Cancer and Smoking

Cancer and Smoking

Smoking and cancer go hand in hand, pretty much anyone knows that, but it still seems some additional information needs to be shared. I am sure you’ve heard or seen the anti smoking campaigns all over the place, ironically even on the back of a pack of cigarettes, there are warnings and alerts that have pictures that are rather grotesque, but that is still something a lot of people tend to ignore. I’m hoping that by sharing the information down below, it will encourage people to stay away from smoking and avoid the cancer that comes with it altogether. And if you are reading this for reassurance and to strengthen your resolve to quit, then that’s great, however if you still need more help to quit smoking, I am happy to give a little help.

Let’s start off with how several studies have now made it clear that smoking and cancer are directly related, there are no buts about it, allow me to explain and share how it works exactly. Smoking has a ton of chemicals in it, these chemicals make way into your blood stream via the smoke, and these chemicals have been directly linked to 14 types of cancer, yes count them, 14 types of cancer, in case you didn’t know that’s pretty bad.

Sadly, smoking has been known to cause 4 out 5 lung cancers and to make things worse, the survival rate of said cancer is quite low. The study goes to show that in the UK, smoking has caused 1 in 4 deaths due to cancer, that’s a pretty high risk to be taking if you ask me and all because of the habit of smoking which is by far one of the easiest causes of cancer to avoid. An American study on the other hand attributes about 480,000 deaths in America due to tobacco related concerns, deaths that are most likely cancer for the bulk part of the unfortunate circumstances if not some heart ailment or other disease.

The cancer that smoking causes can be due to the variety of chemicals in it, which by the way ranges from above 7,000 types of chemicals and at least 250 are known to be harmful to the human body. Additionally several dozen chemicals are also present in the smoke that non smokers get exposed to when staying near smokers, these have been found to be cancer causing agents as well and should be avoided at all times. I don’t think I know many people who actively expose themselves to the second hand smoke anyways but it is best to mention this for those who are not considerate enough to light a cigarette away from non-smokers.

As if cancer isn’t bad enough, smoking causes damage to a variety of body parts, in fact it has been studied that it damages pretty much all of the body and organs, it does not have any benefit whatsoever. To top it all off, people who have been smoking for awhile, are more prone to heart diseases such as a heart attack or even a stroke. For women on the other hand, smoking has been found to make it difficult to get pregnant, so if you and your partner are trying, quit smoking, in fact even if you are not trying, quit smoking, you don’t want cancer, I’m just saying.

Again these are just some of the known reasons for getting cancer when a person is smoking, but it doesn’t stop a lot of people from smoking, which can be contributed to the nicotine – an added addictive substance that can really wreak havoc on your cravings, as this is a natural ingredient in tobacco, this really gets people hooked.

That is as clear as day as it gets, smoking and cancer are partners in a very sad and painful dance that a lot of people like cutting into. However it begs a lot of questions as it goes on, and I am willing to explore and help out.

Second hand smoke is as bad if not worse, so think about the damage smoking can do to the people you care about.

There are a few people, not a lot mind you, who have given up the fight saying: I already started smoking, the chemicals are in my body, why bother quitting at all? Well for one the chemicals in your system can clear out, maybe not 100% and definitely not immediately but the body is amazingly resilient, it has to be to take a beating against smoking.

The longer you have quit smoking the better it is for your body, as you smoke, the air sacs in your lungs are damaged as well as the airways leading to them. The longer one smokes, the more the damage has probably compounded over the years. What is truly scary about smoking is that the damage may take years, maybe decades to surface considering the amount of cigarettes a person uses per day, this will also hold true for cancer however if one is rather a strong habitual user, it could happen sooner than later.

In fact I heard that some people with cancer question the need for quitting considering their predicament. However the answer is still an astounding yes, as you would have guessed, smoking is counter productive to a lot of the treatments for cancer. Just by quitting smoking even when cancer is active, you can reduce the chances of it becoming fatal by as much as 30 – 40 % which is pretty good as you can get given the circumstances.

Again if that is not enough of a concern for you, smoking has been often linked as a gateway to many other bad habits such as drugs, alcohol and much more. This is especially true for younger smokers, such as teens, which is why there are very strict regulations about smoking as a minor. As mentioned prior, smoking is a habit that has devastating sicknesses waiting at beckon call, such as cancer, hint, hint, if people started as early as when they are teens and they carry the habit well into being a young adult, well let’s just say the chances of reaching into a ripe old age becomes a bit questionable.

There are a ton of resources out there to help you kick the habit and really get out of it. Much like smoking is a habit formed out of longevity, quitting is also the same, the longer you quit the better it is for your body, so if you want to avoid over a dozen types of cancer, you should quit smoking, if you haven’t touched a cigarette ever, don’t even think about it.

Please take the time to read this and find out more possible outcomes of smoking, however be well warned that cancer is a highly likely problem that can arise from it. I implore you for your family and loved ones, quit smoking as soon as possible, you deserve a long and happy life, everybody does and if you are often found smoking at the corner of the house or in the office, you could be endangering your future. This is not a joke, this is a warning – quit smoking if you really know what is good for you. Stay healthy!