The Fat Guide: What To And Not To Eat

The Fat Guide: What To And Not To Eat

While most people are allergic to the word: fat, it is something we all have to deal with when we eat food, but if you know your stuff or if you do enough research about it, you’ll know that some fat is good for your health. Now this isn’t a signal to go crazy on chips, chicken skin, pork fat and much more, you hear me? Much like anything else in this world, there are fat inside of food that can be good or bad for our health. It can get a little tricky but that shouldn’t stop you from finding and consuming the right fat in each meal or every so often, after all taking care of your health is and should be on top of mind whenever you are about to order or make some food.

Trans fat – This is one of the more natural fat options you can find in a lot of meat and dairy options, usually in rather low quantities. Now usually if you aren’t too insane with the meat and dairy, trans fat shouldn’t be too much of a concern as in low quantities or at the very least below or exactly the recommended amount a day is alright for our health, and won’t be of concern. It becomes a concern when you consume food that has the oil is artificial and goes through the process of hydrogenation.

Hydrogenated trans fat – Usually this is the type of trans fat that is called hydrogenated vegetable oil and this is the type of trans fat that is bad for our health and can be found in several types of food. The idea is it is used to make items more spreadable if you will, making items easier to market and use for consumers plus it extends the shelf life of products, so you know that can’t be natural at all. I mentioned earlier that trans fat is normally alright but when it has gone through the hydrogenation process, that’s when you should be concerned and if you consume it in high quantities, your health could be in danger as when your food diet is focused on high trans fat, you are opening the doors to a ton of heart diseases such as stroke, heart attack and much more.

Saturated fat – Perhaps one of the most debated types of fat in this whole list, as it is usually blamed for a lot of heart diseases in earlier research. This fat is often found in butter, meat, cheese and a number of other food options out there. Now the thing is research was conducted a few years back that blamed saturated fat as the villain in heart diseases as mentioned prior, however recent, I use the word recent very casually as it was done in 1970s, showing that participants who switched from saturated fat to unsaturated fat products, did not necessarily have an impact on potential heart ailments. The research continues to this day and many are saying that saturated fat is not good for our health while others claim that we should not worry about it in our food, regardless I would pretty much consume it in controlled quantities for now, if you can avoid it good but if not maybe in very limited amounts should be fine.

heart attack
It has been proven that a lot of the fatty foods we eat contribute to major health risks like stroke and heart attack.

Polyunsaturated fat – Now this is the good stuff that you want to consume if you are really into your health, which again I am hoping you should be considering you’ve read this far regarding this topic. This is the fat that you’ve heard of when you buy salmon or other fatty fish, the good fat as they call it or omega-3 or omega-6, either or you’ll want this in your food. These healthy fat options can help you be with cognitive functions and is a great skin booster as well, plus the fact that they are essential building blocks for our body should entice you in to getting a good serving of fatty fish. Also found in some vegetable oils and nuts, make sure to get a good amount into your body for proper health, however be warned that some scientists say that too much can also lead to heart problems but too much of anything can really do a number on your body so you shouldn’t be too shocked about this I suppose.

Mono-unsaturated fat – Ever notice how they say that peanuts are the ideal food? Like walnuts and stuff like that? Well that’s pretty much due to the mono-unsaturated fat that is found in them and can really help us step up our health against a ton of diseases, such as heart diseases, which no one really wants to have a problem with. What happens when you take in mono-unsaturated fat, it increases the HDL or the high-density lipoprotein, which is regarded as a good cholesterol for you heart while it lowers the LDL or low-density lipoprotein which is regarded as the bad cholesterol. Either way getting as much mono-unsaturated fat in your food and into your body will really help keep your health up from a ton of diseases so make sure to get enough quantities of this into your system.

Now that we know what is good for you and what you should avoid, I suppose now it all goes down to you. When we are serious about our health we need to watch what food we place into our bodies, this is best done by reading the label of whatever you are purchasing after all a smart consumer is a healthy consumer. By checking the labels you will know what is inside the product you just bought or are considering to buy, you’ll not only know what type of fat is inside and if it is good for your health or not, but you’ll know pretty much everything you’ll need to about that particular food product. I don’t expect you to know every single little thing about the items inside each product but maybe have a list of things that can give you a small alert in your mind every time you see it, of course you can also research items on your phone but I’d imagine that would take you forever to finish shopping, so generally just make sure to take note of the undesirables.

Overall you need to know what you can consume everyday and what you should in controlled quantities for your own health, if you are searching for good fat, which once more I am hoping after reading this article, you will be actively searching in certain food types here and again. Remember that your health is top priority and over consuming even good fat is still bad for you, everything in controlled quantities and recommended dosage is always the ideal setting for you and your health. Food options are all around us, but choices for our health is even more apparent in everything we need to do, so take the time and choose the proper fat for your body. Stay healthy!

No More Hot Dogs for Snoop Dogg

No More Hot Dogs for Snoop Dogg

Hot dogs, perhaps one of the most popular and well-known snacks in the world however if you are conscious with what you eat, which you should be, you should think again before putting some ketchup and mustard on that sandwich.

Snoop Dogg recently watched how a hot dog is made in an episode of the Jimmy Kimmel Live, in this show a new part of the program which has been dubbed “Howz it Mizzade with Snoop Dogg.” In this video you can really see how Snoop Dogg is trying to guess from the onset of the show what is being made. His guesses ranges quite a bit, first off he calls out cereal and cream of wheat as the rather big lump of brown colored meat is slammed on the industrial sized grinder. It is obvious from the onset that he does not know what he got himself into, as Snoop Dogg continues on to guess even mentioning the word manure among his guesses and when he finally does he is shocked and pretty much swears off from hot dog eating ever again.

Quite frankly if you ever enjoy a hot dog or two, you’ll want to see how it is made and how it will really turn you off from ever eating another hot dog again.

The reaction of Snoop Dogg was indeed a funny one but it really puts to light how much processed meats we really unwittingly put into our system. This is something we need to start really looking into.

As most of you know, I am a vegan and perhaps a hot dog is not the main reason but it is one of the many reasons why I decided to opt becoming a vegan. Hot dogs although a crowd favorite is obviously processed and is rather unnatural, the stuff they put in each hot dog is just staggering and will really shock most people. As you can see that pasty brown substance is packed in an almost plastic casing, called a cellulose, which are removed, others are made with natural casings, which is a surprising name for me since this is rather far from natural. Anyways, that just shows that the ground up meat, and when I say ground, I mean seriously grounded up meat is placed in a casing, then it is cooked either by smoking it or other ways.

And that pretty much shows how a hot dog is made, if the video hasn’t dissuaded you and the reaction of Snoop Dogg made you laugh, you may want to rethink that hot dog for lunch you are planning. The meats they place in most hot dogs are the left over parts of various animals, they are the parts most people throw out. Personally the fact that they are made from animal suffering really turns me away from it, I do hope it does convince a lot of you to walk away as well.

I understand the need or choice that people make when they decide to eat meat, I am not one to judge nor tell them the ways of vegan however I really do suggest you walk away from the processed meats at least. They are not good for you, they do the body harm and quite frankly, we do not need them with so many fresh ingredients surrounding us. Hot dogs are one of the said items that I highly suggest you do not consume.

There are plenty healthier options to change instead of the regular all meat hot dog that you usually consume as they are busy clogging your system up with goodness knows what. I am not not telling you to abruptly decide to become a vegan, but if you go down that road, that is great however if you do eat meat please think about what you are placing into your mouth and consequently into your body.

I’d like to commend Snoop Dogg on watching how hot dogs are made and hope that a lot of people are turned off from these processed meats or at the very least start questioning the usual meats that they consume.

Watch the full video here:

5 best healthy fats for your body

5 Best Healthy Fats For Your Body And The Wonderful Things They Can Do For You

While a lot of people cringe at the word: fat, one should know that there are in fact a lot of fats out there that are considered healthy fats and we should not shy away from them at all. These healthy fats have great beneficial effects on our bodies and we should really get more and more of them, if you want to get healthy and put some clean eating under your belt, get as much of these fats as you can. In this article, not only will I share what fats are considered as healthy fats, I’ll also share where you can find these healthy fats and how you can enjoy them.

Now I will warn you ahead of time, the list seems to cross over a bit but there are healthy fats that are in need of special mention. Take the time to look for these healthy fats in various foods but as you’ll be able to see, I’ll have a number of good sources but you should always check for preferred sources of healthy fats, there are a ton and you can find them all over.

Polyunsaturated fats – These are just some of the fats out there and you should get a ton of these healthy fats as much as possible. These healthy fats not only lower your overall cholesterol level, they also reduce the storage of fat while increasing the metabolism of insulin within the body and that’s just an amazing plus for these wonderful fats. One of the best sources for is definitely the walnut, which a lot of you may know is one of the ideal nuts in most clean eating plans out there. The walnut is very versatile and can be added in any appetizer, entrée or dessert, heck you can even eat it on it’s own and you’ll get all the healthy fats you’ll need. Take two servings a day to get as much polyunsaturated fats that would best help your body process your insulin and fat storage.

walnuts have healthy fats
Walnuts have polyunsaturated fats which makes it even greater to munch on or add in desserts.

Monounsaturated fats – Given that we just listed at how awesome polyunsaturated fats are for you, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention monounsaturated fats in my top 5 list of healthy fats. If you have problems with bad cholesterol like a lot of people do, monounsaturated fats are your friend then. As one of the healthy fats that can handle bad cholesterol, it will definitely lower the risk of heart ailments and strokes, which no one really wants. Additionally these healthy fats are great at producing nutrients that maintains your body’s cells. A great source for these healthy fats are avocados and I don’t have to tell you that there are a ton of things you can do with avocados. I personally like them maybe in my salad or as a lovely add on to my shake, with avocados there are so much you can do that the hardest part is deciding which part of your meal you want to include them in.

Omega – Ok while these are considered mostly polyunsaturated fats, the omega acids are some of the best in healthy fats that you should be looking for. Not only are they helpful in cognitive functions, such as memory recall, memory retention and so forth, but they are great for the skin. Want that youthful glow? Take a big helping of omega-3 and watch your skin sparkle. Additionally they are considered essential building blocks for the body and should be sought after by anyone who wants to grow up healthy and strong. Now these healthy fats can be found in fatty fish or for those of you who want to stick with clean eating try soy, walnuts and canola oil to name a few places to find these healthy fats. Make sure you get enough of these wonderful healthy fats in order to maximize your brain functions especially as the years go by, you can never have a good enough memory in my honest opinion.

Lauric acids – This healthy fats is found in a lot of food and helps you improve your cholesterol and kills a ton of bacteria and pathogens that nobody really wants in their bodies. A great and wonderful source of these healthy fats is found in one of the most used clean eating oils to date: coconut oil. As you may have heard, coconut oils have saturated fats which was once thought to be harmful to us people however as the studies progressed it was found that they do not indeed harm us in any way unless we over consume it, but truth be told that could be said about anything as well. If you really want to get into clean eating and get healthy fats into your system, trade up your usual cooking oil for coconut oils and I am sure you will see the effects within a week or two, maybe even sooner if you pair it up with clean eating. Speaking of which I have another article which I shared awhile back titled: The how to guide of clean eating.

Avocados have healthy fats
Monounsaturated fats are good for your body and this means avocado lovers have something more to be happy about.

Alpha Linolenic Acid – Wow that was a mouthful wasn’t it? But trust me when I say you want to get a mouthful of these healthy fats in you. These healthy fats are great at treating diseases that are heart and blood vessel related, plus it is an essential building block for the human body’s growth and development. It’s actually found in omega-3 acids and well, as you know omega-3 is just phenomenal for your entire body so let’s take it one step further. Now as you know anything with good omega-3 acids in it is probably a good source of alpha linolenic acid but another good option is flaxseed oil. However even if this is an oil, you shouldn’t really use it to cook, maybe as an add on to other meals but I suggest adding it to your soup, maybe even smoothies or perhaps in a salad or two. The sky is the limit for flaxseed oil and you can find how you best prefer to get it into your life but for sure you want to get alpha linolenic acid in your system.

These are just some of the best fats that you should and can find in a number of food. Take the time to plan it into your diet, maybe even keep it in your meals each week. There are other options if the ones above don’t agree with you and all you need is a good meal or two in order to get those healthy fats into you plus if you have a clean habit going, don’t worry, a lot of these healthy fats are found in a number of food swaps, nuts and healthy oils that you will undoubtedly use in a number of your meals. All that’s left to do is prepare the meal and enjoy the rest of your day, with all these healthy fats around, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the rest of my day too.

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