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Signs And Symptoms Of Stress

Signs And Symptoms Of Stress

Stress can sneak up on us and sometimes we don’t realize just how much stressed we are really under. We tend to ignore the signs of stress when we see it or perhaps we are not aware that it is affecting our daily lives. Sadly stress can lead to some poor health habits and can open the door to some pretty bad health issues as well. So today I want to clarify some of the signs of stress and some symptoms as well, so that you can identify and handle it better, to make sure that you can continue forward with some great health habits. Let’s start off with signs of stress.

Moody – One of the clear signs of stress is being easily agitated or frustrated over whatever comes up. This can show u

low self-esteem signs of stress

It is important that we recognize when a friend or family is in bad shape due to stress. Waiting for it to lead to depression can result to seriously bad consequences.

p when you are at home or in the office, and some things just don’t go your way, you end up exploding at yourself or someone else. Being moody could lead to poor health habits that could eventually lead to future problems. Be sure to check your mood and be ready to notice this as one of the signs of stress.

Feeling of being overwhelmed – Being overwhelmed is one of the signs of stress and can really form bad health habits, such as stress eating. Make sure that when you feel overwhelmed by whatever you are handling you take the time to step back and realize that you are operating under the influence of stress.

Low self-esteem – This is another one for the signs of stress that you want to detect early on. There is nothing more deterring than low self-esteem and it can really lead to other mental issues, such as depression, lack of sleep or so forth. Definitely one of the signs of stress you need to notice early on and find a solution to sooner rather than later.

Avoidance – When you are actively avoiding people for reasons unknown, this is another one of the signs of stress. You don’t want to be in the presence of friends and family and want to be left alone, while this is alright once in awhile when you end up doing it too often, you may want to look into your stress levels. Again this can lead to poor health habits and eventually become a health problem if left alone too long to linger. Make sure to manage your stress levels properly otherwise you may experience this as one of the signs of stress.

Now that the signals are quite clear for the signs of stress, let’s move on to symptoms of stress.

Low energy – Being tired all the time for no apparent reason is a definite symptom and can stem from several signs of stress. Being low on energy of course will knock you off your workout plans and eventually form into poor health habits.

Headaches – Unexplained headaches can be a clear symptom of stress. This could be from one of the signs of stress or perhaps it is due to being stressed all the time, either or, nobody wants a headache that is persistent and it is rather off putting.

Easily upset stomach – A lot of foods don’t agree with you no matter how healthy or delicious they normally are, again another symptom of stress. This could stem from the signs of stress and develop into stomach problems, which will then forcibly form bad health habits when eating, you really don’t want this symptom especially if you are trying to eat right, lose weight or are on a diet.

Aches – Unexplained body aches or chest pains can really come from stress and is a symptom that will take over your body if not managed properly. The signs of stress could result in these symptoms if not taken seriously, plus with the aches or heaven forbid the chest pains, you really need to see a doctor. This will then affect your plans to go to the gym, which will eventually form into bad health habits once more.

Change in appetite – Another symptom that will really form terrible health habits is the change in appetite, either you eat too much or too little. As mentioned in the signs of stress above, this could really affect your diet and if you aren’t getting enough food you’ll get lower, and lower in energy, eventually it can lead to serious health problems.

Insomnia – The body needs sleep, and stress can challenge your sleep, sometimes in extreme cases cause insomnia. This can lead to or be caused by the signs of stress mentioned earlier, plus when you aren’t sleeping at the right time you eventually get used to it and form one of the worst health habits of getting too little sleep and sleeping too late.

Anxiety – Perhaps one of the more expected symptoms of stress, anxiety can really do a number on your health habits. This can further result in more signs of stress or branch out to many more other symptoms, again when this is beginning to settle in, it is time to make sure that you are taking care of your stress levels.

Loss of sex drive – Among the other symptoms, some people take this lightly however the loss of sex drive can also be one of the signs of stress aside from a symptom. When you are in a relationship, this challenge could really drive a wedge between you and your significant other and could lead to even more stress, do not take this lightly.

Frequent colds – At this point, the signs of stress could have already produced other side effects and terrible health habits, leading to a drop in your immunity system. This drop will open the door to colds, fevers and let’s just hope nothing worse however if you keep ignoring your stress levels, this will quickly elevate into something much worse.

colds and nausea as signs of stress

Nobody likes the idea of getting sick that’s why it is important to know the signs and symptoms of stress to prevent health problems.

Nausea – Another of the symptoms of stress that can really lead to other signs of stress, nausea could lead to you throwing up and quite frankly reducing what little nutrition you have being digested. The lack of nutrients will then result in other symptoms that you just don’t want on your plate.

Poor life decisions – The symptoms of stress can really lead to a lot of very poor health habits such as smoking, drinking, binge eating or on the opposite side of the spectrum avoiding meals. These in itself are signs of stress that you simply cannot ignore as they will definitely lead you to a very unhealthy and potentially dangerous health status.

As you can see stress is no joking matter. A lot of people tend to shrug it off and say: “It’s just stress.” However they do not realize that it can really branch out to some of the worst health problems or bad health habits out there. Additionally the signs of stress can easily be ignored by a lot of people. Take the time to do a self-check and see if you are being affected by large amounts of stress and when you have your answer find ways to deal with it. Don’t ignore stress, it can really build up and explode.

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