Top 10 Health And Nutrition Apps

Top 10 Health And Nutrition Apps

The world has come very far, that technology has reached an unprecedented era of development that just keeps me in awe. As mentioned before, I shared how there are various apps for fitness, for vegans and much more and now as I continued my search even further, I found that there are even health and nutrition apps that are perfect for everyone. Now bear in mind that a health app can only do so much but at the very least you know it is pointing you in the right direction, so here they are, the top 10 health and nutrition apps just for you.

Fooducate (iOS/Android) – This amazing health app will help you count the calories and will keep you from eating unhealthy. Simply scan the bar code and the nutritional facts will come up faster than you can punch up the register. Perfect for those who are trying to trim down or just generally trying to eat healthier.

Shopwell (iOS/Android) – Another bar code scanning device but it goes one step further, it can rate how good it is for you after placing your information, such as age, weight, allergies and so forth. This health app will help you by rating whatever you scanned and tell you whether it is good for you or otherwise, isn’t that amazing?

Shopwell health app

My Diet Coach (iOS/Android) – Can’t seem to make that healthy habit solidify? Well this is the health app for you, it will help you learn the health habits by gamifying the challenges. Want to drink 8 glasses of water? No problem, it will help you count and give you points for achieving the goal. Need more vegetables in your diet? Absolutely, this will help you figure out the amount of veggies you’ve taken and then again give you another point. Now that’s a game I can get behind!

Diet Point Weight Lost (Android) – Looking for a diet that works for you? Then this health app is what you need. It lists down over 130 types of diets that you can decide on, the battle of information is now placed in your mobile device allowing you to make an educated and ideal decision.

Nutrino (iOS/Android) – This superb health app is a paid one however it works well with other apps to really track your exercise routine, from there it can suggest you the ideal meals that you can consume considering the exercise you’ve done. Now you don’t have to count calories, plan the meals or such after running on the tread for an hour, this can help you out and really give you time to handle other things.

Nutrino health app

Lose It! (iOS/Android) – Another health app that helps you track your intake and now it will also help you track your exercise as well. If you are looking to shed some unwanted pounds, this will definitely help you reach your goal.

DietHero (iOS) – Now that you already have a rather full pantry, DietHero health app will really help you figure out your meal for that day. You can tell the health app how many pounds you want to lose and what’s in your fridge or pantry and it will figure out a recipe from there.

MyNetDiary’s Calorie Counter And Food Diary (iOS/Android) – A health app that really helps you track your intake and then from there plans out possible exercises to help you reach your goal. The calorie counting and food diary option are the biggest seller to this health app and for a good reason.

HealthyOut (iOS/Android) – This health app makes it easier to dine out from time to time. I realize it is difficult to choose a healthy meal when eating in various restaurants but with this app it makes it so much easier. It can tell you what restaurants or dishes are ideal for you and help you make that decision faster than your belly vanishes.

HealthyOut healt app

Waterlogged (iOS) – I have stressed so many times how important water is to everyone, and thus this health app is perfect. Track down your water intake and see how you will improve in a span of a few weeks, a definite must for those who are having a tough time reaching the daily quota.

There you have it friends, 10 health apps that can really make you shine. Choose a health app or two and let it help you reach your ideal self. Stay healthy!

Top 10 Must-Have Fitness Apps

The world just keeps getting more and more amazing. Just a few posts before this, I shared my list of top 10 must-have vegan apps and now I thought to myself: if there are apps for that, what other apps are out there to help us? And lo and behold, it was so easy to find several fitness apps that should pretty much fit the bill. A fitness app is an app that will somehow help or push you along the lines of fitness and reach your goal of a wonderful beach body. After testing a few of them, here are the top 10 that I think a fit person should have with them at pretty much all times.

  1. Charity Miles (iOS | Android) – This fitness app is wonderful for runners or even walkers or even bikers. This simple and free app has several sponsors who will display their logo or ad in the background as you go about your exercise and they will donate a few cents for every mile you walk. It’s simple, pushes you to do more and at the same time gives back to those less fortunate, a pretty amazing fitness app if you ask me. 

    Charity Miles
    Charity Miles not only is a good fitness self-help but a good way to do charity at the same time.
  2. Digifit iCardio (iOS | Android) – This is a free fitness app however it needs a compatible heart rate monitor which could be a challenge. But if you are seriously into tracking your exercise in a very hardcore way, this is the fitness app for you. Simply download and connect to the heart rate monitor and it will give you information about your exercise session.
  3. Endomondo (iOS | Android) – If you don’t have time for a trainer or much time to figure things out, this might be the fitness app you want in your smart phone. This app has a coaching feature that works with premium users but can really help you reach your goals if you listen to it, might be worth a visit if you have no other source of information or need help planning your routine.
  4. Fitbit (iOS | Android) – By now you must have heard of this fitness app, and yes it does come with a special apparatus but the fitness app can work without it too. Of course if you actually have the Fitbit monitor it will help you track your information in a more solid and concrete fashion. Works best when it can count your calories, blood pressure and so on.
  5. Fitstar (iOS | Android) – Having a hard time figuring out a home routine that you need and should do? Well this fitness app can help you out, simply log in and download for free, it has a basic workout routine that doesn’t need any equipment and you can do it at the comfort of your own home. The premium account however has the ability to provide a “get strong” workout if you purchase it. 

    Fitstar is great for those who prefer working out from home without much needed exercising equipment.
  6. Jefit Workout (iOS | Android) – For the gym buff in all of us. Not quite sure what exercises you need to do? Well look to this fitness app to help you figure things out. It can track your reps and sets, plus the weight you’ve done which will really help you out, a no frills type of app and the premium or pro version is quite helpful too.
  7. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout (iOS | Android) – As the name implies, this is the ideal fitness app for those who only have a few minutes to spare. Still available for free, this fitness app will give you one heck of a workout for a spare 7 minutes of your time. Perfect for the person who always has one foot out the door.
  8. Lose It! (iOS | Android) – Having trouble counting your calories and figuring out the workout routine needed to battle fat? Well here is the perfect fitness app for you. If you tend to consume more American brand items, this can really help you count the calories and trim that belly fat down. It helps and works with other fitness apps, counting calories and how much you consume or lose within a day.
  9. Rockmyrun (iOS | Android) – While this fitness app may not be free, if you really need a playlist for your run or workout, this should be the fitness app you get. It can figure out your tempo and create a playlist based off that, isn’t that just perfect for when you need to get into the groove of things? 

    Rockmyrun app is a pretty cool one for those who especially love music.
  10. Vida Health Coach (iOS) – This one is a little expensive at $15 a week, but it gives you access to a real live health coach who will work with you no matter what, so in the end it isn’t really at all that pricey considering the prices of health coaches nowadays. The coaches available have a range of specialties and you can pick the one that works for you and run with it.

There are a lot more apps out there that will work for whatever you are into. Take the time to try a fitness app or two and you’ll really see some lasting results. Stay healthy!

10 Must-have Vegan Apps

10 Must-have Vegan Apps

For a lot of people, becoming a vegan is quite tough but with the advent of technology it has never been easier. Did you know there are apps that specifically cater to the vegan lifestyle? A few years ago something like that would have been unheard of, but now, what a time to be alive right? With that wonderful information, I am happy to share with you the vegan app that every happy vegan should have with them.

Happy Cow – Having trouble finding a vegan restaurant around you? Well not with this vegan app, my friend. Simply download this on your smartphone and you can easily find whatever vegan restaurant is near you, how is that not a -must-have vegan app?

Is it vegan? – Another vegan app must have for those who have trouble finding out if all the ingredients in an item are all vegan friendly. No matter how long you’ve been a vegan, there are times that you can miss out or forget an ingredient, there are just so many out there it’s no surprise however with this vegan app that won’t be too much of a concern now. Simply scan the item in question and it will give you a very good estimate if it is vegan friendly or otherwise. Awesome right?

vegEMOJI – Even emojis are going towards being vegan friendly, again what a time to be alive. While this isn’t really all that useful, I think the vegenaise is kind of cute and how many emoji apps can be called vegan app-friendly anyhow, so let’s add it to the list.

Veganagogo – Have a bad case of wanderlust but afraid of having  difficult visions of traveling as a vegan? Well fear no more with Veganagogo, a vegan app made for the traveling vegan. This will help you when you are in a new place and can even go as far as thanking the chef or server using the local dialect as well.

Bunny Free – This vegan app is so important if you want to know if a company you support is known to test on animals or is involved in animal cruelty of any sort. For a vegan, it is not just about the diet, it is to live a life free from animal suffering and cruelty, this vegan app will help achieve that.

vegan apps
Depending on your lifestyle and needs, try having a couple or more vegan apps on your gadget to keep yourself updated and informed.

Animal-free – Now that this vegan app is around, you will be able to see an exhaustive list of animal-derived ingredients and can actively make the right choice in purchasing or using a product. This app has a list of ingredients that you want to avoid if you are a vegan and this will help you make the right choices every time you visit any store.

VeganXpress – Your favorite vegan restaurant is too far away and your meeting is in 30 minutes? Well fear not, with this vegan app you can easily find the answer to your problem. This app will help you choose vegan friendly meals from national chain restaurants, making it pretty easy to find in most places. Very convenient if you tend to work a lot and don’t have that much time to go to the local vegan restaurant, which is just sometimes too far to go to.

Vegan Nom Nom – Looking for a vegan recipe for home? Look no further than this vegan app, it has a ton of recipes that you can try and easily make at home. The wonderful thing about this vegan app? It’s absolutely free, so download it now to spice up your home recipes.

21-Day Vegan Kickstart – When you are still new to the world of veganism, this is the vegan app that you want to have. This app will not only help you start your vegan journey, it will also help you to start it properly. Download this app if you are deciding to become a vegan and need a little more help.

Whole Foods Market – This is another wonderful vegan app that can help you learn a lot more about being a vegan. It shares a ton of recipes with ‘Shopping List’ and ‘Favorites’ features plus it has a nice interface and good reviews. What more could you ask for in a vegan app? Very useful for either a new vegan or a long time one, after all you can never stop learning.

There you have it, 10 must-have apps that every vegan should have on their gadget. Remember a vegan app is only helpful if you use it properly, take the time to learn it and it shouldn’t disappoint. Stay healthy!