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Clean Eating On The Go, Meals Made Easier For The Busy You

Clean eating on the go, meals made easier for the busy you

Congratulations ladies and gentlemen, you have taken a step towards a healthier you by choosing the clean eating option. However you are currently worried that your diet plans will be endangered considering that you are extremely busy on a daily basis and who can blame you? A vegan needs to go where a vegan needs to go after all, and with these tips for quick clean eating meals on the go, your diet plans are all secured.

Cinnamon spiced banana roll – This simple snack or even breakfast is pretty easy to make. Just get whole wheat tortilla and put a banana with a touch of cinnamon on top, you can add all natural nut butter in between too or maybe if you need something a little heavier, a whole wheat bread that you’ve flattened out would work too, although this takes a bit more effort, personally it seems quite a bit more substantial to me. This is delicious, easily stored and agrees with clean eating and pretty much any vegan diet plans out there.

Hummus dip – Well hummus is pretty awesome and can be made into a dip for pretty much any raw vegetable, this is a clean eating snack for the books. Hummus goes so well with a ton of veggies and really just elevates it, in my humble opinion. I’d place the vegan delight into a reusable container and wash up some vegetables, cut them up into snack size and place them into a container and voila, a great meal which is easily accessible, delicious and really good for your clean eating habit.

Muesli junior – This is a simple and awesome clean eating snack that will just keep you full and healthy. Grab a container and place some oats, some nuts of your choice and finally some dried fruit, of course none of the sweetened stuff alright? Mix it up, grab a spoon and there you have it, a wonderful meal that is perfect for your diet plans. Easy, quick and painless to make wouldn’t you agree? Oh and be weary of the amount of nuts you place in, you might blow your calorie count due to over indulging the nuts which is very easy to do.

Mason jars are a hug hit for on-the go food, great for muesli, fresh fruits, chopped veggies or parfait.

Mason jars are a hug hit for on-the go food, great for muesli, fresh fruits, chopped veggies or parfait.

Popcorn – Yes popcorn, that delicious snack can be made into a clean eating snack that will agree with your diet plans. Of course the microwaveable is out of the question, we all know that was pretty much off the list from the beginning. Get stovetop cooked popcorn, use some olive oil or other vegan accepted oils to cook it up. There are a ton of butter swaps out there that will accept with your clean eating habits, in fact I wrote a whole article for vegan swaps which might be of interest: Vegan Swaps. Enjoy your popcorn without the guilt, what more could you ask for?

Apple chips – I know sometimes you are looking for some chips to snack on, it happens to a lot of people and honestly is a big challenge for a number more of people, I am happy to share a good alternative for you. Apple chips. It is simple to do in fact, all you need to do is get an apple, remove the core and cut it as thinly as you can. Now line it up in a baking sheet and bake it up. Sprinkle some cinnamon to spike up the taste if you want before baking, but as clean eating snacks go, this is a great option to munch on instead of overly preserved and chemically enhanced chips.

Berry parfait – This is a simple clean eating option for parfaits and let me tell you, it is delicious. Want to know a secret too? It’s super simple to make and is meets the criteria of a number of diet plans. Take a handful of berries, raspberries, blueberries, whatever tickles your fancy, place it into a nice cup. Place a dollop of unsweetened yogurt and as the piece de resistance: crumble some granola on top of it. Delicious, healthy and very easy to make, it’s perfect for people who want a quick snack on the go. If you aren’t drooling yet, I’m not entirely sure I know what else to share with you.

Smoothies – These versatile treats are great for clean eating on the go as they are easy, quick, filling and just down right delicious. You can pretty much take any fruits you like and put it in a blender, add some yogurt and a milk substitute that works for vegan diets, and switch it on. There you have it, a delicious snack or dessert that is full of nutrients and all natural goodness. Did you know there are even personal sized blenders, that work as quickly as pressing a button and going out the door, it’s pretty amazing. Just be weary you don’t blow your diet plans by overdoing this snack as it is so simple to do that you can tend to keep making more and more smoothies.

Oven baked sweet potato tots – There is nothing quite as enjoyable as potato tots is there? And with this clean eating on the go recipe, you’ll have this snack at your disposable throughout the day. All you need is some sweet potatoes, bake them and then peel them after cooling. Mash them up and mix them with some bread crumbs, maybe some spices to your liking, some curry and cayenne spices are some of my personal favorites, yum. Roll it into the dry mix and bake again for a few more minutes and there you have it: a delicious vegan friendly clean eating meal that is sure to you and your diet plans happy.

Chia pudding – Chia seed, perhaps one of the current super foods known in the market today and is a great add on for a clean eating recipe that is just simply scrumptious. All you need is some chia seeds, place it into a container, add some plain yogurt, almond milk or other vegan swap milk substitutes, mix it together and top off with some of your favorite fruits. It’s that simple and oh so yummy, I don’t think you’ll need much more except a big spoon and a napkin to wipe that grin off your face after consuming the delicious treat.

Chia pudding is always a satisfying treat! Bring them anywhere in a cute mason jar like this.

Chia pudding is always a satisfying treat! Bring them anywhere in a cute mason jar like this.

Instant oats – For the busy you, who is especially clamoring to get out of the house the first thing in the morning, this is exactly what you need. The night before, place some oats with some milk swap in a container, shake well with cover of course, place in your refrigerator overnight. This is where this clean eating snack gets good, simply pull it out of the refrigerator and add whatever toppings you want such as strawberries, mangos or nuts, mix it up and enjoy. I don’t think it could get any simpler than that in my opinion and it’s fun, easy and a great way to start each morning or even snack on in the middle of the afternoon.

These are just some of the recipes I have on me, they are simple clean eating options that pretty much works for anyone’s diet plans out there. Best part is they are all vegan friendly and are super healthy for you. Keep looking around for recipes that work for you or tweak the ones you find, for sure you will enjoy them as a lot of them are easy to make. Enjoy your clean eating on the go.

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