10 Ways Exercise Makes You A Happier Person

10 Ways Exercise Makes You A Happier Person

A lot of people may or may not know that exercise makes you a happy person, I do hope you are one of those people that know this but if not, then you’ve come to the right place, er maybe article? Well whatever the case may be, please do continue reading and I’ll be one happy person to show you how you can be happy while you go through your exercise routine. On a side note, doesn’t it already make you a happy person knowing that exercise helps you feel happier, I know it helps me.

Immediate better mood – In just five minutes of exercise, your brain will be releasing some really good hormones that will immediately improve your mood, making you a happy person, well happier perhaps, depending on how bad a mood you’re at on that day. All it takes is five minutes to make your day better, not even vigorous exercise mind you, and your bad day can immediately go from one of the worst days of your life to maybe moderately bad… wait that’s not good, let’s think positive, from an alright day to a good day, much better.

Better stress management – Research has shown that bouts of regular exercise, has rated people with better stress management skills. Know how sometimes you are so stressed in the office, you step away from the computer and pace around the room? That my dear friends, is exercise to make you a happy person.  As previously stated all it takes is a few minutes to improve your mood, better mood means better stress handling, better stress handling means you are a much happier person.

Strengthen your mental toughness – Do you know those moments when the exercise gets really tough and you push yourself beyond your usual limitations, that not only can make you a happy person, it also strengthens your mental resiliency. Nothing quite toughens you up like hard times, and sometimes as you exercise you need to get to the hard times and push, and push some more to really get to where you want. Just by doing that, you can get stronger mental faculties which tends to make you tougher and can lead to you being a happy person.

Strengthening your body will make daily life easier – Having trouble bringing in the groceries in one go? Well get some exercise in and not only will you become a happy person, you’ll become a stronger person, making life all around so much easier to go about. Who wouldn’t want that right, I know I would!

Improved immunity – As one continues to do regular bouts of exercise, you will not only increase your overall body strength, but also improve your immunity system against sicknesses. How and why is perhaps due to more oxygen in your system as you exercise, maybe it’s because you are strengthening everything and the flow of your blood is better, perhaps even because there is less fat in your system that clogs it, either way this should make you a happy person. So if you often get sick, make sure to get some exercise and you’ll be healthy, spiffy and happy in no time.

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Not only does exercise help improve us physically, but mentally, emotionally and in all other aspects as well.

Sleep oh glorious sleep – There’s something about a good and satisfying sleep after a wonderful exercise session, it can really put a smile to a happy person’s face just knowing that he or she has achieved something within the day. And since you’ve gone and burned off most of your energy during the exercise, you’ll be able to enjoy a deeper and more restful sleep, assuming you did everything right, look forward to waking up with a great big smile plastered all over your face. Of course if you just started your exercise routine on the other hand, you may feel some aches here and there but that’s the good kind of aches in my humble opinion, but hey whatever works for everyone else right?

Challenge aging – Time is something we can’t really win against but at the very least we can fight against it a little and to do that we need to get some exercise in. Aging can be very difficult, our mobility, our skeletal muscles, our joints and so much more tend to slow down, but with exercise not only can you be a happy person, you can make sure to slow this process down. In fact if done correctly you can still do a lot, well into your more mature years. Again we can’t beat time but at the very least we can make it our friend rather than an enemy that stares us down and eventually wins.

Beat down depression – Since you’ve pretty much increased your mood, you now have something that can fight off depression. Research has shown that people who go through regular exercise are not only happier, but also less anxious or depressed. Assuming you are having serious anxiety and depression problems, hit the treadmill, you can really help yourself fight it off. It’s not a guaranteed win but if that’s the case perhaps it’s time to consult a specialist however if it’s small pouches of feeling down or nervous, exercise will not only make you a happy person, it will help reduce those negative emotions, so why not go for it if it’s right there?

Increase your energy – Despite getting a better night’s rest, after a good exercise routine, you will definitely have more energy through out the day. People with more energy are often compared to a happy person but who am I to judge, in the end at least you’ll have more energy in general to do whatever it is you enjoy. I like using it to spend more time with my friends and family, but that’s another personal preference, feel free to go nuts on that extra charge of energy.

A good time to socialize – Regardless if you are out on the open road, running down a path that feels too good to explain or if you are biking in the gym, this is a great time to spend with friends, family and heck even acquaintances. As mentioned before exercise can get you in a good mood, now let’s spread that mood by spending time with friends and family alike. I personally like the whole biking around the neighborhood with the kids idea, that makes me a happy person but to each their own. Some prefer a grueling basketball match with friends or maybe football with family, either or exercise can be a social type of event that will make people very happy.

Now there we have it some killer ways that exercise will make you a happy person. One way or another, there must be one or two benefits that really speak to you above, heck maybe all the benefits make you want to exercise, either way I do hope this really pushes you to go to the gym or hit the open road. Stay healthy!