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Becoming A Vegan, Starting The Right Way

Becoming a vegan, starting the right way

So you’ve decided to check out how to become a vegan? The vegan diet is also something that is calling out to you and it makes you hungry just hearing some of the vegan recipes out there. Great, you need to start somewhere and I’m happy that you are starting here.

First off what is a vegan? A vegan is someone who does not eat meat or use animal products. Pretty simple stuff and the vegan diet is also something that is easily figured out from that definition. And want to know a little secret? Becoming a vegan could very well be as easy as it is defined.

It’s great that you are headed towards becoming a vegan, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of things from various sources about vegans and I am absolutely certain you’ve heard both good and bad things. I won’t lie to you, there are challenges and considerations that you will really need to figure out yourself. I’ve written down quite a few things about becoming a vegan below. Take your time and read through it, this is a wonderful start of a new life for you, the life of a vegan.

Becoming a vegan is a lifestyle choice; it changes you not only as a consumer but as a person as well. The active decision to not use any animal products is something everyone decides on their own. There are quite a few things to consider and to choose to become a vegan can be very difficult for some people while a walk in the park for others. Here are some considerations and challenges listed below:

One of the mindsets you should have for becoming a vegan is to never think that you are about to lose something. In reality you are about to gain something with your newly planned vegan diet; a better and healthier you. This will be the end result of avoiding all the unwanted fats and the cleansing factor of consuming a lot of vegan recipes. A lot of people focus on the whole loss of meat in their vegan diet, quite honestly if that is one of the biggest challenges or worries in order to switch to becoming a vegan, perhaps becoming a vegan isn’t his/her best option.

Now slow it down and take it at your own pace. Becoming vegan isn’t an over night endeavor, it takes time and again a lot of things to consider. Don’t rush into it and take your time to research, just like what you are doing now.

Take baby steps into embracing the vegan lifestyle. Eventually, research for more recipes you will surely enjoy.

Another worry is that becoming a vegan will be costly. While this could be true if you focus on soy replacement food for your upcoming vegan diet, focusing on the natural or non-processed food could be the cheaper alternative. Additionally, a lot of long term vegans have voiced their disagreements with soy-based diet but to each their own, whatever works best for you and your vegan diet, go with that. Nothing is wrong with either option but the cost may increase given the soy road. Be sure to check which one works best for you, a happy vegan is a long-term vegan.

Becoming vegan in a non-vegan family. This is a bit of a challenge for a lot of people and should be a consideration and planning. There are families who are resistant to becoming vegans due to the negative stories they hear, but again if you plan things out properly and do proper research, you should be ready. In fact you could research a lot of vegan recipes and maybe convert a few more people to becoming vegan. It could happen if you find really good vegan recipes, which is in no short supply, my friend.

Study, study, study. This is a big life choice you are making, becoming a vegan takes time and you owe it to yourself to invest in research and readings. You deserve to know how you can do this properly, study up on the vegan diet, vegan recipes and a lot more, after all this is your health we are talking about. Research the nutrients that you need and make sure you know the proper vegan diet.

Talk to an expert. This is something a lot of people skip out on, but it is best to meet up with a nutritionist or a dietician and discuss the possibility of becoming a vegan. They should know what is best for you and can give you some great tips! In fact, a wellness guru would be great to help you out.

Test out some vegan recipes, there are a ton of mouth watering, delicious and simply delectable vegan meals out there.  Find them, learn them, cook them and eat them. Yum. That’s actually the fun part, so enjoy and take your time. Make sure to collect as much vegan recipes you have available to you, and keep adding them to your vegan diet.

What about the stuff you already own that is a by-product of animals, aka leather wallet, belt, etc. Well this is something that a lot of people worry about being a vegan. Don’t get me wrong, it would be ideal for you to get rid of it all. However since you did buy it before becoming a vegan, you’d think that it’s alright and it does not remove the suffering the animal has experienced by throwing or giving it away, it won’t bring the animal back to life. I understand, however this decision is something that must be left up to you as a new vegan.

Books and with the technology we now have, everything can be easily accessible. Make time to educate yourself.

Keep learning whatever you can. Even if you just became a vegan, it doesn’t mean you can stop learning new things about being one. The thirst and need to learn more things is one of the greatest things about becoming a vegan, in fact it is one of the best things in life. Never stop learning new vegan recipes, never be satisfied with your vegan diet, keep improving it. Now that you’ve decided to get so much healthier as a vegan, the world is your proverbial oyster, of course now you don’t eat oysters, but I am sure you understand what I am saying. No matter what you want to become, never ever stop learning.

The reflections above are just some of the things you should consider at the onset of becoming a vegan. Being educated about what or how to become vegan is the first step, from there you can test and retest if the lifestyle is for you. The difficulty of becoming vegan all lies with you and your choices. Choosing to be a vegan is an active life choice that can be made easier with a lot of research, supported by a great vegan diet, propped up with proper vegan recipes and a will to not use any products made from animals. This could be an easy or a difficult transformation for you but if you need any help, I am happy to offer tips, tricks and an open line.

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