Popular Cardio Exercises

There have been some really great cardio workout programs out in the health market and if you’ve been searching for a popular cardio exercises I’m sure you’ve tried quite a few by now. However I wanted to share with you the popular options for cardio exercise out there, so that you can decide or test out various cardio workout options which agrees with you, so without further procrastination, allow me to share the popular cardio workout that you want to know.

Running/Jogging/Walking – By now you know someone or have probably tried to go running or jogging or walking, because quite frankly it really does get a good sweat going and in the end that really gives you a great cardio workout doesn’t it? The beauty of this is that you only need good shoes, a nice pair of shorts and a shirt you can sweat in, and that’s about it. And in reality there is a great satisfaction from getting an extra mile or two more from the day before. One of my personal favorites, this is an exercise you’ll definitely want if you want to lose weight. 

Biking – If walking or running is a little too slow, and you want some speed to really get along with your cardio workout then biking might be perfect for you. Preferably a place with a great view of mountains makes this a picturesque exercise, however as long as you have a safe lane or two to bike along, you should be fine. The equipment might be a little extensive and could become a bit costly too, however if you really get into it, you might not be able to stop yourself from having too much fun. A really great option for your cardio workout, and a wonderful way to lose weight, give this a try if you have the chance, you may just get addicted to biking.

Circuit training – Looking for high intensity training? Then circuit training could be the perfect cardio exercise for you. One of the most popular options for exercise today, circuit training has since received an almost occult following as one of the most favored cardio workouts to this day. Not for the feint of heart, this high intensity interval training can really get your calories going, which is ideal for those who want to really lose weight.

Elliptical/Treadmill – These machines are amazing, they can allow you to workout and really get your exercise in, without leaving the comfort of your own home or gym for that matter. As one of the more popular cardio workout, you can really see why when you hit the gym and see that most of the machines are full, again for a great reason. You can avoid the hazards of outside exercise while having the full  luxury of counting calories, even a mileage count, incline and much more depending on the machine, you pretty much won’t have to leave the indoors now. A definite strong contender for one of the best cardio workout options out there, the only catch is getting the right equipment unless you’ve joined a good gym.

Aerobics is still one classic cardio workout.

Aerobics – The classic montage for a lot of people who want to lose weight, this cardio workout is still one of the classics. Joining a large group and going through rigorous exercise is still a powerful way to lose that belly and aerobics is something that pretty much anyone can do, as long as he or she has the tenacity to keep training and to keep at it. The only challenge is finding the right class for you, but aside from that a great way to really sweat it out.

Yoga – This popular cardio workout is still part of the top exercise options to really lose weight. Popularized a few years back, yoga has since spun to different types of yoga to challenge the enthusiast and even beginners, but in the end it only gives you more choices to choose from this amazing cardio workout. Again the real challenge is finding the right class for you, but there are so many options that shouldn’t be impossible. Stick with it and don’t get frustrated when starting out, and you’ll really start to bend in ways that you’ve never imagined before while getting your sweat on.

Cycling – Much like biking, this takes the lead of the treadmill or elliptical machines, as it is focused on using a machine indoor. Nowadays there is even a class, which is often referred to spinning, which makes full use of the cycling machine and can really get your sweat dripping. For this cardio workout, it would be ideal that you have a great cycling machine but what really sets it apart is that this exercise can be done in a class as well. I haven’t heard of a treadmill class as of yet, but makes you think it could happen right?  Find a good class and give it a good old try, you may really end up liking this cardio workout.

Versa Climber – If you’ve ever tried rock climbing or wall climbing and enjoyed it, this could indeed be the cardio workout for you. This unique machine has moving stairs if you will that you can climb and of course the incline and difficulty can be adjusted to suit your needs, plus there are even classes to do this altogether, now that really drives up your sweat. Now if you’ve never done a group exercise like this before, you’ll understand that having others really go at it beside you, will drive your enthusiasm up and will push you to do more than you originally thought you could, give it a try and see how far you can really go.

Swimming – This is still one of the popular choices for any exercise program out there. Considering that it is gentler on the joints and body, a lot of people have turned towards this cardio workout in order to lose weight and stay in shape. Aside from the fact that it is adds a refreshing feeling when you jump in cold water when it’s crazy hot outside, being in the water also gives you so many different workout options that you’ll have a harder time deciding what to actually do inside the pool. Again one of the major challenges is finding a pool big enough to handle your exercise, but there should be a pool in your local gym or clubhouse that should work.

There you have it, quite a few choices for cardio workout and you can test them all out. I apologize if I missed out on any of the more important options but these are some of the more popular choices for exercise programs, after all these are top of mind when you ask what cardio workout a person is doing or has tried. There are countless more and you really have so many to choose from it is almost confusing. The great thing about so many choices however is that you can really take your time to test each exercise out and finally get into what you enjoy, have fun with it, that’s the beauty of a lot of options. Stay healthy!

6-Minute Morning Workout Before Shower

6-Minute Morning Workout Before Shower

Personally, a great morning is one that I can take my time to do some morning stretches,  get a workout in and then have breakfast and shower. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect start to the day? However not all of my mornings can cater to this ideal morning routine, sometimes I only have time for a cup of tea, a quick bite, then shower. I also know that this is true for a lot of people, but is that really all there is to it? I opted to research if there was anything I could improve in such a short span of time available to me and I stumbled upon a quick, 6-minute morning workout before showering. I believe most people can spare 6 minutes before showering, it isn’t much but it really can make a world of difference. Give this a try and get a quick morning booster before the day starts. Trust me, try this and you’ll love how much better the mornings can get.

The idea for this workout is to do it like a circuit, in short don’t rest in between the exercises to really get a good sweat going. Don’t worry, this morning workout before showering is not impossibly difficult and will be a great morning booster for you and the rest of your day.

Squats – Start off with 15 squats. Anyone who has gone through gym has probably done quite a few squats in their lives but for those who haven’t it’s fairly easy. Stand straight for this morning workout before showering, keep your sides to the side and your feet shoulder width apart. Now slowly bend your knees down, try to keep your knees in line with your feet and as you lower your body, lift both hands straight forward, hold for a second and then go back to starting position. Repeat for 15 reps for this morning booster.

A quick round of push-ups to get your sweat on.
A quick round of push-ups to get your sweat on.

Push-ups – Next up is 15 push-ups, again get a mat or do it on the floor, whichever you are more comfortable with. Lie facing down for this morning workout before showering and put both hands in front of your chest, roughly by your shoulders as well, keep both your feet pointed so your legs are not touching the floor. Now use your arms to push yourself off the floor, hold for a breath and return to starting position. Again repeat the morning booster for a total of 15 reps.

Plank – after the push-ups, let’s go with a 30 second plank. Stay in the same position as the push-up however instead of your hands in front of your chest, use your forearms in the same position. Notice how you are a few inches off the floor for this morning workout before showering, and that’s pretty much it. Keep this position for about 30 seconds and you will feel the morning booster do its thing to get you a good sweat.

Follow-up with a planking routine.
Follow-up with a planking routine.

Twist – to top off this morning workout routine, lie on the floor this time with your back to it. Keep both hands behind your head and your feet straight. Now twist your entire upper body to the left, you’ll use your right elbow to help lift your head, at the same time lift your right leg to stay off the ground and the your knee should come up to meet your right elbow, this should be somewhere near your chest. Now do the other side, this counts as one rep. Do 15 reps of this morning booster and you will really feel the difference in a few short strokes.

That’s pretty much it for this circuit morning workout before showering, it’s simple and will only take about 6 minutes or so for one whole round or circuit. The trick is to really get into the rhythm and to make sure that you make it part of your daily routine. Ideally of course you get in a full workout during the day but if that is impossible, at the very least start off with this morning workout before showering and it should really give you a great morning booster for the rest of the day.

There are other workouts out there that seem to have a very similar idea in mind that it only lasts for a few minutes in the morning. I would suggest to test which one best fits you and your needs, keep at it and make sure to pair it off with a good diet, you really will see that a morning workout will make quite a difference for you. Stay healthy!

Exercise For Groups Or Couples

Exercise For Groups Or Couples

Don’t you just love your friends? I mean it could just be another friend or a group or friends or whatever, either way they are usually quite supportive of you and you often find yourself on adventures, events or so much more, so why not exercising too? I’m sure at one point or another when your workout has hit a rather stale wall, you want to make it exciting again or you just need that extra push for you to actually get some exercise in, either way, let’s get your friends involved shall we? I have a few lists of group workout events or even couple exercise plans that can really work for you and a friend, this way you’ll get healthy, they’ll get healthy, and from there you can have more fun for even more.

Competitive sports – I won’t dive into this group workout too much but as always you can do a lot of sports depending on how many there are of you in a group. Basketball, soccer, futsal, football, the list goes on. This is how a lot of people bond and get a little friendly, sometimes not so friendly competition. No matter what happens though, you end up being best friends at the end of the nasty comments or competitive challenges. Ask your friends what they are into and they probably have a game or two in common, additionally you get to meet other people and maybe add on to your little group.

Hiking – Oh my gosh, reaching new heights, going to places you’ve never been, the thrill of being on higher ground, what’s not to love? Get your group workout on or even make it an intimate hike and make it a couple exercise for the day, either way you can take up a tent and have a lot of fun during the hike and after when you are staring at the starry night sky, again what is not to love about this idea?

Hiking and taking a trip around nature is always a good idea whether to bond as a group, or as a couple’s date.

Kayaking – This may take some equipment but even more important a proper location. So if you are fortunate enough to be a stone’s throw away from a lake or a river, maybe even the beach, give it a go with a new type of group workout. Enlist some of your more hardcore friends and be prepared to feel the burn as you kayak your way through some water. On a separate note there are tandem kayaks as well which could make for some fun couple exercise plans as well.

Wall climbing – There is just some satisfaction to climbing a man made wall isn’t there? Or if man made isn’t doing it for you, let’s go on to the real thing, rock climbing! Any which way, as long as you have your friends this is a prime group workout that will really get your sweat going as well as your friendship tougher. And the beauty is, if the group is too busy cut it back down to a couple exercise day and get you and your best friend climbing up those rocks.

Biking – Again this may take some equipment but on the other hand this is a great group exercise for you and your friends. Just like the kayak there is even a tandem option available but in reality I would suggest using two bikes instead, better burn for your buck you know? Anyhow this will allow you to see more of your place and have a lot of laughs with friends, if you’re lucky you have a scenic route near you and is very friendly for long distance riding, all you have to do left is start sending out the message to everyone.

Group running – You didn’t think I’d get through the list without mentioning running did you? Of course not, as one of the most well known couple exercise available and a wonderful group workout, joining up as a group and getting a good run is always fun. You get to push each other further and you barely feel the time, I’m going to say it, run by, there I said it! Make sure you have the proper gear ready and stay hydrated. 

Dog walking – Perhaps running isn’t your idea of fun, no problem, why not finish a chore while you enjoy a group workout? Get your friends with dogs and bring out the leashes, time for a walk. Not only do you get a nice walk in, your dog gets to go out, your chore is done and if you are taking care of the dog as a couple, well think of it as a couple exercise routine as well. Either way this is definitely something you should enjoy as a group if you have a pet dog or two.

Group yoga – There is nothing like having a whole place to yourselves and getting a proper instructor. If you are new to yoga, no problem at all, being surrounded by friends in this group workout allows you to make mistakes and laugh about it. Looking for a couple exercise routines along these lines? There is something called partner yoga, where you and your partner can help each other exercise, it’s a wonderful experience and I highly suggest it.

dance group
Sweat it out with music because dance is never boring!

Dance it out – Just in case your friends are into dancing, just go with it for your group workout. There are a ton of dances that is really friendly to big groups and some of you can really shine doing these things. Needless to say there are also dances just for couples and again that will fulfill your needs of couple exercise as well.

Get extreme – Perhaps these were a little too tame for you and your friends, you need something more physical and rough? Try mixed martial arts. Enroll in a class or get an instructor to teach you, either or, this is a real eye opener for a lot of people. You can really learn a lot about your friends during this group workout and if it’s just you and your partner, this couple exercise will really allow you to get to know him or her even better as well. On the plus side if you are ever in the need to defend yourself, and let’s all hope you never do, the things you learn here will be really useful.

Now there you have it, some pretty solid ideas for group workout or even couple exercise plans, all you need to do is wrestle up your friends to join you. Chances are if you are getting into fitness, they are probably starting or should start, might as well tag along with you and make it as much fun as possible. A group that works out together is a group that pretty much stays together, and the same can definitely be said about couples as well, so what else are you waiting for? Start making those calls. Stay healthy!

The Pros And Cons Of Swimming As An Exercise

The Pros And Cons Of Swimming As An Exercise

By now you must have heard about swimming as one of the best exercises out there and you can really lose a lot of weight, and so on and so forth. This is all well and good, and today I would like to share with you the pros and cons of swimming in order to share with you more information as to what you are getting into before deciding on swimming to be your ideal exercise. I look forward to sharing the pros of swimming and the cons of swimming with you below.


Need a pool – Well this is a no brainer, but not everyone has a pool available to them 24/7 and quite frankly going to the local pool on a daily basis is a little tough. However if you do have a pool available to you in a club, in your house or a family member’s house, this is one of the cons of swimming that you can easily overcome. Aside from that however, chances are you already have a pool or two accessible to you otherwise you wouldn’t be considering it as an exercise or you wouldn’t be reading this article altogether, so let’s carry on.

Swimmers ear – Given most types of exercise there is always a unique potential injury or other problems that arise and for swimming this might be that problem. Swimmers ear is an infection on the outer canal of the ear, which is caused by some residual water left over from swimming, and allows for bacteria to grow. As one of the cons of swimming as an exercise, this is something to look out for but in the end you can definitely avoid it if you make sure to clear out the moisture from you ears.

Chlorine skin/hair – Chemicals really do a number on the body and chlorine is no different. As one of the cons of swimming, this one is a little difficult to avoid altogether. While the degree of chlorine in the water varies from time to time, it is without a doubt that continuous exposure is not something very good for your skin and hair, so if this is a major concern you may want to rethink swimming as an exercise.

cramps while swimming
Cramps happen while swimming, but it can be prevented by proper warm up or stretching prior to taking a dip.

Cramps – While you can get cramps pretty much anywhere from running, to basketball, to even just sleeping, what makes it particularly scary in swimming is if you have a pretty bad cramp, it can be difficult to get out of the water. This is why a lifeguard is always present in most pools, as cramps can really stop you cold in the water and it is one of the rather dangerous cons of swimming as an exercise. In order to avoid this, although it might not be a complete solution, try stretching properly before jumping in and make sure you haven’t eaten in the last hour or so before diving into the water. Otherwise just have a swim buddy or a lifeguard around to make sure to avoid this being one of the bigger cons of swimming.

Potential sunburn – If you have a pool available to you that is exposed to the sun, you do have the potential for sunburn on really hot days. I know you know better than to go swimming without sun block and all that but just in case, it is possible to get a pretty gnarly burn while you exercise and this is definitely one of the cons of swimming if you really think about it. However if you do have proper skin care products or perhaps swim when the sun isn’t out you should be able to avoid this just fine.


Low impact – Perhaps one of the most alluring pros of swimming is that it is easier on the joints and body altogether, given that you are in water for the bulk of your exercise, you do not shock or cause too much damage on your body when you workout. It is very important to note that when you swim for exercise that the joints feel a lot less burdened as compared to say running on an off road track or even on concrete. If you are rather concerned about joint injuries or previous injuries as well this is perhaps one of the pros of swimming that you should consider as an exercise.

Good muscle development – Since you need pretty much all the major muscles when you swim, you will develop them together at an almost equal pace and gives each muscle group a pretty proper exercise. As one of the pros of swimming, this attracts a lot of people as compared to other potential workout routines as the development of muscles is a major factor in their goals, so again if this is a consideration perhaps swimming is the exercise for you.

swimming is a good exercise
Swimming is a good workout for lung, cardio and muscle development.

Increases breathing and lung capacity – Another of the awesome pros of swimming, you can really strengthen your lung capacity through swimming as an exercise. There is no doubt that with each stroke or each time you are under the water you are exercising your lungs through breathing rather rigorously as you exercise, this really helps you strengthen and train your lungs, which leads to more oxygen in the body, which helps your body do more and function better in the long run. Again a major plus for those who opt for swimming instead of other cardio options as their exercise.

Better for calluses – That pesky callus on your foot bothering you? Probably received it from that long run you did last week or perhaps that tough basketball game you played against your friends last weekend? Well with swimming you don’t have to worry about that at all, in fact as one of the pros of swimming, being soaked in the water longer will help alleviate your existing calluses and such blemishes.

Increased metabolism – There is no doubt that by swimming you can really get your metabolism going. As one of the major pros of swimming, increasing your metabolic rate will really help you lose weight, which is let’s face it, one of the major reasons you are exercising to begin with if not to stay healthy only. Getting to enjoy a ton of meals in various restaurants knowing that you will be burning it off in the pool is a great add on to this exercise but as always don’t go crazy here however it is safe to assume that you can go a little nuts.

And there it is, the cons and the pros of swimming, definitely something you want to consider when you are picking your exercise. In my opinion however I honestly think the pros of swimming out weight the cons of swimming but again that is my own choice and belief, you can really decide for yourself after going through everything. I believe you know what is best for you. Stay healthy!