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Drinking Water Benefits, The Pros And Cons Of Water

Drinking water benefits

Water, the only drink in the world that has a recommended drinking amount per day, ever notice that? There’s a reason to that and I am here to share with you the pros and cons of drinking water. Say what you will about the stuff, but a tall, cool, glass of fresh cold water on an especially hot day? Wow, you have me swooning already.

Let me just say before we start, that there are way more pros in my opinion for drinking water than there are cons, I just want to be rather upfront about my bias here. In fact, there are a so many positives to it, I was debating whether to include cons or not if even at all. Anyhow let’s start off with the pros of drinking water as I’m sure most of you are ready to hear how awesome it is.

There are no sugars in a glass of water. The bonus of drinking water? It has no influence of affecting your sugar intake such as juices, sodas and even diet sodas. The pure drink is made to detox the body from a ton of other unwanted items such as sugar, excess alcohol and so on. Whenever you’ve had too much to drink, most people recommend you start drinking water and there’s a reason for that. The body gets dehydrated from lack of water and the excess of alcohol intake. So if you want to rid and detox your body of excess alcohol, and start drinking water, that’s the best hangover remedy I can give you.

Zero calories. Yes, just like your diet soda boasts about, however with water there are no buts, ifs and coconuts, sorry just had to go all the way with that analogy. Anyhow, water is pretty pure, that’s why doctors recommend 8 glasses a day just to keep the body properly hydrated. Nowadays however it is said that you should drink 10-12 glasses a day, it changes after some debate but generally drinking water is good for you. Not only does drinking water quench your thirst, it is again a great way to clean up the body.

drinking water over colored drinks

Make sure to have a higher pure water intake than colored drinks. Your liver will thank you in the long run.

It is your diet buddy. Drinking water will not only remove the unwanted calories and sugar from the usual sweet drink on the side, it also suppresses your appetite. If you make it a habit of drinking water a few minutes before every meal, you’ll notice you consume less. That’s because water of course fills you up and again at no extra calories. How is this not one of the best things you have ever heard? Drinking water just broke the diet wall, don’t you think?

Water helps you lose weight. Drinking water will help you break down the carbs that you digest and it detox the toxins you have consumed, after which it will flush it away via sweat or other bodily functions. These are some pretty great pros for drinking water wouldn’t you say?

Keeps you hydrated. I don’t think I need to explain this pro for drinking water, but by being hydrated, it will reflect greatly on your skin. Wrinkles are less noticeable and dry, giving it a better glow. This is an add-on to the detox it does for your entire body as well.

It is a solution to headaches. There have been studies that suggested that headaches come from dehydration and what is the solution to dehydration? Yes, you got it right, drinking water. By keeping yourself hydrated through drinking water, you can help alleviate your throbbing headache. Anytime you drink medicine with a glass of water, maybe just maybe, the water is helping more than the medicine but of course, it’s difficult to prove that.

Water helps your liver. The liver is what does the most detox for your entire body, however in order to do so, it needs a steady flow of water to do its job. Again drinking water will help your liver keep detoxifying anything it needs to, so keep a glass of water near by whenever you think your liver will need to some work.

Got the flu? Drinking water is for you. Got the sniffles? Keep drinking that water. Fluids help detox the body of the sickness and nothing works better than water. In fact maybe go a little bit further and try a hot glass of water, with a squeeze of lemon.

Water helps fight against cancer. There have been studies that states staying hydrated gives a better chance of fending off a couple types of cancer. I don’t know about you, but if it wards off the big C, I plan to keep drinking water until kingdom comes.

Drinking Water

Detox drinks are good, but make sure to always keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with fresh water.

Now let’s move on to the cons, and as mentioned prior that drinking water has very little to no cons. However much like anything else, there are of course some risks to over doing it, even drinking water comes with a small amount of risk.

Water intoxication. Although quite rare and can in fact lead to death, this is very difficult to do. By over hydrating yourself by drinking water in excessive amounts, say in a contest or in long bouts of exercise with a very high amount of water being consumed. While both are very difficult and reaching a state of over hydration is quite rare to say the least, it is still possible. I wouldn’t worry about it too much however, as a healthy liver should be able to process 0.8 – 1 liter of water per hour, so you would be pretty hard pressed to exceed said limit.

Going to the bathroom too often. Alright. You heard me. Yes going to the bathroom too often. I understand it is not really a con if you think about it, I mean it just means you’re flushing out excess fluids and with it a lot of toxins when you detox but back against the wall, finding cons to drinking water is quite difficult to tell you the truth. Drinking water is really one of the healthiest things you can do and I realize that I’m not very balanced with pros and cons here, and to be quite frank, I just love drinking water.

Now that you’ve heard the pros and cons, quite heavily on the pros of drinking water, I hope you do decide to further your consumption of water as you continue to workout or go on a diet. Drinking water can detox your body better than pretty much anything else and not only is it good for you to get a constant supply of water in your body, it is a must in fact. I am a very strong advocate of drinking water and I believe that 8 – 12 glasses a day, whichever is the recommended amount of the experts is something that can easily be done by anyone. All you need to do is make a habit of drinking water and if you want to lose weight along the way, I suggest that tip of drinking water before every meal in order to suppress your hunger.

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