Vegan Festivals And Events

The world is turning vegan! Well not really but at the very least it is much more vegan friendly than ever, with so many events out there, it makes you feel like my initial statement is true. Awhile back there would only be a handful of people who were taking the vegan lifestyle seriously and back then they had people looking at them as if they were crazy, nowadays however almost every other house has a vegan or two just enjoying their new found lifestyle and even restaurants have started offering vegan options, that is no simple turn of events my friends, let me tell you that. Anyways here is a quick list of some rather popular events that are vegan centered to really get your vegan on!

US – Let’s start off with what’s in our own backyard, after all if the events are within arms reach, let’s enjoy them!

Ashville Vegan Fest – Have fun in Ashville, with the Ashville Vegan Fest where you can enjoy some awesome vegan meals, get some cruelty free products and so much more.

Vegan Street Fair – When we are talking about vegan events, how can we not mention the Vegan Street Fair? Bring the entire family and enjoy the day and night, dancing, eating and drinking. The organizers promise an even better time this year than the last, so what else are you waiting for?

Vegan Street Fair
The Vegan Street Fair is very much ready for 2017!

Vegan Beer Fest – The Vegan Beer Fest in California is a very well known vegan event, the beer events of all vegan beer events in my opinion. Enjoy some live music while you sample beers, wines and much more in this vegan event, for sure you’ll have the time of your life.

Vegan Faire – Located in good old Anaheim, this beer and wine celebration will really cater to vegan people and will showcase a number of unforgettable booths, workshops and so much more, make sure to clear up your entire day as you’ll be sure to spend it there.

DC Veg Fest – While not being predominantly vegan, this Veg Fest as you have it will have over 130 vendors that will really catch your eye, while you enjoy the live music, the beer and if you have your family with you, the Kid’s activity area, one of the many events that the entire family can enjoy. Keep your eyes open for multiple locations for the Veg Fest events, you’ll be glad to join pretty much most of them.

Chicago Vegan Mania – When you are in Chicago, make sure if you are attending any vegan events, this is the one you make it to. With attendance, workshops and presentations from a number of well known vegan celebrities, this event is gearing up to be a big hitter. Bring the kids too, not only will they have a lot of fun, they will enjoy the festivities as well.

Europe – By some chance you are in Europe check out these events catered to us as people who enjoy the vegan lifestyle.

Indian cuisine by Nishma of Shambhu’s – When you enjoy the vegan lifestyle, there’s a very good chance that you like Indian cuisine. If that sounds like you, then this is one of the events you should keep a look out for. The ins and outs of Indian cuisine can be tricky, but with this vegan event, you’ll definitely learn some great recipes, some awesome tips and much more.

VegFest UK vegan festival
VegFest UK is right up this October!

VegFest Oahu – Looking for a vegan friendly event that the entire family can enjoy? Then turn to the VegFest Oahu, where you can enjoy a lot of events rolled into one happy vegan festival. Eat vegan food from local restaurants and hear some inspirational speakers talk about the environment, health and much more, definitely something you can bring the entire family to.

The Garden of Eden, Vegan Fair – Well with a name like that you can really expect some wonderful vegan events on this site, and quite frankly with some live music, vegan food and a vegan bar even, plus much more, I don’t think you will be leaving disappointed.

Vegan Cruise in France – Ah France, what could make it even more special? How about a vegan cruise, that just puts a lot of other events to shame? Well sign me up! Join the famous blogger Fat Gay Vegan, I kid you not that’s his name, and take a cruise around the lovely French countryside. Fall in love, eat well and live better, sounds like one of the great vegan events that you can join.

Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival – Now that vegans are known to be very health conscious, if you want one of your events this year to be focused on yoga, meditations and life changing workshops, then you have got to join this event. Again this event is called a festival so expect some great music, exhibitors, organic food and so, so much more. A definite must for those who want to improve their overall health and mindset, plus it’s always good to let go of your wilder vegan every so often.

Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival
Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival is scheduled this November.

Animal Aid Christmas Fair – Indulge in some vegan friendly food, while happily going through stalls and stalls of animal-free shops. Among all the Christmas events listed here so far, Animal Aid wants to make sure while we enjoy our holidays our animal friends will be safe from any cruelty that may befall them due to our enjoyment. You can find gifts, souvenirs and mach more in the fair, you’ll love the vegan food ready for consumption as three vegan caterers will be there for this year’s event.

Gosh if I could keep going on other events that are catered to the vegan lifestyle, we’d be here for weeks at a time but for now let’s cut it off there. Both Europe and the US have some pretty great options as events goes, the only hard part is planning which one to go to. Personally there are so many that I want to attend my head is simply spinning, but that’s the great thing about being a vegan nowadays – choices, choices oh so many glorious choices. Stay healthy!