Can Gym Selfies Boost Confidence And Eliminate Stress?

Can Gym Selfies Boost Confidence And Eliminate Stress?

I’ll be the first to admit that the selfie is a strange topic of discussion or even a main idea for a blog article, however it does not mean that we should forget about it completely. Regardless if you hate the term selfie or you love it and practically do it everyday to boost your confidence or reduce your stress, it is something that has taken the world by storm. Along with smart phones, the selfie has become something that pretty much everyone who owns a camera or a smart phone has done, very rarely is it something that we have yet to experience. Now let’s get a little deeper into it, does taking a selfie in the gym boost your confidence and reduce overall stress? Perhaps, let’s see what experts have to say about it.

So a selfie is defined as a picture one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smart phone or a webcam, then shared on social media. This is just in case you aren’t aware of the term, which is highly unlikely but let’s be safe altogether.

Now let’s hear some of the arguments regarding a taking a selfie at the gym to raise your confidence.

Check out and definitely see progress and it will really bring down the stress – Sometimes as you workout, the scale will tell a different measurement as to how you are feeling, you know that feeling right? When you hit the gym and your confidence is building up, yet when you step on the scale you’re still at the same weight, you might start to stress about your progress. However a selfie can rectify it, especially if a lot of people like and comment on your progress. Nothing gives you a strong confidence boost rather than awesome support from friends and family.

Give yourself a little pat on the back with a proper selfie – When you’ve hit a wall and the stress has built up from going to the gym, you need to make sure to get that confidence boost ASAP. A selfie can really help by posting it and gaining some good vibes from friends, you’ll be back to hitting the gym hard before you know it.

Make sure to fix yourself up – I know when we hit the gym, we aren’t there for the glitz and glamour of it all, we are there to workout. However once in awhile it doesn’t hurt to pay a little attention to looking good. I’m not saying nightgown and full on makeup here, I mean who can run in heels on the treadmill right? But at least let’s go to the gym in decent attire so that when you do decide to take a selfie it isn’t so bad, it will get some stress off your back plus give you a mini confidence booster too.

That’s pretty standard list, fairly short and I might have missed something but let’s go on to the negative part of taking a selfie in the gym.

Some people find it annoying – Well when you take a selfie, it is rather obvious and quite frankly a lot of people have little patience with it, in fact they stress the fact that you do it and kind of sneer at you. Not sure why exactly but sometimes you can definitely feel that stink eye on you as you take a selfie, ever notice that? Not something you want really but it can’t be helped, if you let it get to you the selfie will not only stress you out, it will also attack your confidence so be warned.

Everyone has an off day – Let’s face it, we can’t always look good. That is a given truth in life. And at the gym, not everyone always looks their best especially for a selfie. This makes it especially true when you are on a tread and getting a real stress workout going 10 km/h or something, not an ideal place to get your confidence when you go for the selfie.

Negative comments – As with everything in life, be prepared if you post a selfie, sometimes it’s not all about the love. A lot of trolls out there will look forward to bashing you for pretty much any reason and when your confidence is low, this can really shatter you. If this doesn’t stress you out too much then I wouldn’t worry about it.

I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead about the selfie in the gym. End of the day is if you are in need of a stress reliever or a confidence push, the selfie can really make or break your day. And as a personal note, if you aren’t bothering anyone, aside from those who think it’s annoying, that’s something you cannot control, then you go ahead and do that selfie in the gym. Just make sure not to hold up the line to the machines alright? Stay healthy!