How Biking Helps

How Biking Helps

Biking has lately been in a great spotlight, really highlighting how the sport, exercise or workout, whichever you prefer has quite a few fans of that are fairly much fanatics. Regardless if you are biking or plan to get into it, maybe even in the office or gym, you have probably heard someone raving about how great biking is as a workout and quite frankly, I would like to throw my hat in. While I do favor running, biking is still another great workout to get your cardio in. To know more how biking can really get your body going, read on and perhaps you’ll start pedaling out in the open road after reading.

It can rejuvenate your body – Research has found that regular biking can really keep you looking younger and helps keep skin looking healthy. Everyone knows that regular exercise can increase the oxygen in your body, more oxygen means that your body can do more of its work, and a workout that will really get your blood flowing is biking, so if you want to keep looking young, bring out that bike.

Get better sleep – Alright, you know how after a workout, you end up getting so tired but that satisfied type of tired? Well biking will do just that. Getting extra exposure to the sun, will get you that extra vitamin d that your body will sorely need and that will help get you nice and tired for a long, and wonderful night’s rest.

Increase brainpower – Research has shown that after a few minutes of biking, people have done 15 percent better in mental tests. So if you are about to take an exam in school or whatever, go on a bike ride going to class, not only will you get your workout in but you’ll have a better chance of scoring a better grade too, I will count that as a double win in my book.

Better health altogether – Well this is a no brainer, but regular exercise will indeed increase your bodily defenses against sicknesses. Biking is a great workout to get your sweat going and by doing it regularly, you can really strengthen your immunity system and get in better shape. Say goodbye to obesity problems and myriad of sicknesses that come with it, and in the end isn’t that what we all want?

Better for the environment – With no carbon footprint to its name, biking can really save the planet if you think about it. Not only does it take less space when parking, it has no carbon emissions as it zooms down the road, plus it helps you lose weight as a workout. Of course it won’t go as fast as a car unless you’re a pro and have the right equipment, weather, incline and open road but pretty much that’s the only negative side effect that I can figure out.

Fighting against cancer – While going to the gym and doing your regular workout is a good way to get in shape and fight against cancer, there have been studies that biking is particularly good at keeping your cells strong and able to fight off cancer. In fact in this study, women who go biking bring reduces the risk of breast cancer by 34% which is pretty darn good to me.

Great for some family time – Regardless if it’s a workout or just for fun, biking can really be a good way to spend some family time together. Kids can bring their own bikes and ride along their parents, or for the younger ones, there are a ton of equipment available in the market that will not only let them join you, but get a front seat to an exciting and very relaxing sport or workout.

biking with friends
Biking not only is good for our body physically, but for our mind as well. Also a good way to bond with family and meet new friends.

A little friendlier on your wallet – While some of the biking equipment can go from very reasonable to is-that-really-the-cost-for-a-bike without a motor, it can be very affordable if done right. And honestly as opposed to a monthly gym membership, the cost is usually rather upfront with minor maintenance tweaks here and there, if you use it for your regular weekly workout and for a few years, it will end up being cheaper in the long run. Of course if you go nuts on the biking expenses, well that is a different story altogether but hey, if you control it right, you should have a rather affordable and exciting workout to look forward to.

Keep your joints in better shape – Again while running is one of my favorite workout plan, biking provides less impact on your muscles such as the knees, ankles, and legs. Of course there are ways to lessen the impact of running in general but being comparative with both workout ideas, biking does seem less painful in the long run.

Burn more calories and fats – As a workout, cardio is an ideal way to lose weight, this works by burning calories and fats, so biking will really work it’s way up to getting you lean and mean. This works not during the exercise itself, but you will burn quite a bit then already, but research has shown that after the workout, you end up burning calories 30 minutes after biking, maybe you burn even more calories as research shows.

Become happier – As most people have discovered, a regular workout and exercise is a great way to increase your endorphins. Endorphins are the hormones released when your body goes through exercise and it gives off a very relaxing and happy feeling, actually it can be compared to morphine as they say. As a lot of people know there is this thing known as a ‘runners high’ and something very similar can happen while you are biking, this legal ‘high’ as you will is something that can get very addictive to a lot of people, but in a good sort of addiction, can’t believe I actually said that line but it is what it is. With regular exercise, your body will continue to release endorphins and you will be happier in the long run.

Find some new friends – Just like I mentioned earlier, there are quite a few fanatics out there and they make wonderful biking friends. There are a ton of groups out there who welcome anyone to join their workout, they enjoy going on the ride with veterans and beginners alike, in fact they are more than happy to welcome newbie’s and teach them the ropes, maybe impart some knowledge and some tips trust me they will enjoy having you join their little or in some cases huge groups.

And now there we have it, some very compelling reasons as to why biking will help you out, there are a ton of other reasons but I figured this is plenty to take in already. I really believe that biking is a great workout and most people should try it, but I understand there are reasons why they would avoid it, maybe they don’t know how to ride a bike or they are a little apprehensive of the equipment cost, either or, I do advise that you find a way to try it out if even for a little while. Stay healthy!

The Bad Side Of Weight Loss

The Bad Side Of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a pretty big goal for a lot of people, and through hard work a lot of them achieve it through dedication, perseverance and much more. However did you know there is a bad side of weight loss when you actually achieve it? Not many people know of it or discuss it, because we tend to focus on the positives of most things and quite frankly I believe that everyone should know the positive and the negative side of pretty much the things they get into. So when you are getting into hardcore fitness, it is always good to know the bad side of weight loss as well, so at the very least you are prepared.

Toxins in the blood – When you lose weight, the fat cells have to release the bad pollutants somewhere and it is usually released into the bloodstream. As a part of the bad side of weight loss, this can explain why some people tend to get a little sickly when they lose weight. In order to avoid this side effect, make sure that you are eating properly and healthy while you undergo your fitness change. This will assist you with the proper nutrients to combat the toxins that the fat cells release.

Hunger pangs – This is a very interesting effect on the bad side of weight loss. As you are losing weight and getting into fitness, your body goes into emergency mode, realizing that the fats it stored are disappearing, so it panics and releases hormones that make you want to eat more in order to combat the weight loss. This makes it really difficult to lose weight actually but you must admit, it shows wonders as to how the body works. Again in order to counter this bad side of weight loss, a proper diet is called upon and you should avoid those crash diets that really wreak havoc on your system. Slow and steady is the way to go.

hunger pangs
Proper control and management of your eating habits help in battling hunger pangs during your weight loss journey.

Poor nutrition – Again another bad side of weight loss is brought about an imbalanced diet. As crash diet goes, they usually focus on certain food groups and sometimes completely eliminate others, while this can be effective in short term and really show results, they tend to be superficial and really does a negative number on your body as well. The target of getting into proper fitness is balance, you cannot expect to eliminate a food group from your body and not start to notice the imbalance, it really will come back to bite you in the slightly more fit tushy you have now, so don’t do it.

Risk of diabetes – This is another bad side of weight loss that isn’t well known. For those who lose weight too quickly, the stress can cause an imbalance in insulin levels and can drive the body towards diabetes if not managed properly. And once more in order to avoid this, you must be focused on fitness and gradually losing weight, while maintaining a proper diet and once again not a crash diet. Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

Hormonal imbalances – The sudden loss of protein or other nutrients due to crash diets can really stress the body out, so it releases hormones to try and fix it, this can cause quite a bit of hormonal imbalance in most people. As an effect of bade side of weight loss, you can avoid it by once again planning out a proper diet and a good fitness plan. This will help you train your body to realize that it is slowly getting healthier and not diving into it with a crash diet all of a sudden. This imbalance can also effect males via hair loss, which is not connected to male patter baldness, so if you are rather attached to your natural hair, well think well how you are going to proceed with your weight loss.

Chaotic metabolic rate – Of course weight loss is tied quite closely to both your fitness and metabolic rate, however with the sudden change of food intake, your metabolic rate can suddenly go into defense mode and slow down. This is part of the bad side of weight loss and again another funny quirk of the body. By going to the gym gradually and slowly fixing your diet, you can help your metabolic rate catch up with the rest of your body. So allow it to understand your plans for your body, otherwise you can get some unexpected fatigue, dizziness and much more if you keep at it with a sudden crash diet or other items.

Potential gout – This bad side of weight loss is brought to you by low carb crash diets, the ones that you shouldn’t really follow. The low carb could trigger a bout with gout, and from what I hear it is quite painful and restricts a lot of pretty good foods. So once more all it takes is proper fitness management and a good planned diet in order to avoid it and you should be fine. Who needs gout when you are trying to get healthy? I sure as heck don’t and I’m pretty sure you don’t either.

crash diet
Crash diets aren’t really necessary. Instead, cleansing and healthy eating habits should be taken hand in hand with proper workout routines.

Gallstones – Another potential bad side of weight loss considering that the liver can have a hard time processing the increase of bile, which leads to gallstones. The sudden weight loss of crash diets or improper fitness plans can lead to gallstones which once more I heard was quite uncomfortable, happily I have yet to experience it and would rather just keep it to second hand information, as I am sure you would too. So to avoid this bad side of weight loss, keep going through a proper diet and don’t dive into it and you should be fine.

Gaining more weight back – This is a tricky bad side of weight loss, but it really is quite easy to avoid if you think about it. When you finish the diet and your fitness plans, people tend to relax and go back to their own lives, this is when weight gain suddenly comes crashing through and you can go back to your old weight and gain even more if you do this. The trick is to realize you are not doing exercise to lose weight or going on a diet for the mean time, this is a lifestyle choice and that doesn’t end when you reach your goal, it needs to keep going. This is one of the reasons why crash diets don’t work and leads to a lot of health problems as you can see. True you can have a cheat day here and again but realize that this is not something for while but an active choice to keep.

There you have it, quite a few items on the bad side of weight loss and some tips to avoid them altogether. Remember that fitness isn’t a sudden thing nor a momentary thing, it is an active lifestyle choice that you need to keep doing and to keep doing properly. With a proper diet and a good workout plan, you will be fine, don’t rush weight loss, as you can really hurt yourself, take the time and enjoy the journey. Stay healthy!

Bedtime Drink to Blast Belly Fat

Bedtime Drink to Blast Belly Fat

As you get that well deserved night’s sleep after a grueling day, your brain is probably working overtime with thoughts of weight loss: you are already mentally counting the calories in your head for tomorrow’s meals, figuring where to get those extra steps so that you will meet your walking target or what time you will hit the gym tomorrow to get a good workout in. While that’s all and good, what if I told you however that I have a list of a bedtime drink or two that will help you lose belly fat as you sleep? Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Well keep on reading my good friends, as it is time to share the bedtime drink that will blast that belly fat!

Note that the following list of course needs to be supported with regular diet, a steady workout and of course a good handle on snacking. A bedtime drink along side a full plate of pizza or a late night burger doesn’t count, it is best consumed maybe a few minutes before you hit the sack or intend to turn in if you really want to lose belly fat.

A warm glass of milk – The classic and often clichéd bedtime drink is one of the greats indeed. This of course work both for those inside and outside of the vegan lifestyle (almond milk works perfectly, and it’s vegan!). Take a nice, warm glass before bed in order to get better sleep. Getting better sleep leads to less cravings the next day, less cravings leads to less snacking, which in turn leads to weight loss and the eventual target to lose belly fat. So if you are tossing and turning at night quite a bit, make sure to have a tall, warm glass of milk as a bedtime drink and you should see some good results in a few weeks or so.

almond milk
Almond milk is an excellent source of calcium, which helps the brain make melatonin. Plus, warm milk may spark pleasant and relaxing memories of your mother helping you fall asleep. (source:

Chamomile tea – If I haven’t been singing praises of tea enough, then I haven’t been doing it right. Chamomile tea makes for a wonderful bedtime drink as it also provides you with a good night of rest. As mentioned before, getting a full night’s sleep is really good for you as it helps regulate your hunger the next day, regulated hunger means you won’t needlessly reach for whatever is lying around which is highly not good for you, thus you gain weight and move further away from your weight loss goals. So if milk isn’t your er… cup of tea, reach for a cup of tea as a bedtime drink, chamomile tea to be precise!

Lemon and cucumber juice – This concoction of tasty ingredients is easy and fast to make. All you need is a lemon, cucumber, some ginger and a touch of parsley along with water and mix it altogether. As many of you know, lemon water really helps you lose belly fat, along with cucumber, which is great for fairly much any diet out there, this bedtime drink will help you lose weight as you sleep. The weight loss is due to the increase in metabolism thanks to this bedtime drink, as well as the natural diuretic effect it brings, which help you get things going in the morning. If you are looking for a powerful bedtime drink, this is perhaps one of the most useful ones albeit the extra effort to make it but even then most of the ingredients are easily found in a supermarket near you and let’s face it, if you want to move forward with weight loss, that little extra effort is worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

Lemon water – Assuming the prior combination is a little too much for you to make, I think a glass of lemon water is enough of a substitute for a bedtime drink. I dedicated a whole article to the benefits of drinking lemon water and I can’t sing its praises enough times. It really is a wonderful detox drink that clears up the system and helps you get some much needed nutrients as well, it is wise to keep a glass by your bed if you want to move forward with your weight loss and if you really want to lose belly fat fast, maybe consume several glasses of lemon water within the day and not limit it to a bedtime drink only.

A tall glass of water – Well this should be pretty standard in most ideas for a bedtime drink. If all the complicated stuff is a little too much for you, make sure that you drink a glass of water before you sleep. The body needs to stay hydrated in order to work its magic against fats and calories, so it is ideal to keep yourself as hydrated as possible in order to maximize your bodily function, in turn of course this will lead to weight loss. As a bedtime drink, water is as simple as it gets but of course it could get a little dull in the long run for some but keep at it and you’ll experience effects such as your goal to lose belly fat.

chamomile tea
Chamomile tea is best known for its calming effects. You can never go wrong with this after a stressful day!

Pear detox – This is a different mixture that will help regulate your tummy: get a pear, a lemon, some cucumber slices and a tablespoon of honey, and mix it altogether. This will help regulate your metabolism, while making sure that your body is well hydrated and healthy. Additionally studies have shown that this will help regulate appetite for the next day, again helping you in the battle against weight loss, so as a bedtime drink, this meets pretty much everything you want it to do. You’ll start to see some lasting effects after a week or two, especially if you want to lose belly fat along the way.

Grape juice – Normally juice before you sleep is a little off but this time, grape juice is the perfect bedtime drink to have before going to sleep. Research has found that grape juice can turn your body into a fat burning machine. As long as your grape juice is 100% natural and is in controlled quantities, the effect is quite positive and helps weight loss, making it a very good bedtime drink to consume each night or at least once a week, alternating along with other the other drinks on this list, of course.

These are just some of the best drinks that you can really enjoy before going to bed. Getting a full 8 hours is important of course and as you can see from some of the selections, these drinks are to aid your weight loss by helping you get your full hour of sleep. As mentioned prior, pair off the bedtime drink with enough exercise and a healthy diet during the day and you’ll be enjoying the wonderful perks of weight loss in no time. So remember get a full night’s rest and don’t ignore the importance of a bedtime drink. Cheers and stay healthy!

What To Eat For A Snack To Lose Weight

What To Eat For A Snack To Lose Weight

People want to lose weight, there are no ifs, buts or coconuts about it, and in this world that often puts precedence on speed rather than on health, it is a challenge to find the right snack to make sure that we stick with our diet. That salad for lunch makes little difference if you end up snacking on a bag of potato chips later on in the afternoon, wouldn’t you agree? Don’t worry though, I won’t ask you to give up on snacking, all I’ll ask you to do is give up on unhealthy snacks rather than snacks altogether. Yes my dear friends, I am here to help you find that healthy snack which will pretty much hit the spot while making sure you can still lose weight.

Banana – Perhaps one of the most amazing fruits available in the market today. This is one for the snack legends my friends, as this delicious treat not only keeps your hunger sated but it also provides quite a bit of vitamins and the potassium in it is no joke. Keep this around and you are bound to lose weight in the long run, as long as you don’t overeat it and the sugars go to your tummy.

Apple – Another fruit, are you perhaps sensing a pattern on this snack list? But seriously there is something about that satisfying crunch that really gets your hunger pangs a swift kick in the pants when you munch on an apple. It is healthy, tasty and easily available. Perfect for those who want to lose weight.

snack walnuts for weight loss
Nuts are always a good go-to snack especially when you’re a vegan. Walnuts are particularly great though if you’re into weight loss.

Walnuts – A tricky, yet wonderful snack. Walnuts really make sense to eat when you need something to pick on. The vitamins in them are insanely good for you and to top it all off, it is great brain food. Just be sure not to overeat as it’s so easy to snack on, you may tend to overdo it and get derailed on your plans to lose weight.

Edamame – If you are looking for a great snack and need some protein as well, edamame is the perfect treat for you. Given that it is full of protein, it will keep you full for longer periods of time, helping you out with your plans to lose weight.

Popcorn – Yes, one of the crowd favorites popcorn is a snack you can eat and still lose weight. Popcorn, ideally cooked in a healthy oil or air-popped if at all possible, only gets really fattening when you add on excess salt, butter and other stuff. Keeping it plain will really keep it as a healthy snack to eat while on a diet, I don’t think a lot of people will have a problem with this snack.

Oatmeal – Of course oatmeal is a great snack and is on this list, I know it and you know it, there is no question on oatmeal being a great add on to snacks you can eat while planning to lose weight. Be weary of what you add on as that can really skyrocket the calories, so just make sure you take care what you place on top of it.

Yogurt – I couldn’t very well make a list of food that you can snack on without mentioning yogurt. The delicious cup of goodness, comes full of vitamins and antioxidants that will really help you with your goal to lose weight but still be able to enjoy a wonderful snack. I personally like to add some berries into it and it just elevates the flavor of the yogurt to a heavenly flavor town.

Granola bar – This tasty treat comes in the form of a bar making it easier to eat and enjoy pretty much wherever you are, and that’s a lot of consideration for a snack to give you if you think about it. A granola bar is easily accessible in most supermarkets but if you have time to make it yourself, I suggest you do as it is easy, healthier and even more delicious when it is freshly made.

Vegetables with hummus – Sometimes you just want some dip and something crunchy as a snack, and I can’t blame you, it really brings me back to when I was a kid and didn’t have much worries. Vegetables with a side of hummus really works well as a substitute snack for chips and dip, not only is it a healthier option but it is also delicious plus will push you forward with your idea to lose weight. I like using baby carrots and celery sticks with hummus, sometimes I am feeling in the need of something more chip like so I bake up some whole-wheat pita bread as another option as well.

Cantaloupe – Having a melon on the list really makes sense as a great snack when you want to lose weight, and the cantaloupe is the perfect melon indeed. Full of vitamins and filling since it contains quite a bit of water in it, the cantaloupe is an ideal snack that also serves up on a few calories as you munch on it. What else could you ask for?

Grapefruit – This wonder fruit is often hailed as a diet fruit, and for good reason really. As it manages insulin levels and appetite, the grapefruit is really a snack that you can happily eat during your odd hunger pangs. Course it will definitely push you along your plans to lose weight as well considering the studies done on the humble grapefruit.

Grapefruit for weight loss
Ever since the 80’s, the grapefruit is very much well known for its fat burning abilities. Great for snacking but also best when a portion is taken prior to your breakfast meal!

Roasted chickpeas – There is something satisfying with a crunchy snack isn’t there? And roasted chickpeas are perfect for this particular snack need while still walking the line of your plans to lose weight. Given that it has quite a bit of fiber and a bit of protein in each chickpea, you will be able to manage your hunger a bit more and you won’t have problems waiting until your main meal, which I’m pretty sure is exactly what you should be looking for in a snack.

Dark chocolate – Just in case you have a pretty gnarly sweet tooth need coming your way, dark chocolate will not only sate that need but it will also help you lose weight. The antioxidants in dark chocolate make it the ideal snack and it is simply delicious isn’t it? Again the idea here is moderation as this snack you can end up going overboard, the sugars inside dark chocolate are still no joke but in a small moderate amount you should be alright.

Dried fruit – Sometimes you don’t have time for the fresh items in the market, and I completely understand that but given that you want to lose weight, what is the alternative? Dried fruits my friend, this is the snack for you. Easily accessible and available in a ton of places, you can pretty much grab this off any shelf and you’ll be fine. Take a handful as a healthy snack alternative and you should be able to keep going towards your goal to lose weight.

There you have it, some of the healthiest options for whatever snack you may need. There are sweet options, savory options and so on, along with the added bonus of being able to lose weight, these are some fairly great add ons to any diet. Pair it off with some exercise such a running and you should lose weight in no time. Remember though, everything in moderation my friends, that is the true key to a great snack. Stay healthy!

10 Healthy Juices To Help You Lose Weight

10 Healthy Juices To Help You Lose Weight

There are so many ways to lose weight out there, there is the conventional diet, a rigorous workout plan dedicated to weight loss or even a mix of both, either way it is quite apparent that weight loss is something everyone desires, from vegan, to vegetarian to people with regular diets. I am happy to share with you that now, after some research there are juices that will help you along with your weight loss gains and as you will see in a few moments all of them are vegan friendly too. So if weight loss is your desire, keep reading my friends.

Why juice anyhow? First off it makes it easier to consume our much-needed vegetables and fruits, which a lot of us have a hard time doing, even for vegan people mind you. There are just so many vitamins everyone needs on a daily basis, it becomes a little overwhelming if you think about it. Secondly, juicing helps your weight loss plans as it boosts your metabolism. By breaking down the fruits and vegetables to a juice like product, the body can easily absorb and take in the nutrients. Finally, juicing is just convenient and freaking delicious when you’ve found the combination of fruits, vegetables that just works for you. There are just so many combinations, that’s also part of the fun of juicing.

Kale – This wonderful energy booster is a great add on for pretty much any juice concoction you may come up for weight loss, plus given that it is vegan friendly, this clean eating add on can work for pretty much anyone’s diet. Stick it in a juicer and press that button, kale can work on its own or be easily mixed with other juice components.

spinach juice combo
Make a power juice with a combination of spinach, celery, cucumber and apple !

Celery – By now you should have heard that celery is a great food for weight loss, and why should it be any different for juices? It shouldn’t! This wonderful vegan vegetable can be mixed in the juice or used as a garnish, which people can happily munch on while drinking the juice, a definite must for weight loss goals.

Cucumber – Looking for a natural diuretic? Then look no further than cucumber juice for your weight loss needs. Pretty much any diet that has a goal of weight loss has cucumber in it, so it would just be silly not to include it in your juice with the very same goal. Cucumber juice is a great arsenal for your weight loss plans and again is very vegan friendly. The fact that cucumber is chock-full of water makes it easier to consume and it is naturally refreshing in both its original form or in juice form.

Watermelon – I’m sure you are as surprised as I am to find this delicious fruit in the list. Considering the amino acids in a watermelon, it really helps reduce soreness so this will help you post workout, after a grueling run on the treadmill or on the open road, drink a full glass of watermelon juice to assist you sooth your aching muscles.

Coconut water – When you make the juice, make absolutely sure that you use coconut water, not coconut milk to make your juice, as the milk is completely different from the coconut water. Coconut water is a natural diuretic and here is the wonderful benefit for you, it also increases your metabolic rate. I don’t have to go deeper into the how this will assist with your weight loss, but for sure you will want to have this in your repertoire of weapons against gaining weight.

Spinach – There is a reason why Popeye always had this stuff handy, aside from the fact that it is delicious, as pretty much any vegan will be happy to share with you, spinach has so many wonderful benefits. Making it into a juice really brings out the vitamins from spinach, additionally it will help you clean out your system of any unwanted chemicals or imbalances, this in turn will of course help you with weight loss. Make sure to have a lot of spinach in your diet, you’ll be happy that you took the time to juice this vegetable.

Carrot – Carrots regulate your blood sugar, which will pretty much handle your strange hunger pangs in the middle of the day. With regulated sugar you won’t go reaching for certain snacks at odd hours of the day, which will in turn help you with your weight loss plans. Again another vegan favorite, perhaps not in juice form but it really is quite a wonderful vegetable for any need aside from weight loss, make sure to include it into your diet and even in your juice diet.

Ginger – This spicy little add on, can’t really work by itself as the taste is quite potent shall we say? However adding ginger to other juices works quite well, aside from spiking up the taste of any juice it mixes with, it adds on a ton of potassium, which can assist you to build muscles while helping you break down carbohydrates. Pretty awesome and if you like a little zing in your drink, this is something you most definitely want to add on to any juice. As a vegan, I normally like to add this to stir fried vegetable or my tea, I’ve never tried it in juice form, I’ll admit but I can’t argue with the logic.

beetroot juice
Get your energy boost with beetroot juice.

Beetroot – A great add on to any juice, beetroot is a wonderful energy booster, which will allow you to workout even more, leading to the ideal end of weight loss. Again another vegan friendly vegetable that can work with other veggies and fruits in any juice form, it has a pretty base flavor and can easily mix with others. Just be careful as it stains quite thoroughly so it is ideal to tread lightly when using and making it.

Bell pepper – Alright, alright, I realize this is a strange thing to juice or to add but hey every now and then you have to push the envelope! The spiciness in the bell pepper isn’t the only thing you will add to your quite possible vegan appropriate juice, it will add some much needed capsaicin. This chemical will increase the body’s natural temperature and increase your metabolic rate, thus leading to your goal of weight loss. Daily consumption of capsaicin will definitely lead to noticeable weight loss in rather short spans of time.

There you have it, 10 juices that will definitely help you with weight loss and quite frankly they are very delicious. All of the said items above will work with the vegan diet and pretty much anyone’s diet if you think about it. So the only matter is mixing and matching your favorite ones, of course a different drink a day is ideal to make sure that it is always fresh and exciting. Don’t forget to add some lemon water in the diet, as it also helps you with weight loss and is ideal in any situation. Stay healthy!

The Ultimate Flat Belly Meal Plan

The Ultimate Flat Belly Meal Plan

Everybody wants a flat belly, whether it be for health reasons, or just to look better, a flatter belly is a must have for a lot of people. I would love to share with you a rough flat belly meal plan that you can mix and match to get some results in the span of a week or two. Of course results vary depending on the person and amount of exercise you do within the week, however the clean eating meal plan will definitely help you go in the right direction of a flatter belly.

Now placing the meals on a fixed schedule is a little tough, so I’ll just list down some breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner menus below and you can mix and match to maximize your flat belly meal plan for the next week or so. We want you to be flexible and able to choose something you’ll enjoy and is good for you.


fruit smoothies for breakfast
You can never go wrong with fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast! Perfect for people on-the-go like me!

Yogurt with berries – This is the breakfast of clean eating champions. You can mix and match your favorite berries for this meal, and it will not only provide you with great antioxidants but with a great way to start off your flat belly meal plan day.

Oatmeal – Definitely one of the strong starts to clean eating. Oatmeal can be paired with just about any fruit and will keep you full for longer parts of the day and will really push you in the right direction for your flat belly meal plan. Be careful of adding too much unwanted sugars in oatmeal however as it can be easy to overeat it there.

Eggs – For non-vegans, this is a good option and will definitely help with the flat belly meal plan. Easily paired with toast or other breakfast items, the protein in eggs will really help you build muscle and help you against hunger too.

Fruit smoothie – There is nothing quite like a smoothie when you are on the go and don’t have time to sit down for a clean eating meal. Place your favorite fruit in the blender and add some yogurt into it, milk if you are non-vegan and stir it up. Add ice to make sure it is nice and cold on your way out, and there you have it another useful flat belly meal plan, ready to go.

Granola parfait – Having a parfait for breakfast is a little surprising, however a granola one will really work well with your flat belly meal plan. Simply get some granola, crush it up and add to a bowl or glass, add some fruits of your choice and some delicious yogurt and you are good to go. Add some more nuts for some extra texture and you will be ready with a great clean eating meal.


vegan pita wrap
I love pita wraps! It’s a quick vegan fix and it never gets boring since there are lots of ingredients to choose from. Mix and match!

Salad – Yes, this is quite a cliché, however it really works. The beauty of this clean eating meal is that there are so many salads out there, that this really becomes an adventure to eat each day. Just make sure that you are careful and aware of the dressing you place on the salad as well as the toppings, just because it is a salad, that doesn’t mean it is entirely healthy.  Have fun with the salad but make sure that it will agree with your flat belly meal plan.

Hearty soup – Nothing warms me up and fills me up more than soup, and a nice big heaping bowl of soup for lunch always helps me with my flat belly meal plan. I personally like pumpkin chowder or a nice tomato soup that would go well with some flat whole-wheat pita breads, yummy, as clean eating goes, that sounds pretty delicious to me.

Bean dip with nachos and salsa – I love having dip for lunch and getting a good heap of beans for my clean eating habit really helps me out. Additionally being part of my flat belly meal plan, it really keeps me smiling the start of the meal all the way to the end.

Pita wrap – Need a quick clean eating meal on the go? Grab a pita wrap with your favorite stuff inside. Make it a fun one with lots of vegetables and I personally like some lemon yogurt inside to give it some zest, with a touch of sriracha for a little kick too. For those of you not restricted by the vegan diet for your flat belly meal plan, go with a nice grilled chicken for your pita wrap.


nuts for snack
I usually carry around a snack I can munch on. Nuts and trail mix are a staple in my bag especially when I travel.

Nuts – There is something to be said about eating a handful of nuts for your flat belly meal plan snack, they are healthy, provides a ton of vitamins plus it’s so easy to munch on. Be weary though, as this clean eating snack can be easy to overeat on, so make sure you portion properly.

Plain yogurt – When the hunger pangs hit, reach for a cup of yogurt, sure it’s nothing fancy but it really hits the spot when you are craving for something a little sweeter than usual. Plus this part of your flat belly meal plan will help you get some more antioxidants in your body to really push you through the day. Add some fruits once in awhile, just like you do in breakfast, but make sure you don’t do it twice in one day.

Apple – Keeping it simple and oh so tasty, make sure to get a nice big red apple for your snack. This clean eating snack will sate any snacking needs within the day and keep you tied over until your next flat belly meal plan.

Popcorn – Yes popcorn, this delicious clean eating snack can really work well for your flat belly meal plan. Of course, you can ruin it by smothering it with too much salt and butter, so just keep it simple and remove the unwanted calories.


vegan hummus for dinner
An assortment of vegan dips paired with veggie munchies are great for dinner. Not too heavy, but still so much healthy.

Hummus dip – I just love hummus in the evening, paired off with some of my favorite vegetables to dip in, this is just a wonderful clean eating treat in the evening. I also like to toast some whole-wheat pitas and serve it on the side along with some celery sticks, carrot and so forth for my flat belly meal plan.

Stir-fried vegetables – When you are hankering for something delicious, go for stir-fried vegetables. This clean eating meal will really give you a leg up on your flat belly meal plan, plus it’s just very delicious. I like having it with a little low sodium soy sauce on the side as a dipping sauce just to tweak it to my taste.

Fish and vegetables – This is obviously for non-vegans but there is something to be said by adding a nice steamed white fish, on a side of steamed vegetables for your flat belly meal plan. Among some of the most preferred meals out there, the fish will provide you with a lot of vitamins and hopefully a ton of omega 3 that will help you with your clean eating habit.

Spinach pizza – This delicious meal can come in a whole-wheat pizza crust option and instead of cheese, use a cheese substitute or if you are non-vegan go with the usual pizza toppings, however keep the whole-wheat crust option. I like adding some homemade tomato sauce just before putting on the other ingredients and topping it off with some crunchy garlic really gives it a new level for flat belly meal plan ideas.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. There are quite a few delicious options that you can mix and match for a whole week’s worth of clean eating meals. These are some of my favorite flat belly meal plan ideas and I am always on the look out for more, just like you should be. Enjoy the meals, I know I will, now if you will excuse me, I need to get some fresh vegetables for my dinner tonight. Happy eating and stay healthy!

Burn Fat At Your Desk! 5-minute Office Workout

Burn Fat At Your Desk! 5-minute Office Workout

Everyone wants to lose weight, one way or another I’m sure you’ve experienced this at one point in your life. While I completely understand not everyone has the time to go training for a full time marathon or even has enough energy left from the workday to go to the gym to burn fat off that belly, weight loss is an important after effect of a good workout. True enough a great diet and proper clean eating will also help you burn fat, there’s nothing like a good workout to make sure you get rid of that unwanted belly and since you can’t tear yourself away from the office for an hour or two, I’m happy to share some office techniques that will get you the weight loss you been dreaming of in those somewhat boring meetings.

1.Pacing or walking – There are a lot of people who pace around the office because they are worried or are thinking, which is pretty good but what if I told you this also works as a mini cardio session for you? If you want to burn fat, walk around as much as you can. Going up a floor or two? Take the stairs. Need to do some creative thinking? A quick pace around your table is an ideal brain starter. Aside from the bonus of weight loss, it makes you look like you are in super deep thought about a certain project, maybe even brooding, a complete win-win situation.

2.Meeting leg lift session – During meetings, especially the long winded ones that tend to take forever, take the time to burn fat a little. On your big comfy meeting chair, make sure to not lean but still have a straight back, keep both feet gently on the floor while making sure to have a steady hold on the chair, I make sure my hands are to the side for extra support. Now gently lift both feet off the floor maybe a couple of inches, hold it as long as you can and feel your body tense a little at the workout. This will not only burn fat for you but the extra focus will keep you awake during the meeting, however make sure to keep paying attention as you might miss anything out.

burn fat in meeting
A discreet little leg workout during long meetings won’t hurt.

3.Paper pusher or table pusher – If you have a nice, sturdy table this workout is perfect for you. First take a look around if you feel silly for doing an obvious exercise at your table, which you shouldn’t really, but if you do fine, make sure the coast is clear and stand up. Place both hands at the edge of the table and lean forward, try not to bend your knees as much as possible and from there, do a standard push up against the table. Just repeat this a few times and you can feel your body burn fat as you get further into your reps. Be careful not to lose your grip and hit your head, as I’m pretty sure that smarts quite badly.

4.Park runner – Chances are you have a rather multi-level car parking area that you leave your car in, assuming you do take a car at all. Given that to burn fat a little more than usual, don’t take the closest parking you can find, in fact do the exact opposite: take the farthest parking possible. From there take stairs on the way down and back up when you sign off for the day, the extra steps is good for your body and the stairs are an extra fat burner. Should you be taking the train or bus, try stopping a station or two earlier and make the rest of the way by foot, the weight loss is your extra reward. Make sure to allot for extra walk time though, you don’t want to be late.

5.Take a long lunch – No, wait, not a long lunch, I meant a long way to lunch. If there’s a fast food place right across the office and a lovely bistro a few blocks down, choose the bistro. Always choose the bistro as compared to a fast food restaurant. Not only will the extra walk help you burn fat, but fast food isn’t good for you and is a horrible detriment to your weight loss goals. Besides who wouldn’t want a nice fresh salad with fresh ingredients for lunch after a busy morning in the office? I’d love one right now actually.

6.Help the mailroom – By some chance, is there a rather large parcel that the young and a little underweight intern seems to be having trouble with? Why not give him/her a hand? Not only will you become someone’s hero, you’ll also burn fat while you are giving a lending hand. You can also get to know other people in the office when you help deliver the mail, with the additional weight loss it’s an awesome mini workout wouldn’t you say?

burn fat by walking
Not literally a workout at your desk, but an addition to this healthy habit, park your car at a more distant spot when you have ample of time. Squeeze in that walking routine in your busy schedule.

7.Quitting time yoga – It’s finally time to clock out, and yet here you are rendering overtime for another report. No problem at all, take a few minutes to stretch yourself out and burn fat while handling some of your stress. Time for some simple yoga moves that will be a sure way to calm yourself down after a stressful day and is a great workout that you can do at the office. 

8.Half hour runner – Desperate times call for desperate measures, if you really want to burn fat and get ahead of your weight loss, take 30 minutes of your lunch for a quick run. Not only will you end up eating less during lunch, you will get extra sweat before the workout to rush out the door and get back into the office and dress back up. Be weary of eating too much with your shortened break however as you might have a heavy belly before running and could hurt yourself.

So these are just some of the things you can do to burn fat while you are in the office, while some of them are technically on the way to your desk or away from your desk, I’m fairly sure if you want to get on your weight loss goals, these are just a handful of things you can do. Pair it up with a regular healthy diet and some clean eating, and for sure you will be on the way to your ideal body weight. Stay healthy!

The health benefits of tea

The Health Benefits Of Tea

Just in case you weren’t aware of it, tea is awesome for you, not only is a soothing drink suited for any situation, but the health benefits of tea is nothing to sneeze at. As you all know I am a rather outspoken fan of green tea and how the antioxidants are just great for the body, but did you know that depending on the type of herbal tea you drink, it can just about sooth any ailment you may have bothering you? Yes love, tea does not end at green tea, oh no, there are so many versions of tea that you’d be surprised you haven’t tried before and the fact that the health benefits of tea extend further than antioxidants is just mind blowing. I’m here to share with you the herbal tea mixes that will pretty much help you sooth any ailment you need support with.

Green tea – Of course I will start with this one, but for those who don’t know the health benefits of tea, this tea in particular, this is one of the good ones. Not only is it rich in antioxidants, it reduces bad cholesterol while promoting healthy cell growth, wow! As herbal tea goes, which is a great way to start off wouldn’t you agree? Hey, this one’s on this list for fat burning too!

Black tea – The health benefits of tea goes even further with black tea, the lesser known version of the herbal tea is known to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, which is a good reason to start drinking it right away. Additionally to sooth any ailment you may have, it regulates blood sugar level and has an anti-inflammatory property that could be of use to a lot of people. These are some great reasons to really start the tea habit, plus the health benefits of tea really does have a wide range, you can pick and choose which one you need.

black tea
Black tea is best known to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Oolong tea – If you are looking for assistance to handle your weight and get that nice glow on your skin, this is the tea that will sooth any ailment or issues for either. The health benefits of tea, particularly oolong tea, is said to really help people with weight issues and have some skin conditions that are in need of attention. Besides, a nice cup of oolong tea after a hearty meal sounds wonderful to me.

White tea – The supposed upgraded version of green tea, white tea has even more antioxidants, can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, while being antibacterial and to top it all off – it is low in caffeine. I’m not sure what more you could ask for in health benefits of tea. Additionally as things go, lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure will surely sooth any ailment you may have, so why aren’t you drinking a cup of this wonderful tea?

Peppermint tea – This minty gem is a wonderful way to really treat your colds, plus it gives you the benefit of being a suppressant for appetites as well, let’s not forget that it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help sooth any ailment you may have. Given these health benefits of tea, I like to keep a bag or two ready in my cupboard just in case I ever need to go on a diet or fast. The pleasant peppermint aroma is just simply breathtaking.

Stinging nettle tea – This one is quickly catching on to the scene, given the health benefits of tea, this is definitely something that a lot of people love to drink during spring. It is known as a remedy for seasonal allergies, gives your energy a quick boost and it is known for treating arthritis. Now isn’t that an awesome cup of goodness?

Dried ginger tea – Motion sickness keeping you down? Then this tea is the perfect one to sooth any ailment that motion sickness comes with. This wonderful cup of herbal tea not only helps you defeat queasiness, but also has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties as well. As health benefits of tea goes, I’m fairly sure this covers a broad spectrum of ailments and problems one needs support with.

Chamomile tea – When you are having trouble sleeping, this is the herbal tea that you would want. Take a cup before bed and allow the soothing flavor help you go to sleep, oh and if you have any stomachaches make sure to pick up a few bags of this herbal tea as well. As health benefits of tea goes, this one will definitely help a lot of people with minor insomnia.

Hibiscus tea – There are quite a few people who do not use the toilet regularly but if they drank a cup of hibiscus tea on a daily basis, they won’t have this problem anymore. The health benefits of tea ranges quite a bit and hibiscus is one that is a natural diuretic in fact, coupled with lowering blood pressure and giving you a plethora of vitamins, this herbal tea is one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Red clover tea – Now this one has interesting health benefits of tea, as it reduces the prostate-specific antigens while for the fairer sex as they say, lessens menopausal symptoms. Adding to these benefits, this herbal tea also helps protect against cardiovascular disease. Now that is a broad way to sooth your ailments, wouldn’t you agree?

Dandelion tea – Well I know you are quite surprised with this one, if you aren’t a regular tea drinker, this herbal tea will definitely catch you off guard. But don’t discount the health benefits of tea, especially this one as it can stimulate your digestion, lessens hot flashes plus combats the formation of kidney stones. Wow, that’s quite a list huh? But it doesn’t end there, this herbal tea can be used to treat hepatitis, jaundice and dyspepsia. 

Lemon tea for colds
Lemon tea is best taken when fighting a common cold.

Lemon balm tea – Got the common cold or other respiratory problems? Then take a cup of lemon balm tea in order to sooth any ailment that comes with the common cold. This superb cup of herbal tea helps calm people down while alleviating any digestive discomforts they may have. Additionally if you have a headache or a toothache then you have the perfect cup of tea in your hands. Given the health benefits of tea, it is becoming more and more apparent that you should stock several types of tea for various problems.

As you can see the health benefits of tea are quite expansive and have a few combinations that would be perfect to sooth any ailment you or your loved one has. Of course these types of herbal tea are made to support or help you, but curing might be something different, as the saying goes if symptoms persist, it is time to check with your doctor. Personally I keep a box of these magnificent teas in my kitchen to make sure that I can enjoy a cup of whatever I feel like from time to time, plus if I ever have a headache or any other discomfort, I have a helping hand. Happy drinking and stay healthy!

5 Keys to kill your cellulite

5 Keys To Kill Your Cellulite

Cellulite, just saying the word gives me shivers and as well as it should, after all cellulite is the persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimples in the skin, sadly this is something often found in women’s thighs. On that point we should make getting rid of cellulite one of the must dos for your daily fitness routines. And I am here to share ways to kill your cellulite, 5 ways in fact and hopefully we can find a way to get rid of that fat together.

Exercise – Although this should be at the top of your list, I don’t think we should discount mentioning it in your fight to kill your cellulite. As you all know I’m a vehement and powerful advocate of exercise, it solves a lot of problems and keeps our tickers going, it burns the food we eat and keeps us looking great, what’s not to love? Of course since it burns food, it burns fat and what is it you need to kill your cellulite? Oh yeah, burn fat! This is the must do and non-negotiable tip that is needed to get that super beach body you are after. Additionally there are a ton of exercises that target cellulite particularly so make sure to include them in your fitness routines. And if you want to, you can cut down on a little thigh fat too. Nothing wrong with wanting to get a bit more fat off your body since you are already in the process of wanting to kill your cellulite.

stairs to kill cellulite
Take the stairs whenever you have the chance to. Your body will thank you for it!

Drink enough water – If I could sing more praises about drinking water, I would and lo and behold: it helps you kill your cellulite. Drinking water keeps the skin healthy and helps get rid of toxins in your body. Cellulite has the exact opposite effect on your beach body; it stores toxins and shows off unhealthy skin. Needless to say getting your daily dose of H20 pretty much helps you battle the fatty cellulite cells and helps you process the toxins in the body, leaving it unarmed in your battle to kill your cellulite. Don’t like plain water? As strange as that sounds, fine then, go for vitamin-enriched water such as lemon water or other viands that might be of interest, not only does it increase the vitamin intake for various fitness routines; drinking flavored water also tastes pretty great.

Stair queen – In your journey to kill your cellulite, the stairs are the armed forces that are ready to support you at any time. While exercise is great and should be done on a regular basis in order to get that beach body you are targeting, the stairs are a great supplement and support that are just waiting to be used. By simply going up several fights of stairs you tend to use up a lot of your lower body muscles from various angles, which will eventually increase muscle tissue leaving less space for cellulite to store it’s nasty toxins on your body. Whenever you are in the office and you have the option to take the stairs, do so; it will only augment your regular fitness routines plus keeping you on top of the battle to kill your cellulite. I don’t know how much more information or hints you need but take the stairs, it will be great for you in the long run.

Balance the diet – Eating processed food is already a bad thing for you, if you’ve read my other blog posts you know what I am talking about but even if you haven’t you know deep down inside that the fast food burger joint you usually go to can’t be good for you. And alas my dear friends, you are correct, processed foods not only deprive you of vitamins that you sorely need in order to function properly but it introduces so much unwanted fats into your system. Now what you need are stuff that is good for you, things with protein so you can build you muscles properly and achieve beach body targets as much as possible. Additionally if you aren’t on the vegan diet, I would suggest getting as much oily fish as possible as the omega-3 fatty acids can really do wonders for you plus the other vitamins are essential to tone your body during your fitness routines. There are so many better things that you can eat in order to improve your health plus they are quite delicious, and they fight along with you to kill your cellulite. Take the time to plan out your meals and come up with healthier alternatives in order to fully take charge of your fight to kill your cellulite.

products to kill cellulite
While fitness routines would be a ton of help to get rid of cellulite, products (search for organic ones!) that are great fixer-uppers are also recommended to improve your skin.

Go for the extra help – When all is said and done, there is no shame in getting skin care products to help you kill your cellulite as time passes forward. There are skin brushes or massagers with the specific job of targeting trouble spots that cellulite usually finds, take the time on your daily routine to massage the trouble areas and get a foot up on your battle to kill your cellulite. Additionally there are a ton of exfoliators available to the general masses to further assist you to get that beach body that you have been dreaming of, besides when you are on the beach the last thing you really want to worry about is cellulite so make sure to grab an exfoliator that you think works best for you. Of course there are skin serums that help firm up your skin that are also great and available in the market, why not take the time to go to the store and see what works well. Make sure to keep it all in check however as most of these are supporting items to help you get along, but you can’t depend on them solely as nothing can substitute regular fitness routines and proper diet, augmented with the other tips you have on this list. So even though there are supporting products that will help you kill your cellulite, make sure to still do you part in the battle otherwise it is a lost cause.

Cellulite is a difficult challenge for everyone but as you can see there are ways to battle it and give you the edge to kill your it. Take the necessary changes to your regular fitness routines plus add a good and steady diet that will balance out well with your workout plans and you can pretty much say goodbye to the cellulite in your body and say hello to that beach body you’ve been wanting. The only way cellulite will find its way into your body and stay there is if you refuse to do anything and allow it to, so take charge and kick it out today! Stay healthy!

Great tips for new runners

Great Tips For New Runners

Running is such a freeing workout, it really gives you time to meditate and enjoy as you workout. If you are looking into how to start running, then let me tell you, you’ve come to the right place. I am an avid fan of running and have been doing so for quite a few years now, while I am no certified runner I have some wonderful tips ready for those of you who want to learn how to start running.

Get proper equipment – When you’re beginning by researching how to start running, if you don’t find the tip of getting the right stuff on that list, you know something is up. There isn’t much you need for running but a good pair of shoes. Make sure not to skimp out on this and get a strong, comfortable and importantly sturdy pair. They will be your best friend on the road quite literally and they will help support you throughout the workout, so get a good pair before you get into running.

Start it off by walking – If you’ve been away from exercise for quite a while or maybe you’ve been injured recently, don’t start off running. Warm your body up for the long run by walking a bit around the block and what not, get used to getting into the exercise groove before you really get into how to start running. The walking workout will be good for you and it’s really a lovely way to break in new running shoes, plus you’ll be able to create a route or two that you would enjoy as you go about running, at least when you eventually start.

join groups to start running
Joining groups when you start running is enjoyable and can actually give motivation.Also, make new friends!

Take it slow – This is all new to you, if you haven’t been exercising and you are only learning how to start running, don’t suddenly go on a 50-mile run on your first day. It’s a process and it takes time for your body to get used to the workout, so maybe run around the block until you’re tired and then the next day, run an additional block. Know your limits and be realistic, the road isn’t going anywhere and you have all the time in the world to enjoy the run, so do just that and take the time to relax a little as you exercise and learn how to start running.

Look for a running group – By now wherever you are, either at work, school or even in your neighborhood, there are avid runners who are looking for more to join the group. They know the best routes, have some great tips as well on how to start running and they would love to teach you the ins and outs. Plus having a group to run with makes it a little easier to pass the time when you’re having fun with other people. You could end up making some really cool friends in this new workout of yours, so it’s a win-win situation.

Balance the meal – A lot of people start running in order to lose weight and I’ll tell you the results will show, it will take some time and it’s definitely not an overnight weight loss miracle but trust me it will show. Given that people tend to pair the running with an intense diet and forget that they need “fuel” while running and this is why a lot get tired much more quickly. It is important to balance your nutrition when you are running, especially at the start of the workout. This is all new to you and as you are still learning how to start running, the body is adjusting, don’t take away the “fuel” by denying the body proper nutrition otherwise you could injure yourself.

Make sure to be hydrated – Dehydration is no joke and can really injure whoever experiences it and as you workout you tend to lose a lot of electrolytes as you sweat, make sure you stay hydrated to avoid this. Among the things you really should learn about with regards to how to start running, staying hydrated is important and should stay near the top of your list. Tip: Lemon water is a great source of electrolytes.

Make sure to get enough rest – Nothing wreaks havoc more on a body than lack of rest, so make sure that it is definitely in your plans to get a full night’s rest otherwise you could hurt yourself. When you are learning how to start running, you will be doing a lot of trial and errors, but you shouldn’t do so without proper sleep. When you lack sleep your motor skills tend to be slower than usual and that is dangerous when you are running especially if your workout is predominantly on the street. Don’t take the risk and make sure you get a whole night’s worth of sleep.

Set targets and goals – When you are learning how to start running, it will be a contest of endurance and your will power. Give yourself a boost by placing some achievable goals on each run, keep it simple and challenging yet still very reachable otherwise you will just stress yourself out. Keep it as simple as: “Today, I will reach that lamppost at the end of 7th street,” or something like that. If you need mini rewards for that achievement I advise to go for it, but keep it real, don’t go overboard with the rewards either. Maybe something like if you have achieved your goal, you can go to your favorite yogurt shop at the end of the week and have a cup of nice treat. Don’t go nuts and buy yourself a full sized pizza though, you won’t be making much progress otherwise when you’re just beginning.

hydrate when you start running
Remember to keep yourself hydrated when you start running.

Mix your routine – A few people find running a little monotonous, I can understand why but I suggest to keep changing your view. Maybe update your route from time to time as you start, keep the background fresh and allow yourself some adventure time as you run around. How to start running tips are all good and useful but if you get bored of running it may all come to a screeching halt, so take the time to enjoy as you begin, it will only get better the further along you run.

Now that you’ve heard quite a few tips on how to start running, pretty much all that’s left is for you to warm up to it and start figuring out when to run on your busy schedule. This workout is one of the best simple routines I’ve ever had the joy of experiencing and if you follow the tips above on how to start running, you will start to really get into this routine soon too. Enjoy the road my friends, it will enjoy your company for sure. Stay healthy!