Acid and Alkaline: The Effects On Your Body

Acid and Alkaline: The Effects On Your Body

The body has a natural pH balance, which really refers to acid and alkaline balance. How does this affect our daily lives? Well by a lot really, the body works very hard to suppress acid or acidic items introduced to our system by introducing alkaline, which will pretty much counter act it and neutralize all the acid or most of it at least. Alkaline is obviously our friend but even the best of friends can be the worst of enemies, so make sure to arm yourself with knowledge by reading this article.

Having too much acid

When your body has too much acid, perhaps due to bodily processes or an imbalance in your diet, it can go into a state known as acidosis. Normally the kidney can handle small imbalances of pH levels in the system by pretty much neutralizing it and again it works well with alkaline.

However when the imbalance is too much, it can lead to a ton of problems and can even affect your respiratory system. Due to the level of acid in your system your lungs will have a difficult time removing the CO2 build up in your body and as you know that’s not exactly something you want to happen. This can lead to a variety of problems and can be caused by a lot of reasons aside from acidosis. Said level of acidosis can affect your breathing, can cause headaches, confusion and so much more.

Acidosis can also affect your metabolic rate, it is highly studied that your pH balance can really affect your weight gain or loss, so keeping it in the optimal level really helps you lose weight. However if you have acidosis or too much acid in the system, your metabolic rate will decrease and your organs will be overworked to process all the items in your system, and well you obviously don’t want that to happen. Let’s not forget that the high acid in your metabolic rate can affect your energy levels and can cause fatigue in the long run.

As you can tell this can really lead to a lot of problems such a obesity, kidney failure, asthma, dehydration, diabetes, ulcer, oh gosh the list keeps going on it’s almost scary how this isn’t more common knowledge to a lot of people.

It is important to be aware of our food intake and the acidity level it has.

How does one get acidosis?

Well the truth is the body, once again produces a lot of acid while going about the usual bodily functions, however if it does not receive help from sources of alkaline, it will have a hard time maintaining its pH balance. Additionally if it is receiving too many foods that are acid heavy or acidic, this can really throw off the regular functions of the body. So it is ideal to look towards food, which produce alkaline instead of going for acidic food items.

Treatment for acidosis

Well the treatment is rather easy by fixing your diet, extreme cases can get you as far as being treated intravenously if it is serious enough. However the introduction of the bicarbonate fluid provided is only temporary relief that needs to be addressed in the long run change of your dietary needs.

What happens when you have too much alkaline?

On the opposite side of the spectrum, having too much alkaline is bad for you too. Although it has not been studied as much as having too much acid in the body or acidosis, having too much alkaline can lead to something called alkalosis, I’m beginning to sense a naming pattern here, but that just might be me. Anyhow alkalosis is also bad for you and can cause a lot of problems in the body as well.

For one your consciousness could be affected by having too much alkaline in the body. This can lead up from being light-headed to going as far as being comatose but that is a very extreme case in reality. Additionally it can even cause seizures and other sickness that you just don’t want to deal with.

Nausea is another symptom you may want to look out while you are under the influence of alkalosis, which can lead to vomiting as well but given that it isn’t as scary as the first effect, you should still be able to balance your alkaline level with your acid level, as too much vomiting can do a number on your body.

Involuntary muscle spasms are something you need to look out for when you have too much alkaline in the system, that can grow into a minor inconvenience and into something much scarier, so just skip it altogether and keep your pH level in the ideal state.


How does one get alkalosis

Again an imbalanced meal comes into light when you talk about alkalosis. Much like having too much acid in the body, the high alkaline content in the body can be derived from an improper meal, and much like the name of pH balance, what the body demands is a proper and balanced meal. So don’t deny it and find a proper balance in your life.

Treatment for alkalosis

Well much like acidosis, having too much alkaline or alkalosis can be treated by fixing your diet and removing the alkaline-heavy items however extreme cases will need emergency introduction of supplements into the system to counteract the level of alkaline in the body. Again another headache most people can do without if you really think about it.

How to be sure if you have too much acid or alkaline in the system

While people resort to self-diagnosis, I will admit I am guilty of this from time to time, it is best to consult a doctor for this one. The most ideal way to identify both problems of having too much acid or alkaline in the system is to have some blood tests done in order to tell you if you have a balanced pH level or otherwise and as soon as the results are done make sure to move towards the balance once more.

pH balance check
Get yourself checked to know accurately if your pH level is still in balance.

Final take away from all this information

A balanced meal is really something that can fix a lot of problems and inversely an imbalanced meal can affect the body tremendously. Having too much acid or alkaline in the system is bad for many reasons and can result in a ton of symptoms, which as I stated before can be avoided with proper nutrition. It’s scary to think that there are a lot of potential threats to your health that can be brought about simply by an imbalanced diet, so equip yourselves and avoid these unwanted headaches. Find a good diet that fits your lifestyle, I’m not saying vegan but it is an option, just saying if you catch my drift, however if you can’t choose that road, no worries at all, you can just cut back on processed foods and other items, perhaps add more vegetables and fruits into your eating habits and you’ll see the astounding change. Writing and researching about acid and alkaline in the body really showed me that so much can be done just by knowing what and what not to eat, so take the time and learn about it too. Stay healthy!