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Why You Need Vitamin D

Why You Need Vitamin D

Do you remember the times when you were younger and your parents would continually bug you about going outside, get some sun or things like that? Turns out, like most cases I’ve learned over the years, that our parents were right. By going outside and getting a few minutes of play time under the sun, we not only get the exercise we most likely need, we also get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Now what is vitamin D, you may ask? Well it is the vitamins that your body can create upon being exposed to the sun, now vitamin D has a lot of stuff that will really benefit your body, I’ll get to that in a few minutes, however let’s simply say that it also helps you absorb calcium and facilitates your normal immune function, so that in itself is plenty reason to go out and get vitamin D. Can you get this from other sources? Honestly yes, however if the sun is out and it’s free, why spend for it or go through the trouble at all of finding an alternative source? Anyhow let’s see why you need vitamin D from the good old sun.

It fends off a ton of diseases – As mentioned above, with the right amount of vitamin D from the sun, you can really help your body absorb more calcium, making your bones and teeth stronger and tougher. These will fend off any skeletal diseases that nobody wants to have. Additionally research has shown that proper exposure to vitamin D reduces the likelihood of being exposed to heart diseases and the flu in fact all that just from going under the sun for a few minutes a day, sign me up.

While the right amount of exposure from the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, there are food sources for iit as well.

While the right amount of exposure from the sun is a good source of Vitamin D, there are food sources for it as well.

Getting depressed, get some sun in your life – Now I know why gloomy and sad people are often depicted in cartoons as under a rain cloud, because of the lack of vitamin D. Scientists did research to see how people with depression handled supplements with vitamin D, after taking some of these supplements there was an improvement in their symptoms. While no it will not cure clinical depression, at least not that we know of as of now, however for small bouts of depression, the good old shining sun and vitamin D might be what you need, just make sure not to stay under the sun for too long.

Want to lose weight, vitamin D to the rescue – Ok I may have over exaggerated that one a bit, but still… research goes on to show that people who were exposed to vitamin D did lose weight, while it was not mind blowing weight loss, stick to a good diet and an ideal workout, there were signs of some weight loss. It was further studied that the higher absorption of calcium has a minor appetite suppressant side effect, which is likely the reason for the change of weight. Even though it is rather a small effect, anything to help lose weight I vote a definite yes to, don’t you agree?

Avoid the pain – Now while the sun is indeed free and a few minutes of exposure to it can provide you with natural vitamin D, beware of any deficiencies that may arise due to not having enough exposure. Mind you it could be more than just going outside, perhaps it is the pollution where you live, the sunscreen you use or much more, regardless if you lack direct exposure every once in awhile you can expect to get some muscle aches, joint pains, general tiredness and stress fractures. The lack of vitamin D makes it harder for you to absorb calcium, and less calcium in the body means a weaker skeletal structure, that in itself is most likely the cause of the pains and aches.

Bring down diabetes – Well type 2 diabetes at least. Research has found that patients who take vitamin D have reduced risks to diabetes. This is perhaps because circulation is improved with proper exposure to vitamin D, plus since we already know that your heart and bones are stronger after being exposed to the sun, it is likely that you can help your body more and avoid type 2 diabetes, which no one in their right mind wants, simply by making sure you don’t have a vitamin D deficiency.

Fight off cancer – Perhaps not entirely but research has shown that vitamin D is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer-cell growth in the body. Getting enough calcium into your body helps you fight off the big c, plus it also hampers metastasis, which is the term used for when the cancer spreads and goes to different body parts or organs. As someone who really wants the world to take a look and fight cancer, I cannot stress enough how important this is for everyone. Get your vitamin D and go out, get a few minutes of sun and go on your merry day, this does not take much and will barely dent your schedule. Trust me, anything to fight off cancer, do it, together we can win this war and beat it down to extinction if we can!

vitamin d supplement

Vitamin D can also be taken from supplements.

Don’t become a sun worshipper – While vitamin D is indeed important and you can get it from the sun, over exposure is still a very bad idea. Aside from rather painful sunburn, which is the least of your problems if you continue to get over exposed to the sun, you can open the door to a ton of diseases including cancer. A little ironic as vitamin D helps stop the cancer growth, but still again any over exposure is a bad idea in general. Any dermatologist worth their salt will tell you from the onset that while the sun is indeed a great source of vitamin D, you only need maybe 10 – 15 minutes of exposure a day to get what you need. Any more without sunscreen or sun block is just asking for a world of hurt. So don’t go out and sacrifice any virgins to the sun or anything like that, in fact don’t ever do that. Much like anything else in life, moderation is a must.

And now you know why vitamin D is important and why the sun can be both your best friend and worst enemy. Please note however that the minutes differ depending on what climate you live in, best to do your proper share of research for that. Case and point if you live in Alaska, maybe you’ll need more sun as opposed to someone who lives in the Sahara or something, I’d imagine one minute of sun is enough vitamin D to last a life time over there. Anyhow make sure to take the time and get your healthy dose of sun which will in turn become vitamin D, and that will turn into a happier and longer life for you. Stay healthy!

  • Can’t agree more. It’s a well needed reminder to me – sometimes I just get absorbed into work, completely forgetting to step out. Love the tip on not overdoing it!