Nausea, irritation and much more – Sadly I have to report that not all good things happen when you quit smoking. You may experience nausea, irritation, depression, headaches and much more a few days after you quit smoking. This is the addictive substance, nicotine being completely purged from your body and it is a sort of withdrawal symptom you can expect when you have quit smoking. While these are only temporary, please be prepared and don’t worry that they will not hinder your ideas for a healthy lifestyle in the slightest.

Don’t fret about nausea and such. Your body goes through a process of removing the toxins caused by smoking.

Blood circulation has returned to normal – After you quit smoking, the body has now allowed blood circulation to be improved by quite a bit, this will make it easier for your body to get oxygen into your system. This will make it easier to exercise without being too winded, which leads you to an easier time to get into the healthy lifestyle. Getting back in shape after you quit smoking is a bit of a challenge, but with your body healing up this will really make it a bit more realistic to really get back into shape and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Heart disease chances decrease dramatically – A smoker is twice as likely to have a heart diseases as a non-smoker and in a year or so, your chances of a heart diseases decreases dramatically. As you can see from the other benefits listed above, when you quit smoking your body begins to repair itself, notice how I said repair and not improve, smoking really ruins the natural balance of your body and it needs time to get back into working condition. So if you are after a healthy lifestyle and want to get healthier, keep at it, when you quit smoking you did your body a huge favor and soon enough you will reap the rewards.

Decrease chances of a stroke – Another scary disease that comes with smoking: stroke. When you haven’t smoked in a long time, your blood vessels will return to normal, when you smoke the blood vessels tend to narrow increasing the chances of a stroke. This is a long time coming for those of you who quit smoking, it is estimated to happen from 5 – 15 years after you quit smoking, so that’s quite awhile for your body to fully get rid of the nasty substances smoking gave you.

Chances of lung cancer decrease greatly – Lung cancer, the big c and it should scare the living daylights out of you. The polar opposite of a healthy lifestyle is what you can get if you don’t quit smoking, the number of sicknesses that really increase in chances when you do smoke is staggering. Don’t forget that smoking can cause a ton of other cancers as well, but lung cancer is the more common for this habit. Be smart, quit smoking and stick with it.

There it is, the glaringly important list of things why you need to quit smoking as soon as possible. When you are looking towards a healthy lifestyle, you need to know that it won’t work while you are smoking and you can see the reasons above. You’ve already quit smoking, this will further your resolve to avoid another cigarette, I know it has convinced me to stay even further away from the stuff. So one more time, if you already quit smoking or if you are planning to, please do it right away, you and your family deserve a better life than one filled with smoke. Stay healthy!

How To Get Back In Shape After You Quit Smoking

How To Get Back In Shape After You Quit Smoking

You have finally shaken that crutch and you have quit smoking, you have high hopes that your new healthy lifestyle outlook will stick and you plan to get back in shape while the iron is still hot. Let me first applaud you for a job well done, to quit smoking is quite a feat and you have achieved it, keep strong and don’t stop your winning streak against smoking. However if you are reading this while just about to wrestle with the whole quit smoking fiasco, you can read more about it on another blog post I had. This can really help you get a leg up against that giant you are about to tackle. Now that smoking is out of the way, you can start building towards a healthy lifestyle, don’t worry we won’t dive right into it but I’m here to help you out and give you some really useful tips to get back in shape.

Start it off slow – Your body is still recovering from the beating it took while you were smoking, your lung capacity isn’t optimal, you probably lose your breathe quite easily and you are having a hard time keeping up with all the other runners/joggers/bikers or so on. No worries, don’t let this dissuade you. Some research says that a few days after you quit smoking, your blood cells should be in better working shape however if you haven’t been working out or living the healthy lifestyle, those could be big factors. Don’t rush and don’t get frustrated with short and quick workout sessions, you’ll need to build up your fitness. I won’t lie to you, this will be an upwards battle but the fact that you’ve quit smoking, you’re already going in the right direction.

fitness buddy
Having a fitness buddy is always a good idea, whether you hit the gym or do yoga!

Have a check up with your doctor – Don’t you worry, now that you’ve quit smoking and you are trying to get into a healthy lifestyle, the doctor will help you out. Some people don’t like getting chewed out by their doctors, and quite frankly if you are a smoker, they have been hounding you to quit already. Well now that you have, now is the time you will need your doctor’s help more than ever in fact. Your doctor can now tell you just how fit you are or how you are doing after you’ve quit smoking, this will help you figure things out. You don’t have to do this alone and you should seek as much help as you possibly can in order to get into shape.

Get a workout buddy – Getting into the groove of a workout, especially if you haven’t done it in a long time or ever in fact, is a little difficult for some people. So when in doubt, call in a friend. Ideally this friend has been bugging you to quit smoking for quite awhile, and is an avid fan of the healthy lifestyle, I’m sure you must know someone like this, anyhow he or she should be thrilled to help you start your workout, if you’re lucky they have been doing this for quite some time now and have some great tips to try out. This will really help you stay on track when you quit smoking and get into the rhythm of working out, that way you’ll have an easier time heading down the road of a healthy lifestyle, which in the end is what you want.

Join a class – When in doubt, and when a visible active, healthy lifestyle friend isn’t readily available – then join a class instead! There are a ton of classes all over the place, but since you just quit smoking or you’re just starting to get back into the healthy lifestyle, maybe don’t join a hardcore one right away as that can really leave you out of breath. Take the time and join a beginner’s class so that you can get the groove of things and allow the whole quit smoking to really sink into your system, this will allow you to test out several classes to really figure out an exercise or cardio that works best for you. Don’t be afraid to try them all and fail, at the very least you tried and again maybe you’ll luck out on the first try.

Make sure to start and to keep doing it – As hard as it is to start the healthy lifestyle, constantly exercising is a challenge in itself. So after you quit smoking, you have to make sure that you actually do try to get fit. You have to keep moving, otherwise you’ll never really get anywhere at all. Again I’ll be frank, after you quit smoking, starting the healthy lifestyle and all, starting to workout and keeping at it will be quite a hurdle to overcome but it makes it all the more satisfying if you work on it little by little everyday.

Have a good diet under your belt – Diving into the healthy lifestyle after you quit smoking is a good idea, in fact I’d say it’s a great idea, but it’s not all about exercise and not lighting up a cigarette. You need to keep your nutrition in check by eating the right foods and getting the proper vitamins in your system. Smoking has caused quite a bit of deficiency especially if you’ve been smoking for years at a time, it probably worked your body over quite a bit, and now you have to make up for the damage. Decide on a good diet, preferably one with a lot of greens and other vegetables, with healthy meats if you do choose to eat that and you’ll be cruising the healthy lifestyle street in no time.

eat more veggies
Gear up on living a healthy life and get on a good and nutritious eating habit.

Stay off the cigarettes! – Needless to say, when you quit smoking and want to really get into a healthy lifestyle, don’t return to smoking. A lot of people tend to falter when things don’t go their way, maybe it was a bad workout or perhaps they just couldn’t get the hang of their cardio program, either or they get stressed and end up lighting a cigarette or two, thinking it won’t do too much harm. Sadly that’s when they fall back on their crutch, one cigarette becomes two, then three and then a pack, and so on, don’t do it. You already quit smoking, why would you want to go back? You realize it was difficult to quit smoking and you’ve experienced it already, why allow yourself to feel it again? To stay on a healthy lifestyle track, you cannot start smoking again, quit smoking and stick to it.

There you have it my healthy lifestyle friends, when you quit smoking you made a promise to your body and to yourself, to become healthier. Now that you are planning to get back in shape, you are enforcing that promise by taking it to the next level. I applaud you once more and really hope that you can continue down the road of the healthy lifestyle and that you continue to quit smoking for pretty much all of your life, everyone deserves a long and healthy life. Stay healthy!

Cancer and Smoking

Cancer and Smoking

Smoking and cancer go hand in hand, pretty much anyone knows that, but it still seems some additional information needs to be shared. I am sure you’ve heard or seen the anti smoking campaigns all over the place, ironically even on the back of a pack of cigarettes, there are warnings and alerts that have pictures that are rather grotesque, but that is still something a lot of people tend to ignore. I’m hoping that by sharing the information down below, it will encourage people to stay away from smoking and avoid the cancer that comes with it altogether. And if you are reading this for reassurance and to strengthen your resolve to quit, then that’s great, however if you still need more help to quit smoking, I am happy to give a little help.

Let’s start off with how several studies have now made it clear that smoking and cancer are directly related, there are no buts about it, allow me to explain and share how it works exactly. Smoking has a ton of chemicals in it, these chemicals make way into your blood stream via the smoke, and these chemicals have been directly linked to 14 types of cancer, yes count them, 14 types of cancer, in case you didn’t know that’s pretty bad.

Sadly, smoking has been known to cause 4 out 5 lung cancers and to make things worse, the survival rate of said cancer is quite low. The study goes to show that in the UK, smoking has caused 1 in 4 deaths due to cancer, that’s a pretty high risk to be taking if you ask me and all because of the habit of smoking which is by far one of the easiest causes of cancer to avoid. An American study on the other hand attributes about 480,000 deaths in America due to tobacco related concerns, deaths that are most likely cancer for the bulk part of the unfortunate circumstances if not some heart ailment or other disease.

The cancer that smoking causes can be due to the variety of chemicals in it, which by the way ranges from above 7,000 types of chemicals and at least 250 are known to be harmful to the human body. Additionally several dozen chemicals are also present in the smoke that non smokers get exposed to when staying near smokers, these have been found to be cancer causing agents as well and should be avoided at all times. I don’t think I know many people who actively expose themselves to the second hand smoke anyways but it is best to mention this for those who are not considerate enough to light a cigarette away from non-smokers.

As if cancer isn’t bad enough, smoking causes damage to a variety of body parts, in fact it has been studied that it damages pretty much all of the body and organs, it does not have any benefit whatsoever. To top it all off, people who have been smoking for awhile, are more prone to heart diseases such as a heart attack or even a stroke. For women on the other hand, smoking has been found to make it difficult to get pregnant, so if you and your partner are trying, quit smoking, in fact even if you are not trying, quit smoking, you don’t want cancer, I’m just saying.

Again these are just some of the known reasons for getting cancer when a person is smoking, but it doesn’t stop a lot of people from smoking, which can be contributed to the nicotine – an added addictive substance that can really wreak havoc on your cravings, as this is a natural ingredient in tobacco, this really gets people hooked.

That is as clear as day as it gets, smoking and cancer are partners in a very sad and painful dance that a lot of people like cutting into. However it begs a lot of questions as it goes on, and I am willing to explore and help out.

Second hand smoke is as bad if not worse, so think about the damage smoking can do to the people you care about.

There are a few people, not a lot mind you, who have given up the fight saying: I already started smoking, the chemicals are in my body, why bother quitting at all? Well for one the chemicals in your system can clear out, maybe not 100% and definitely not immediately but the body is amazingly resilient, it has to be to take a beating against smoking.

The longer you have quit smoking the better it is for your body, as you smoke, the air sacs in your lungs are damaged as well as the airways leading to them. The longer one smokes, the more the damage has probably compounded over the years. What is truly scary about smoking is that the damage may take years, maybe decades to surface considering the amount of cigarettes a person uses per day, this will also hold true for cancer however if one is rather a strong habitual user, it could happen sooner than later.

In fact I heard that some people with cancer question the need for quitting considering their predicament. However the answer is still an astounding yes, as you would have guessed, smoking is counter productive to a lot of the treatments for cancer. Just by quitting smoking even when cancer is active, you can reduce the chances of it becoming fatal by as much as 30 – 40 % which is pretty good as you can get given the circumstances.

Again if that is not enough of a concern for you, smoking has been often linked as a gateway to many other bad habits such as drugs, alcohol and much more. This is especially true for younger smokers, such as teens, which is why there are very strict regulations about smoking as a minor. As mentioned prior, smoking is a habit that has devastating sicknesses waiting at beckon call, such as cancer, hint, hint, if people started as early as when they are teens and they carry the habit well into being a young adult, well let’s just say the chances of reaching into a ripe old age becomes a bit questionable.

There are a ton of resources out there to help you kick the habit and really get out of it. Much like smoking is a habit formed out of longevity, quitting is also the same, the longer you quit the better it is for your body, so if you want to avoid over a dozen types of cancer, you should quit smoking, if you haven’t touched a cigarette ever, don’t even think about it.

Please take the time to read this and find out more possible outcomes of smoking, however be well warned that cancer is a highly likely problem that can arise from it. I implore you for your family and loved ones, quit smoking as soon as possible, you deserve a long and happy life, everybody does and if you are often found smoking at the corner of the house or in the office, you could be endangering your future. This is not a joke, this is a warning – quit smoking if you really know what is good for you. Stay healthy!

How To Quit Smoking

How To Quit Smoking

Smoking, perhaps one of the world’s most addictive habit that is still not classified under drugs or other paraphernalia. The dependence on a cigarette by most people is quite staggering, and I know so many people who turn to smoking for a lot of reasons. Even with the negative sides of smoking already glaringly apparent to everyone, the habit persists due to the addictiveness and the dependency that they have developed with the habit. However most smokers will usually be looking for a sure fire way to quit smoking and get back in shape, ask most of them and they will tell you this. To be able to quit smoking completely remains to be a challenge for a lot of people, and perhaps there isn’t a sure 100% way just yet, but at the very least let me share with you some ideas on how to quit smoking and get back in shape.

  1. Find out the triggers – Most smokers usually light a cigarette after something happens or is caused by a reaction, perhaps after a meal or because they are stressed at work. In any case, if you are trying to quit smoking, find out what causes you to smoke and try to avoid it if not adjust your outlook. I know that a popular smoking time is after meals, obviously you can’t avoid that, you want to get back in shape, not starve yourself to avoid smoking, so instead of smoking a cigarette, maybe drink a cup of tea instead, form another habit at the events you can’t avoid when you are trying to quit smoking.
  2. Keep a journal – Having difficulties tracking the triggers? Keep a journal and jot down your thoughts when you want to light a cigarette. In fact go as far as rating the intensity of the craving, in that light you can really find out what makes you smoke the most or the reason that really makes it difficult to quit smoking and get back in shape. Keeping a journal can really shed some light on a lot of things, and it shouldn’t be any different for smoking either, give it a shot and you’ll bring to light a lot of things and be one step closer to being able to say that you quit smoking.
  3. Set a target date to quit – Going cold turkey is difficult, so I’ve heard and there are a lot of studies saying that people who quit smoking this way tend to relapse or cheat their path of non-smoking. Have a date up where you can really focus on it, this will help you get your choices together and help you push yourself to get back in shape or to quit smoking. Nothing really gets real for a lot of people until you place a deadline and by doing this you can really pressure yourself to go for it.
  4. Tell a friend or family member – Another tip to really help people quit smoking, tell someone. It is the same idea as the little trick above, this will allow that person to help you, ideally it is someone who has been badgering you to get back in shape or to really quit smoking, for sure there is one or two people you find it difficult to say no to, now is the time to have them really help you. Everyone needs help for a lot of things and when you are trying to quit smoking, one of the unhealthiest habits that you may have formed over the years, you’ll need as much support as you can muster. Of course this support would ideally push you all the way to get back in shape as well, but let’s work on one thing at a time to be safe.
  5. Start reducing usage – When you start, assuming you have that journal as suggested to help you quit smoking, you’ll be able to count the cigarettes you smoke each day. Now start reducing the numbers gradually. Build up to quit smoking by reducing a cigarette maybe each day or more if you can, this will really help you in the long run and maybe can help you to get back in shape as well by filling in the time with a small exercise or two.
  6. Remove your cigarette stock – The one good thing about smoking, if there ever was actually, is that this is a habit you can only do when you have the paraphernalia itself. So if you want to quit smoking, it will really help if there aren’t any readily available cigarettes that you can light up, sitting within reach. The idea is the same as clearing out your pantry when you are trying to get back in shape and want to go on a diet. To quit smoking clear out your pockets, closets, purses or whatever of cigarettes and if you are lucky it is a drive and a lot of trouble to the nearest convenience store for a pack, this will dissuade you unless you really give into the cravings.
  7. Replace the urge – Again smoking is a habit, a very bad habit but still a habit, have I mentioned how much I am against smoking yet? Anyhow if that is the case, pick up a new hobby or two to help you quit smoking and get back in shape, if you’re lucky and if you push yourself hard enough, I would suggest the habit have something to do with exercise. Running, for example. This will really take up more of your time and when you start noticing how much easier it is to run after awhile since your last cigarette, you’ll start wondering why you haven’t quit smoking before.
  8. Cold turkey – Although I still question the effectiveness of this, I cannot ignore the fact that a lot of people turn to this in order to quit smoking. The opinion is split and again when you quit smoking, I really suggest to take the time to build up to it as it is once again a habit that you formed over the years and should be dealt with as such, however if cold turkey works for some people when they quit smoking, heck go for it. Now if only people can go cold turkey on meat when they get back in shape, the world would be a different place altogether.
  9. Ask a doctor – When in doubt, ask for help from an expert. If you have a regular check up, this person has been shaking his or her finger at you for how many years to quit smoking and to get back in shape, it is time to recruit them into the endeavor.
How To Quit Smoking
The change you want starts with you.

As you can see there are a lot of tips to help people quit smoking and get back in shape, but in the end it all drives back to one person: YOU. This is a nasty habit you picked up over the years and only one person can really help you quit smoking, the person staring back in the mirror. This will be one of the toughest battles you have ever done in your life, prepare yourself and do it properly and you can win it, charge! Stay healthy!