Review: The Vegan Nom

REVIEW: The Vegan Nom, Austin TX

Austin Texas is rich in food places every traveler (or anybody else for that matter) would definitely need to try out and enjoy. I wanted to focus on the vegan places to dine at and share them to everyone who’s interested in eating healthy on the go. I’m so excited to share with you my first eat out review!
The Vegan Nom is a taco food truck on Austin’s eastside off Cesar Chavez.  It’s mostly tacos and your Tex Mex faves like vegan chips and nachos and guacamole. You can choose from the menu or build your own taco. Everyday there’s a special “$2 Taco” and today’s was “Migas”.
I tend to shy away from faux cheese or processed vegan foods but I was feeling adventurous and decided to try the Migas. I liked it, the tofu scramble was the right texture and the combo of cheeses, chips and bell peppers was delicious.  I think it’s a great choice for someone who is new to vegan food but willing to try something kind of familiar. The salsas provided, one green and one orange, weren’t that spicy. I also had the spinach, mushrooms and caramelized onion taco and that was definitely more my style but it was not seasoned and a little bland but I’m a fan of the use of whole foods. I wish the salsas had more flavor because that would be an easy fix.
We also tried the chips and nacho cheese. I honestly didn’t care much for it because it is served room temperature like a hummus and I prefer nacho cheese piping hot but Thomas seemed to like it.
The grand finale and probably the highlight of the food was the dessert: vegan Twinkies!  Super sweet, oily and incredibly delicious with our coffees from Sister Coffee next door. Thomas had a Grilled Avocado Royals off of the Signature Tacos menu which he says he always gets so it must be good.
Twinkies! I love ’em!


I can’t say right off the bat that I am a fan of The Vegan Nom but I’ll most definitely come explore more of the menu.
Looking forward to my next eat out adventure and I surely will be sharing my review! Stay healthy!
Bunyadi - a truly naked restaurant

Bunyadi – A Truly Naked Restaurant

Bunyadi, if the name of this pop up restaurant has yet to reach your ears I’m sure you’re in for a big surprise. It will open this coming June and will only be open for about 3 months, the location is undisclosed, aside from it will be in London but the website is up with a few details, yet this little idea has garnered quite a bit of interest. As usual, a temporary restaurant isn’t much news, but what really sets it apart is the fact that this restaurant will be a completely naked experience. And when I mean naked, I mean naked!

This restaurant will have two sections, one area will be clothed and the other will be naked or as they call it “pure.” While the two sections will have quite some cuisine in it, I am sure you want to know more about the naked section so let’s get into that.

The pure section will have waiters who will also be bare, but do not be shy, all diners will be as well. To make sure that the sanctity of the place be kept to diners and service crew only, all electronics must be checked in the doorway. The idea is to keep it as simple as possible, and this does not only extend to clothing.

Bunyadi vegan and non-vegan menu sample
A glimpse of Bunyadi’s sample menu (Courtesy of Bunyadi)

The menu for the Bunyadi will have non-vegan and vegan menus that will be cooked on wood fire only, served on handmade cutlery and plates, there is even some news that it will serve a raw vegan diet which is just astounding. The idea is to take people back to when things were simpler, unadulterated and quite frankly more free, as stated on the press release they placed on their website. As you may or may not know I am a powerful advocate of the vegan lifestyle and the raw vegan is considered extreme by a lot of people but the consumption of raw food in the nude has never been quite hand-in-hand.

The Bunyadi invites people to experience the sheer nakedness of simplicity dining and the enjoyment of it as well, while being naked is not a compulsory need, the option is indeed very catchy I’d imagine. Seeing as of today they have over 38,000 potential diners who have listed themselves on the waiting list for tickets, I’d say it is beyond catchy. The only problem is, the Bunyadi is set to have only a 42 seating capacity so a lot of people are set up not to be able to experience it in this upcoming 3 month opening.

Bunyadi furniture
Bunyadi announces the arrival of their furniture for the naked restaurant. (photo courtesy of Bunyadi)

Bunyadi is a project of the Lollipop collective, a group dedicated to thinking up of unique events or experiences for a discerning community and quite frankly the Bunyadi seems to be living up to the experience. I can confidently say that it has caught the attention of quite a few diners in the UK and quite frankly if I was in the area I would sign up on the ticket line as well.

For more on Bunyadi, please visit their website at: Stay healthy!

Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Austin, TX

Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in Austin Texas

There are a lot of challenges to becoming a vegan, while it is easier for a lot of people, it can be quite a challenge for a number more. One of the largest concerns is finding a restaurant that caters to the special diet that comes with being a vegan, I won’t lie to you there, it is a bit of a challenge. I am however happy to share with you some of the best reviewed vegan restaurants in Austin, Texas. There are a few that have some oh some tasty meals in each restaurant. Please note that the reviews are not mine directly and I am basing this off of various sites such as Yelp in order to remain unbiased and fair to the top scored restaurants in the Austin area.

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen, Austin TX
A glimpse of the restaurant’s fascade.
Photo credit: Facebook

With a 5 star rating after 54 reviews, this restaurant is difficult to pass up, I began reading the reviews in earnest and see what was all the hype about. As I browsed through their website, they share that they advocate giving the body proper nutrition while serving up a memorable meal and I was just amazed. What an amazing promise from the get-go, who wouldn’t want to get the proper nutrients in them while having a wonderful meal that will be memorable and delicious? I am a big fan of both delicious and healthy, what more could I ask for? Apparently not a lot for this vegan restaurant.

As I browsed through their menu, the fresh juices caught my eye, nothing says healthy than a freshly squeezed glass of sea buckthorn, cranberry, pomegranate paired with honey and black tea or as they call in True Food Kitchen: Medicine Man. For the price conscious, the prices range from 4 – 26 dollars per entrée or refresher, a fairly reasonable price that is within the acceptable prices for most people.

Going through the reviews it seems that the Edamame Dumplings is a popular choice. It is a daikon radish, dashi and white truffle oil dumpling that seems to have a lot of people hopping in their seats with joy. I am also reading a lot of great raves about their kale guacamole that is just very creamy. My mouth is watering as I write this.

While the restaurant is not only vegan, it has other healthy options for vegetarians and gluten-free diets. This vegan restaurant and more, sounds to be healthy and a great place to be. There are other branches in a number of other states and I strongly advise you to check out their website for more details.

Bistro Vonish

Bistro Vonish, Austin TX
Basil Pistou on the Watermelon Caprese
Photo credit:

A food truck came to my attention once again on yelp, as one vegan restaurant that has a 5 star rating with 56 reviews, there must be something about it that just gives people a reason to say: “Wow.”

As a healthy vegan restaurant, a food truck seems like an unlikely source as one that produces high quality food but as I went through their reviews, I am convinced that this place is a must try. As I first browsed their website, it is stated where they will be in Austin and invites you to visit their Facebook page for more details. Within their sample menu, they have beverages that range from 3 – 5 dollars and their food is ranged from 7 – 12 which is fairly priced.

The reviews raved about their French toast, which is surprising as I can’t seem to see it on their sample menu, it must be a special order for some days and it must be amazing from what I’ve read. The kolaches are both healthy and delicious in this vegan restaurant, the comments coming from different reviews and the croquettes are supposed to be something magical.

Maoz Vegetarian

Maoz Vegetarian, Austin, TX
A scrumptuous display of healthy goodness!
Photo taken from Maoz’ Facebook

While this is the first restaurant in my count down that is not 5 stars but 4 and a half, it has 281 reviews and in my book that is a solid score.

As I browsed their website it was apparent that the best seller was indeed a falafel sandwich. I’m happy to share that they have quite an extensive vegan option in this vegan restaurant and boy do they sound delicious and healthy.

I continued to the reviews to see what people enjoyed the most in this vegan restaurant and the resounding winner is the falafel and salad bar, which is unlimited and healthy. This is my kind of vegan restaurant after all. I have also read of high praises for the vegan shawarma and vegan BBQ option, however I am getting conflicting reviews for the Belgian fries but rest assured it is either good or great, as I haven’t found a bad review for it but rather just an alright review, so I’ll let you decide on that.

This vegan restaurant is also vegetarian as stated in their name and has some killer broccoli from the sounds of it, a must try and a long standing restaurant with prices that roughly range for the food at $ 3.75 – 9.75 which I think is very reasonable for a vegan restaurant.

Caspian Grill

Caspian Grill - Austin, TX
The restaurant’s interior dining area.
Photo credit: Trent N. via

Another top notcher in the Yelp restaurant listings, a strong 4 and half stars but with 179 reviews, there must be something short of spectacular in the vegan restaurant. I say vegan restaurant but it is predominantly a Persian/Iranian restaurant however it does have quite a few vegan options on the list.

Using the Persian treatment of food as a medicine of sorts, Caspian Grill shares on their website that the food served is under the concept of Food as Medicine or FAM. I’m happy to say that there is a vegan section that is ready for us and I can assume that is why it is also classified as a vegan restaurant.

Reading the reviews, a lot of people seem to enjoy the chicken kabob but for vegetarians the rave of food comes from mirza ghasemi which is a roasted eggplant & herbs that is served on pita and yes there is a vegan option for this healthy dish. For vegans however the dish that is both delicious and healthy is the vegan kabob, which is a soy kabob. I am particularly looking at the vegan biryani which just sounds delectable.

This vegan restaurant, which is predominantly a Persian restaurant seems to have quite a few followers and from the reviews it is a little difficult to find but once you do, it is worth it. Let’s give it a try!

Sweet Ritual

Sweet Ritual - Austin, TX
Pistachio Rose: toasted pistachio butter base, with rose water and cardamom.
Photo taken from Sweet Ritual’s Facebook

How fitting that the last entry be another 4 and a half star with 247 reviews, is also a get this, vegan restaurant that serves vegan ice cream! How are you not jumping up and down for joy?

From the get-go I was really excited to check out this website, it is ice cream and it’s vegan, how is this not amazing? This vegan restaurant specializes in artisan vegan ice cream that comes in a variety of flavors while staying true to being vegan.

Reading the reviews there are a lot of crowd favorites so I can’t really say which ones are the most popular, but I’ll be honest I heard peanut butter and I am all ears. Can’t wait to try it myself!

These are just some of the vegan restaurants in Austin and there are a ton more all over the country, I am happy to say that healthy is in nowadays. For those of you who are not yet vegan but are interested, you might want to check out my other article on how to start being vegan.

For more tips and tricks to get healthy, please visit my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages. Stay healthy!