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6 Daily Habits That Blast Belly Fat Fast

6 Daily habits that blast belly fat fast

Nobody wants to have a big fat belly, I’m not entirely sure if even Santa Clause wants his bowl full of jelly (oh, that rhymes!). Anyway, while diets and workout are tried and tested methods to burn fat as quickly as possible, I have 6 habits you can do that will most definitely be a great arsenal for your weight loss goals, and everybody could always a use a helping hand on the fight against obesity and hopefully get one step closer to that ideal beach body you are aiming for.

Ditch the soda – If you’ve read a lot of my other articles, this is perhaps one of the most useful ways to burn fat. Well not necessarily burn fat since this is more of a way to avoid unnecessary sugars and calories that sneak into your body. Some people enjoy a salad for lunch but side it with a diet soda, sadly even though you are doing a lot for weight loss with the salad, the drink will add on unwanted calories, plus it is so easy to consume a whole can or bottle of soft drinks, you’re literally drinking your allotted calories for the day. Want that weight loss goal? Put down that soda my friend, swap it out for water. Water not only has zero calories, it’s refreshing and helps the body process more of the fats it consumes thus leading on to quite a bit on burn fat front and that’s your goal.

whole wheat to burn belly fat

Up your carb game by taking in whole wheat in your meals. Unrefined carbs do a lot of good for your body, better than the processed ones.

The coffee habit upgrade – A lot of people drink coffee in the morning or even throughout the day, that’s all fine and what not however you need to step up if you plan to consume a cup or two on a daily basis. Black coffee is essentially without calories but when we start adding sugar and cream, that’s when the calorie count balloons and let’s just say that it won’t help you burn fat. If you really need that caffeine in the morning, keep it simple and black.  In fact if you can change your habit, turn it to green tea. I am a strong advocate of green tea, as the antioxidants in each cup are just phenomenal in helping you burn fat. Studies have shown that regular drinkers of green tea tend to be ahead in the weight loss department.

Change your carb game – Carbs aren’t created equal, that is for sure, but a lot of people have such a different perception of carbs that they tend to avoid it altogether. Try to consume unrefined carbs instead of the processed ones and you’ll see that you are making leeway on your campaign to burn fat. Instead of regular white rice or bread, go with a cup of quinoa or whole wheat bread, make sure it says whole wheat and not just wheat, as even that is a big difference. Ideally if you really want to move forward with weight loss, go with clean eating and for more on that, read on my other article.

The dark chocolate habit – Yes you read it right, include some dark chocolate on a daily basis and watch your body burn fat better than before. This is no dream, dark chocolate is really good for you with all the antioxidants it comes with and a study showed that moderate consumption of dark chocolate often lead to weight loss for a number of people in the study. It doesn’t mean you can over eat since it still has sugar in it, but wow who would have thought that if you want to burn fat you need to eat chocolate? Dark chocolate but chocolate nonetheless, that stuff is just heavenly, don’t you agree?

Walnut it up – Saturated fats are really bad for you and they are all around you, sources of saturated fats are in red meats and a ton of baked goods. These saturated fats will definitely make it difficult for you to burn fat as you go along, so it is ideal to avoid them as much as possible. On the other end of the spectrum are polyunsaturated fats, these fats in particular are powerful allies in your quest to burn fat. Polyunsaturated fats helps triggers a gene that reduces fat storage and improves insulin metabolism, which will most definitely help you with weight loss. One of the best sources of polyunsaturated fats is the simple walnut, make sure to consume a serving or two on a daily basis and you can really start to burn fat as you go along. Personally I like crushing up a small serving and mixing it with my oats in the morning or even in my yogurt to give it a different texture and really pairs off well with my dessert. Enjoy it anyway you want just make sure to find a way to consume it daily so that you will move forward with your weight loss goals.

Dark chocolate for weight loss

With moderate, regular eating of dark chocolate, you’re in win-win situation. Dark ones are the healthy kind, while it also satisfies your sweet tooth cravings!

Get a full night’s worth of sleep – There is nothing more important a full night’s rest and if you want to burn fat from your belly, getting that full night of rest has never been more important. When you lack sleep not only are you sluggish, forgetful and a little duller, your metabolism speed tanks and you end up getting hungry at inopportune times in the day. Since you also tend to make poorer decisions due to the lack of sleep, you end up putting food that you wouldn’t normally eat when you are trying to get ahead of the weight loss game. In fact there have been studies showing that the later you sleep at night, the slower your metabolism rate goes, and that’s just staying up late, add to that lack of sleep and you have a pretty big obstacle against your plans to burn fat. Get your body working to its optimal rate, make sure that you get a full night’s rest and watch it burn fat as well as it could.

These 6 habits are some of the most ideal in my opinion, if you keep doing this on a daily basis you should advance towards your goal to burn fat from your belly. Add in some exercise and a great diet and your weight loss is pretty much assured considering a few factors here and there. Just make sure that every time you test anything new, take your time with it, although we live in a world of instant results, some things are worth strolling along for. Becoming healthy and fit is something that everyone should make the time for, it may not happen overnight but at the very least with these 6 habits, you’ll be making progress towards weight loss. Enjoy the journey and when you get to your weight loss destination enjoy it even more, you’ll be glad you took the time and picked up these 6 habits in order to improve your body’s ability to burn fat and achieve that most wanted weight loss targets you’ve been dreaming of.

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