No More Hot Dogs for Snoop Dogg

No More Hot Dogs for Snoop Dogg

Hot dogs, perhaps one of the most popular and well-known snacks in the world however if you are conscious with what you eat, which you should be, you should think again before putting some ketchup and mustard on that sandwich.

Snoop Dogg recently watched how a hot dog is made in an episode of the Jimmy Kimmel Live, in this show a new part of the program which has been dubbed “Howz it Mizzade with Snoop Dogg.” In this video you can really see how Snoop Dogg is trying to guess from the onset of the show what is being made. His guesses ranges quite a bit, first off he calls out cereal and cream of wheat as the rather big lump of brown colored meat is slammed on the industrial sized grinder. It is obvious from the onset that he does not know what he got himself into, as Snoop Dogg continues on to guess even mentioning the word manure among his guesses and when he finally does he is shocked and pretty much swears off from hot dog eating ever again.

Quite frankly if you ever enjoy a hot dog or two, you’ll want to see how it is made and how it will really turn you off from ever eating another hot dog again.

The reaction of Snoop Dogg was indeed a funny one but it really puts to light how much processed meats we really unwittingly put into our system. This is something we need to start really looking into.

As most of you know, I am a vegan and perhaps a hot dog is not the main reason but it is one of the many reasons why I decided to opt becoming a vegan. Hot dogs although a crowd favorite is obviously processed and is rather unnatural, the stuff they put in each hot dog is just staggering and will really shock most people. As you can see that pasty brown substance is packed in an almost plastic casing, called a cellulose, which are removed, others are made with natural casings, which is a surprising name for me since this is rather far from natural. Anyways, that just shows that the ground up meat, and when I say ground, I mean seriously grounded up meat is placed in a casing, then it is cooked either by smoking it or other ways.

And that pretty much shows how a hot dog is made, if the video hasn’t dissuaded you and the reaction of Snoop Dogg made you laugh, you may want to rethink that hot dog for lunch you are planning. The meats they place in most hot dogs are the left over parts of various animals, they are the parts most people throw out. Personally the fact that they are made from animal suffering really turns me away from it, I do hope it does convince a lot of you to walk away as well.

I understand the need or choice that people make when they decide to eat meat, I am not one to judge nor tell them the ways of vegan however I really do suggest you walk away from the processed meats at least. They are not good for you, they do the body harm and quite frankly, we do not need them with so many fresh ingredients surrounding us. Hot dogs are one of the said items that I highly suggest you do not consume.

There are plenty healthier options to change instead of the regular all meat hot dog that you usually consume as they are busy clogging your system up with goodness knows what. I am not not telling you to abruptly decide to become a vegan, but if you go down that road, that is great however if you do eat meat please think about what you are placing into your mouth and consequently into your body.

I’d like to commend Snoop Dogg on watching how hot dogs are made and hope that a lot of people are turned off from these processed meats or at the very least start questioning the usual meats that they consume.

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