10 Healthy Summer Snacks For Kids

Healthy Summer Snacks For Kids

When I was a kid, nothing says a great summer like an awesome snack and nowadays the options are endless however just because it’s a snack doesn’t mean it can’t be part of the healthy summer snacks for kids I have lined up for you. It is never too early to start on that clean eating lifestyle and as the snacks are delicious and good for them, they will definitely love these healthy treats.

1.Fruit kabobs – What’s more fun than eating snacks? How about snacks that are on a stick? Yes, fruit kabobs are what you need for one of the healthy summer snacks for kids that they will just go nuts over. Making these fruit kabobs with your kids is half of the fun and you can place pretty much any fruit on it, so the sky is the limit here! And want a cool clean eating lifestyle tip? Why not make it a little more delicious and place together some fruits that work great on a grill, such as pineapple, some apples, maybe some watermelon and you can grill them during summer for a delicious snack that will be enjoyed by the kids and the kids at heart.

2.Watermelon pops – When it’s hot out and your kids are hankering for a cold treat, than turn to the watermelon pops as the hero of healthy summer snacks for kids. Simply place a nice cut of watermelon at the end of a popsicle stick, cut into fun shapes such as a star, heart or whatever you’d like to keep the kids interested and chill for a few hours. Take it out and enjoy the clean eating lifestyle with this oh so cool treat.

3.Homemade popsicles – Another cool treat, if for some reason watermelon is not working for you, is to get some fresh fruit that you’ve blended up and then placed into one of those instant frozen popsicle makers. I personally like to add small cuts of other fruits into it, making it into a heavenly mixed fruit treat that will freeze in the chiller and eventually come out as one of the great healthy summer snacks for kids. I like making this homemade treat for myself too as a clean eating lifestyle snack when it gets too hot in the summer as well.

4.Dips and sticks – There is no hidden trick to this yummy treat, kids love to dip and eat, and this is the perfect healthy summer snacks for kids. Simply get some of your favorite vegetables and cut them up nice, long and thick so it can be dipped in your homemade hummus sauce. I would also include maybe some pretzels and some toasted whole wheat bread that I’ve cut up into stick shape as well. No doubt the kids will enjoy this healthy clean living lifestyle snack at their leisure.

fruit kabobs for kids
Fruit kabobs aren’t only healthy, but really enjoyable to make with kids! Look at all those colors!

5.Homemade NICE cream – Now this is a great homemade clean living lifestyle snack without all the guilt of store-bought ice cream. Get some banana and cut it up into cube like shapes, then freeze in the chiller, if you have time freeze it overnight. Take it out and then blend it or preferably use a food processor, add any fruits as flavoring (like vanilla extract and cinnamon!) and there you have it, instant and healthy ice cream. This works great with a ton of flavors and kids will go nuts for this as I have noticed it is one of the favorite healthy summer snacks for kids, among a lot of the ones I’ve tried so far.

6.Lemonade heaven – This is a great treat to look at. Once again get the popsicle set and place in a fresh batch of lemonade, maybe just the regular one for now. Fill it up one third of the way and freeze it. Bring it out and add another layer which is another flavor of lemonade, maybe blueberry and lemonade or passion fruit and lemonade, again fill it up another third of the way and freeze once more. Finally add a different flavor and then freeze again, you end up with a tri-colored and tri-flavored, if that ever was a word, healthy summer snacks for kids that they will just go nuts over. Can I also say that this would work great with lemon water, which just does wonders for the body.

lemon popsicles
How can a kid resist these?

7.Chocolate covered bananas – Oh my, oh my, just saying that just brings a smile to my face. This simple clean eating lifestyle snack is a crowd favorite and is easy to make. Get some nice bananas and peel them, get a stick and put it in the banana, if you have time place it in the chiller and freeze it but if not simply dip it into the dark chocolate you melted over a pot of boiling water, and add nuts then freeze again. What you get is one of the favorite healthy summer snacks for kids that they will just go gaga over and since it’s dark chocolate too, adults can happily indulge in this wonderful treat as well.

8.Yogurt bar – This is fun for the kids to make as it is to eat. Simply get some plain yogurt, now get your kids’ favorite fruits, add some nuts and maybe some crushed grahams or if you can, get some granola in too. Place it out and they can mix and match, making their favorite bowl of a clean eating lifestyle snack that they will just love. You can make it an open bar so that their friends can enjoy it with them as one of the healthy summer snacks for kids and you can even invite their parents to a bowl as well, since this wonderful treat is good for everyone.

9.Sweet potato fries – There is no snack that a kid will eat faster than a French fry, and let’s use that advantage to make one of those favorite healthy summer snacks for kids. All you need are sweet potatoes instead of the regular ones used for French fries, after thoroughly washing them, cut it up with the skin as a lot of vitamins are found there, simply fry in a low fat oil that you prefer. This clean eating lifestyle snack will go great with just about anything and the kids will love that they are snacking on French fries, so it’s an awesome win-win situation.

sweet potato fries
While they are young, try to introduce healthy food choices to them like opting for sweet potato fries instead of the usual french fries. Get creative!

10.Oatmeal cookies – There is no doubt in my mind that you have a recipe or two tucked away for your world famous oatmeal cookies, so why not use that as a great way to get the clean eating lifestyle into your kids life? Make a batch of oatmeal cookies, I don’t have to tell you how to make this one but please do avoid butter if you can, there are a ton of recipes out there without butter. I use almond flour instead of all purpose, plus I add dark chocolate chips and raisins as well. The cookies are indeed one of the stand outs of healthy summer snacks for kids, as you can’t keep them away from cookies, might as well make it the healthy and delicious kind!

There you have it my dear friends, 10 healthy summer snacks for kids that are easy and fun to make. I’m sure they will love the clean eating lifestyle as soon as they join you in the kitchen to make a number of these delicious treats and let’s not be afraid to snack on these along with them, after all the best thing about summer is enjoying it together. Stay healthy!